How do you Turn Text into Link in Microsoft Office

Adding links to text is able to give access to websites and email addresses directly from your document. Similarly, there are methods to insert a link into your document. It just depends on how you want the link to appear. Anyhow, you are able to use the word’s automatic link formatting or turn text into a link. By default, whenever, we enter an internet path in a Word document, it automatically turns into a clickable one. Although, things are different if we paste these paths to a document, for they will never turn to hyperlink form. Therefore, our article today is to display you how to do so.


How do you Turn Text into Link

Similarly, now there is an easy way to make text in your Word documents hot that is, into hyperlinks readers tap on to obtain to a site online. Simply I do it with the key combination [CTRL][K]. Here is the way how it happens.

  • First, you have to just open your document. Then choose the text that you are desiring to change into a link.
  • Simply, then hit the key combo [CTRL][K]. So this will start showing the following popup.
  • Moreover, now just type in the URL you desire the text to link to. Then tap on OK.
  • So then you’ll watch the text that you have selected is now converted into a link.

Understanding the links in Word

Although the links contain two basic parts: the address (URL) of the webpage and the display text, just like that the address could be “”, and the display text could be Popular Science Magazine. Similarly, when you are creating a link in Word, then you are able to select both the address and the display text.

Moreover, the word often recognizes email and web addresses as you type So they will automatically format them as hyperlinks after you tap Enter. Simply follow this link this will help you a lot.

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Turn text into link-Conclusion

That’s all. In this article, we have explained how do you turn text into a link. We hope that this will help you the most. In case of any trouble or asking queries related to this issue, you can ask us in the comments below. Furthermore, if you like to read more of such articles then you can easily visit our website Droid Vista.

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