How Can You Print Text Messages from Android

Well, thanks to the advancements in the communications sector, traditional letter exchanges have become a thing of the past actually. Also from bank statements to corporate communications, we are actually forced to exchange sensitive information over SMS or messenger apps as well. So, whenever we’re in a legal pickle, or are just looking to get a point across actually. It mostly boils down in order to show hard proof of SMS conversations. We are going to discuss How Can You Print Text Messages from Android.

Unfortunately, native SMS apps don’t really provide you the option to print right from your device. However, there are also a couple of tricks, that can actually fetch you the same results. Without even forcing you to spend your hard-earned money actually.

In this section, we will help you to get comfortable along with the two methods, and then tell you how you can document your SMS conversations.

How Can You Print Text Messages from Android

You guys would think something as simple as printing text messages from your Android would be really easy. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple matter actually.

There’s also no print function built into the default Android messaging app or any other normal messaging apps out there. However, there are some workarounds.

These basically include using a quick screenshot of the conversation that you want to print. With using a third-party app, or also using a connection with your Windows PC and printing the messages from there.

Use Super Backup & Restore

As I mentioned earlier, native SMS apps don’t permit you to print your conversations. However, thankfully, there are a couple of 3rd-party back up and restore apps actually. That actually lets you print straight from your Android device. After comparing features and also the security aspect, we also have picked Super Backup & Restore as our champion. however, you’re free to explore many other applications as well.

Just install the app on your phone and then open it. Printing SMS messages from this app only needs a few simple steps.

  • Now on the main screen, click SMS. This will then open a variety of options available to manage SMS messages that are saved on your phone.
  • Choose the Backup Conversations button on that screen.

How Can You Print Text Messages from Android

  • Then choose the checkbox next to the SMS conversation that you want to print.

If you guys want to print multiple conversations, then you can select multiple checkboxes and back those up as well.

Now back on the SMS screen, you can now select any of the backed-up SMS conversations in order to print.

  • Back on the SMS screen, then choose the View Backups button.
  • Choose the file that you just backed up for the text messages that you want to print.
  • Press the printer icon that appears at the top of the window.
  • Step through the cloud print options in order to send the printout to your printer.

If you guys don’t have Cloud Print set up, you guys can opt to print to PDF rather. Then either transfer the PDF file to your PC via Google Drive or just send it to your email account.

Screenshot and Print

If you guys do not mind the tedious process of screenshotting your conversations, then this step would be the ideal fit actually. It does not really involve the “complications” of Method 1, and you won’t actually need to download a separate app for it.

  • Just take a screenshot of a section of the conversation that you want.
  • Now locate the file in Gallery as well.
  • Click on the three-dot button that is at the top-right corner (more options).
  • Click on Print.

How Can You Print Text Messages from Android

  • Either you have to have to print the image directly or then save it as a PDF file.

If you guys don’t have cloud print set up for your Android, you can just choose email on the share screen. Send the screenshot to your email address so that you can open it and print it from your PC or wherever you have access to a printer as well. You guys could also transfer the screenshot to your PC via your cloud storage services such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

Print Text Messages With Your Phone

If you mostly struggle to print anything from your phone, then there’s another option that might work better for you. You can also simply access your text messages from your PC, and then print them from there too.

Well, one of the easiest ways to do this is that if you have a Windows 10 PC. You can also use the Your Phone Companion app. Also, you guys can download and install Your Phone Companion for Android. You will also have to install the Your Phone Windows app on your computer. If you have never used or set up this app before we have a Your Phone guide that will basically help.


Well, there is no Your Phone app for iPhone, you can then use the SMS Export app on iTunes in order to export your messages to your computer as a CSV or XML file and print them there too.

When you guys have the apps installed on your Android and Windows PC. Then you are ready to start printing text messages from your Android as well.

  • First, sync your phone with your Windows computer via having both apps running at the same time. Follow any instructions in order to sync the two devices.
  • Choose the Messages link on the main page actually.
  • Browse to and choose the text message conversation that you guys wanted to print.
  • The text messages from your Android will then show up in the right pane. Now you guys can take a screenshot of the messages in order to print them.

Just like the process of taking screenshots in order to print text messages from your Android. You’ll have to scroll to the next section of the longer conversations and then repeat taking screenshots. Unless you have the whole conversation captured. Printing these screenshots is no different than printing any other pictures that is saved on your PC.

Print Text Messages from Android

Unfortunately, there is actually no straightforward way in order to just print SMS messages from your Android messaging app. But, there are a lot of useful workarounds, as you guys can see above.

Printing text messages from your Android can be very useful when you have had an important conversation with someone that you don’t want to lose. Consider archiving those on cloud storage or on your computer to conserve space on your phone, since screenshots tend to take a lot of storage space.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “how can you print text messages from android” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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