How Can you Control iPad From PC

Well, controlling an iOS device remotely is really difficult to do, because Apple has chosen not to support this functionality. There are some of the options to circumvent this issue. However, each of them basically comes with its own set of challenges. There are some of the options that you have to remotely control your device. As well as for instructions on how you can do this. In this article, we are going to talk about How Can you Control an iPad From a PC. Let’s begin!

Remote Screen Viewer

Another option is the use of a remote screen viewer such as TeamViewer QuickSupport. This does not actually allow remote “control” though – just viewing. Someone with physical access to the iPad must perform actions actually.

VNC Server

The final method basically allows remote control through the internet installing a version of the VNC server. Such as the program Veency. This method, however, needs the iPad to be jailbroken actually, a task that is more and more difficult on newer devices. Further, the software does not really support recent iOS versions – it’s basically the least attractive of the three options.

Switch Control

This option that you have is to use the Switch Control features added in iOS 10. This limits usability as this is an interface intend for users along with limited mobility as well as many disabilities. This method also needs the “remote” iPad to be on the same Wi-Fi network because the controlling device and does not show the target iPad’s screen as well.

How Can you Control iPad From PC

Use TeamViewer QuickSupport

The first method of remote control is to use TeamViewer QuickSupport. The main TeamViewer app is also available on the App Store, however, it can only be used to remotely support other devices, it does not allow sharing the phone or tablet’s screen actually. The TeamViewer QuickSupport app allows iOS users to use iOS11 and later to broadcast their screen to others also.

Sharing your screen with QuickSupport is really simple and easy, just install and then open the app, then follow the three-step guide shown on the screen. You will receive a ten-digit ID, you only have to enter this ID into the website at and tap on “Connect to Partner”, in order to view the iPad’s screen from anywhere.

The main restriction of TeamViewer is that you can only use it to see the screen of a remote iPad and cannot be used to control it directly. Someone else with physical access to the iPad must perform any required action actually.

Use Veency | control iPad from pc

This method is to remotely control an iPad is to use Veency. Veency is a VNC server app that is only available on the Cydia store. It is a third-party app store that you can only install on a jailbroken iOS device. The development of Veency appears to have halted as the latest supported jailbroken iOS version is 8.1 as well. Jailbreaking any device should not be actually undertaken lightly, because it will invalidate any warranties and it may cause system instability. It can also be difficult in order to get a jailbreak that works for your particular operating system.

control ipad from pc

Assume that you have a fully set up jailbroken iPad, you have to install Veency from the Cydia Appstore. Veency is free to install and is also included in the default Cydia repositories. when Veency is installed, then you need to configure a password used to restrict remote access to the iPad as well. You can find the password setting in the Setting app under Settings > Veency. Here you can turn on the service, turn on a cursor, and set the password.

Now, in order to connect to your iPad remotely, you’ll need the IP address, this will should be a private IP address. If you want to control the iPad from a different network, then you should use a VPN to connect to the iPad’s network, where you can use the private IP address.

Further | control iPad from pc

To see your iPad’s private IP address, head into the Settings app, click on Wi-Fi, then click on the little “i” in a circle on the right-hand side of the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to. This page will then show your private IP address. Note it down or remember your private IP address so that you can connect to your iPad shortly, the IP address will likely look something like this “”.

Tip: You can only use Private IP addresses to transfer data within a single network, a public can be addressed by anyone on the internet. You can use a VPN to allow your device to treat it as if it directly connects to another remote network. And can hence use private IP addresses in order to communicate with other devices in that network.

Then, you need to install a VNC viewer program on the device you want to remotely control your iPad from. VNC Viewer also has a client available for a large range of operating systems as well. In VNC Viewer, you guys need to enter the IP address of the iPad you wish to connect to. When you start the connection then you will present with a password box. Enter the password that you configured on your iPad earlier and then you will be able to see and also control the iPad remotely.


However, overall, remote access to iOS devices is difficult because Apple has chosen not to support it actually. These scenarios all come with drawbacks, that you have just had to select the scenario that fits your requirements. During the testing of these processes, we had some difficulties along with the setup. If you are looking for a device in order to control remotely, then you may be better off with something other than an iPad or Apple device actually.

Use the Switch Control | control iPad from pc

The switch control feature in iOS is basically designed as an accessibility feature for its users with limited mobility. It allows the user to configure a switch in order to control an iOS device. A switch is basically an adaptive accessory. Although it can also be ahead motion or a click on the screen as well. The activation of the switch or switches can also configured in order to perform a wide range of tasks.

To use the Switch Control feature to control a remote iPad, you guys need to first make sure. That the target device and controlling device, both connect to the same AppleID account, and to the same Wi-Fi network as well. Then, you have to configure a switch. In order to do this open the Settings app and head to Accessibility > Switch Control.

To configure a switch, you need to go into Switches (on the controlling device) and click “Add New Switch…”. Choose the source of the switch, then configure the action and the result as well. Such as select: Camera, Left Head Movement, and choose Item.

Now, when you turn on Switch Control, areas of the screen will be highlighted one by one. You can also use your new switch, in our case the “Left Head Movement” to choose the desired area when it is highlighted. When a selection has made, a small popup window will then appear along with some options.

Tip: | control iPad from pc

This popup can only be interacted with through the use of switches actually, tap on the screen will interact with the background app like if the popup is not there.

control ipad from pc

Well, one of the options that can be in this popup bubble, is the ability to control another device actually. To get to the option you must make sure the prerequisites are met or not. The two devices must configured with the same AppleID and be on the same Wi-Fi network also. You can find the option using the switch when the two dots at the bottom of the popup box highlights. Further in the “Device” options should be an option in order to “Use Other Device”.

When “Use Other Device” has been selected your device will then start searching for another device on the same Wi-Fi network. When you find a device, choose it with your switch to connect. Now activations of the switch will pass via to the second device, which allows you to perform actions on the iPad remotely as well.

The Switch Control feature allows access to a large amount of functionality like swipes, pinches, and gestures. That may be difficult for folks with limited mobility to use. As functional as this feature is, it is not as quick or as easy to use as the traditional interface actually. Combined with the limited range between the devices and also the lack of screen sharing, this feature is actually not likely to become a popular approach.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “control iPad from pc” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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