How Can You Fix iPhone & iPad Locked Screen?

 iPad Locked Screen

In case, if your iPhone and iPad Locked Screen or frozen issue occur. Then you can also use the given Fixes for the iPhone and iPad.  Also, the iPhone has grown in popularity from its initial release, and then it has become the go-to tablet for many people. So, that it can occasionally in your iPad that may freeze or stick. During that, you are in an app or on the Home screen. Here are some of the things that may cause the problem but there are fixes you can try.

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Some of the Causes of a Stuck iPad Locked Screen or Frozen:

Also, the iPad may become stuck or frozen for the several reasons. Then the Apps may also be conflicting with each other. So, it is also possible that you have left a chunk of corrupted memory. It can also perhaps that the battery that can need in order to be charged. So, there is not enough and also empty space that is on the iPad for it to function correctly. In this case, the problems might also be with the tablet operating system.

Ways to Fix a Stuck iPad Locked Screen or Frozen:

Here are some of the fixes that can take only seconds. So, during others, it can also take longer this is one of these fixes that you should get your iPad back up and running soon. Then there are some of the fixes that can be done on a frozen iPad. Here are some of the things that must wait until the iPad is running again. In order to tackle some of the sources of the problem.


To Restart the iPad For iPad Locked Screen:

If you want to Restart the iPad. Then you have to Hold and then you can also Sleep/Wake button on the tablet for a few seconds. In this case, if you can also shut down the iPad. So, that this way a screen also appears with a cue for you in order to Slide to power off. In order to do so and then, you can press the Sleep/Wake button and then again restart the iPad. Also, if the iPad does not restart then perform a force restart.

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To Force Reset, if iPad Locked Screen

The iPhone X & 8

  • You have to Quickly press the Volume Up button.
  • Then you have to Quick press the Volume Down button.
  • After that, you have to press and then hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

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The iPhone 7

  • In this case, you have to press and then hold both of the Sleep/Wake+Volume Down button for this it is at least in ten seconds.

The iPhone 6 and older

  • So, the other versions may also require the holding Sleep/Wake + Home button.

To Charge the battery:

In order to Charge the battery. This is an iPad that may also appear frozen when it is running on an extremely low battery charge. In order to Plug it in for an hour and then you can try again. Also, if the battery can also often run low on the iPad.

To Delete A Problem App:

In order to Delete a problem app your iPad freezes if you open a specific app. You can also uninstall the app so that it may also solve the problem. After that, you can also reinstall apps so that you can also delete this by visiting the App Store.

To Free up storage if iPad Locked Screen or frozen:

You can also Free up storage on the iPad. Then the Apps that are also getting larger and then all the time. In this case, if you can also fill the space on your iPad with apps. This is that it may also freeze upon you. You can also take the time in order to toss out apps. Then you don’t also use anymore or track down that those that hog all the memory that can solve problems on your iPad.

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To Return the iPad settings to the defaults:

In order to Return the iPad settings to the defaults. This is also possible that you can then return all of the settings on the iPad in order to the default settings. Also, it is without erasing all of your data and then content. Now, these options can also remove the location settings, privacy settings, Apple Pay cards. Then the Home screen layouts, and then the network settings on the iPad. This is all of which you have in order to input again. Although, it can also leave this in your data and then the apps intact.

To Restore the iPad to factory defaults:

To Restore the iPad to factory defaults. In this case, if your iPad also freezes and then the reason is that of an issue with its operating system. You can also restore it to its factory defaults. There is a nuclear option that can also clear all of your data from the device and then it can also return the iPad to a like-new condition. Now, you will also need in order to reinstall your apps and then the data afterward. This is just like the starting that is over with a new iPad although if you can also install a backup if you have one.

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To Create Back up your iPad regularly:

In order to create the Back up of your iPad regularly in order to minimize the amount of data, that you can also lose when restoring it. Also, if your iPad also continues in order to lock up or freeze this. That can also even after restoring it to its factory default settings.

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We hope that this will help you with one of these options that have worked for you. Then your Apple iPhone is now working again. In this case, if not then you may need this in order to try a restore using iTunes. Now, you will also wipe up so that it can also get all of the data from the device. Then the Data that can usually be re-synced that is from your computer once restore.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve this issue! If you still have any questions ask in the comment section below!

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