How to Add Friends on Game Center

Game Center is basically Apple’s way of making games social, more fun, and also entertaining. Most of the titles that you find on the App Store link to the Game Center so that you can have a common leaderboard. However, the real beauty of Game Center is whenever you can have your friends on it. Compare scores, compete along with them on your favorite games, and much more. Let us look at the easy steps in order to add and remove friends in the Game Center on iPhone and iPad running iOS 14 / 13. We are going to discuss How to Add Friends on Game Center.

What Actually is the Game Center?

If we consider the Game Center’s unpopularity, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the readers aren’t even sure what it is. So to start, let’s have a formal introduction actually.

Apple’s Game Center is basically the connective tissue between the various gaming apps that you download from the App Store. It also combines your scores, achievements, and also gaming history into one place. Just like that to the achievements and friends lists, you find on Xbox and PS4.

Well, the second component of the Game Center is that it serves as a place in order to make friends in mobile games. You can also add Game Center friends from your contacts as well as from the games that you guys play. Like adding friends on any gaming platform, then this makes it easier in order to queue up along with these players and to see what they are playing as well.

An essential note on Game Center is that it is a feature developer can implement in their games. However, it is not needed. For this reason, you guys will probably have a handful of gaming apps that are not integrated along with Game Center actually.

What’s new in Game Center – iOS 14 and tvOS 14?

New design

Well, first and foremost, the Game Center gets a new design in iOS 14. It is actually a huge improvement, however, that is not saying much, considering how lackluster iOS 13’s Game Center actually was. Before iOS 14, the Game Center section in the Settings app was just a place in order to customize your Gamertag, add or remove friends, and… well I think that is really all it was for.

Plus, Apple has added a few new features and settings that you guys are likely to enjoy.

Control your privacy

The first of these new features is actually a privacy setting. You guys can now change your Game Center profile to Everyone (as in, everyone can see your Game Center account), Friends-Only (that is, only your friends can see your account), and Only You (like in- well, you get the idea) as well.

how to add friends on game center

This is an appreciated feature, however, you shouldn’t feel like setting your status to Everyone is going to provide away any sensitive information. The only thing folks can see when looking at your Game Center profile is your achievements and recently played games as well.

I would not actually consider this much of a privacy breach, so this is one instance where amping up your privacy might not be important.

See your achievements

Achievements are nothing new in Game Center actually. But, it was not until iOS 14 that they became easily viewable within Game Center as well. There is now a new section dedicated to your achievements where you guys can track your progress, see your accomplishments. And see a nice bit of artwork associated along with each and every achievement.

One note that I’ll give here: It might just be a bug with my iPhone or also a lack of artwork added via the developers. However, none of my achievements appear to have any art attached to them actually. I just have the same default grey circle for all of my achievements as well.

Climb up the leaderboards

Leaderboards are also another feature that has been around in Game Center for some time. However, they were largely ignored via developers actually. Apple aims to change this in iOS 14, adding new features such as daily, weekly, and also monthly challenges, as well as encouraging competition between friends actually.

Unfortunately, there is actually no way to see your leaderboard progress in the Game Center section of Settings. So you guys will have to check in with your apps in order to see how you are doing.

Play along with your friends

Well, for most, making and playing with friends is the most essential aspect of Game Center. And it is also a feature that’s been expanded on in this latest update actually. Whenever you check the Game Center in Settings, you guys will see friend suggestions from your contacts and have an easier time adding or deleting them.

It’s also easier to add friends in-game, and whenever you check a game in the App Store too. You’ll also be able to see if any of your Game Center friends have been playing that game as well.

Deeper Apple Arcade integration

For mobile gamers, Apple Arcade is a bargain actually. It provides you access to up to 130 games for just $5/month. All of which are sponsored via Apple to make sure high-caliber quality. Many of these games are made by studios that traditionally work on console-exclusive titles actually. And it is really interesting to see what they do on a mobile platform such as the iPhone.

In iOS 14, the integration between the Apple Arcade and the Game Center significantly improved actually. You guys will now get an in-game dashboard that permits you to see things such as achievements, leaderboards, your profile, friends, and much more.

Apple Arcade still has a ways to go before it’s “taken seriously” via the gaming industry. However, this is actually a step closer in order to bridge the gap between mobile and console games.

How to Add Friends on Game Center

  • First, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Then scroll down and click on Game Center.
    If it is turned off, then switch it ON. After that, sign in with your Apple ID as well
  • Click on Add Friends

how to add friends on game center

  • iMessage screen will then automatically come up. Type a person’s name or number as well. You guys may also click on the small plus icon from the top right. Then, click on a contact name in order to select it. You can also send a friend request to just one person at a time
  • Click on the blue send button as well
  • When the person accepts your request, then you two become ‘Friends’ on Game Center

Please note here, that the recipient can not accept this friend request on earlier versions of iOS, computer, or also Android phone. He needs to press the link in the text message on your device.

Game Center Not Sending the Friend Request from iPhone?

Are you guys not able to send a friend request in Game Center? It is likely that you may not see the iMessage screen in step 4 above actually. A popup may also say there that ‘there was an error.’

If this happens, then the first thing is to make sure you have decent internet connectivity. In case the issue continues, force quit all of the open apps. That includes the Settings app, and try the process again. If the problem persists, restart your iPhone or iPad as well. The issue will then be successfully fixed. At last, if nothing helps, then click on Sign Out from the bottom of the Game Center screen and then sign in again as well.

How to delete a Friend from Game Center on iPhone or iPad

Do you guys no longer want to remain connected along with a person at the Game Center? Well, it is just as easy to delete friends as it was to add them as well. Here is how can do that.

  • You just have to open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Scroll down and then click on Game Center.
  • Click on Friends
  • Then swipe right to left on a friend’s name as well
  • Click on Remove
  • Now, you have to click on an Unfriend.

You guys are no longer friends along with the concerned person.

Add Friends To Game Center In iPad along With iPadOS 13

If you are using a cellular version of the iPad, that has sim support. Then you will have iMessage access as well. So the steps of inviting are really much the same.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPad along with iOS 13 and then navigate to the Game center.

how to add friends on game center

  • Here you can turn on the “Allow Invites” and “Allow nearby” options.

Now tell your friends in order to give you an invite. You guys will receive an invite request either in your iMessage or Mailbox. Just simply accept it, and now you can also connect along with your friends and play together as well.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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