How Do I Automatically Sync iPhone Photos to OneDrive

Well, my iCloud storage is beginning to approach its limit on my Apple iPhone. Thankfully, there are options users can utilize in order to overcome Apple’s meager cloud offerings actually. Whenever you jump into the Apple ecosystem, especially in 2016, the company is also looking to drive growth in services. You can only expect to be nickel-and-dimed all along the way. The devices are really expensive enough already that it seems unreasonable Apple really would expect its users in order to pay more for cloud storage on devices. That is capturing 4k pictures and 1080p videos. We are going to discuss How Do I Automatically Sync iPhone Photos to OneDrive.

The disadvantage whenever you stray from Apple’s offerings is the lack of seamless integration. iCloud for all its faults, works, especially when it comes to syncing actually. Until Apple increases its cloud storage defaults, I think it’s now best to consider another service in order to supplement it. One viable option is actually Microsoft’s OneDrive. I am already invested in the service to save all of my Office documents. Why does not take the leap where other personal media is concerned?

The OneDrive mobile app makes it really easy to set up and your camera roll in order to automatically upload. So that if the worst happens, you always have a backup copy. If you took benefit of Microsoft’s Camera Roll bonus earlier this year, then you should have 15 GB of free storage just for your pictures. In this article, we will show you how to set up and use it as well.

How Do I Automatically Sync iPhone Photos to OneDrive?

Open OneDrive on your iOS device, if it is not installed, it is actually a free download from the App Store. You will also need to have a Microsoft Account in order to sign in and use the service. So make sure you have one set up actually. If you guys are using Office 365, then you can also use your account to sign in and upload pictures to OneDrive for Business.

sync iphone photos to onedrive

  • Click on the Photos tab to access your photo library. If OneDrive prompts you for access to your pictures, then tap OK.

  • Then tap Turn On next to the Camera Upload menu and then wait while OneDrive prepares to upload your photos.
  • Depending on the speed of your network and also the size of your library, this can actually take some time. You can also monitor the progress when it counts down to the very last photo.
  • That’s it now; your pictures are now uploaded. You can also access and then sync your pictures from any other device running OneDrive as well.

If you guys are not a fan of OneDrive, then there are other cloud services to select from. Dropbox, while limited on the storage side basically includes a photo upload option along with some exceptions. Google’s Photos is probably the best there is for saving lots of pictures actually.

The service offers more than 15 GB of free online storage and works seamlessly along with your iOS camera roll too. You can also configure Google Photos in order to delete your locally saved photos. If you are using a device with limited space, such as the 16 GB iPhone.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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