How To Add Ringtone To iPhone Without PC Or iTunes

Do you want to add a ringtone to the iPhone without PC or iTunes? Apple offers lots of melodious or amazing ringtone options, but if you like further personalization, you can set any song of your own taste as a ringtone on your iPhone. It becomes possible without using iTunes or your PC. It’s quite handy when you like your favorite song or some custom sounds as the ringing tone on your mobile.

We all love to personalize our iPhones, and setting a custom ringtone is one of the simplest ways to do this. Lots of apps can help you to explore and get the ideal tunes and tones to bring your mobile to life. Also, they are free to use and offer many interesting things to our taste. So get and discover and express your musical side with these amazing ringtone apps for iPhone. Before we move in, let’s learn what’s we need.

Necessary Requirements Before Setting A Custom Ringtone on iPhone?

  1. Initially, whichever audio you like to set as a custom ringtone wants to be locally saved in your Music Library or in the files app.
  2. Then you want to install or download the free GarageBand app from the App Store.
  3. When you meet the above criteria then move ahead with the process mentioned below.

Methods To Set iPhone Ringtones:

  • Create Custom Ringtone on iPhone Without PC
  • Set Ringtone without iTunes

Add Ringtone To iPhone

Create Custom Ringtone on iPhone Without PC

  • Initially, make sure the location where the music/song you like to create a ringtone is. It can be in your Files app or installed in your music library. Note: Protected songs (such as from Apple Music) and songs not saved locally on your iPhone can’t be used
  • The launch the GarageBand app on your iPhone.
  • Then check various instruments such as Drums, Keyboard, AMP, etc. Click on any instrument. I am using the Keyboard.
  • Click on the red circular record button then play the instrument. Don’t fret about what you record. We are doing this to get access to your audio editor. Once you are done playing, click on the green triangle.
  • Click on the button that seems like a brick wall. Now you move in the full editor.
  • Then click on the tiny plus (+) icon located on the top right. This button is to modify the project duration. The default is 8 bars which are equal to 16 seconds. Click on it. Now switch on Automatic. Or you might use the Manual to set the project duration.
  • In this step, also click on the loop icon. Here you will view 3 subheadings – Apple Loops, Music, or Files. I have my music in my Music library so I am using this. Click on Music and choose the Songs.
  • Now, if you click on the song, you can then preview it. We will touch and hold for 10 seconds to import the required song into GarageBand.
  • You can then click twice on the green audio bar and click on Delete to erase the recorded audio which you recently created.
  • Then drag the long vertical bar to the point on the song where you like your custom ringtone to begin. You might use the play button to achieve the best starting point of your tone
  • After you plan the starting point, click twice on the song, and choose Split. Drag the scissors down to cut/divide the song at your selected point.
  • Remove the unusable part of the song after clicking on it twice and then selecting Delete.
  • Click on the down arrow icon located on the top left and click on My Songs. Your custom ringtone will be stored as a project.
  • Now click and hold on the song that has just been stored as a project. Next, choose Share → Ringtone → Continue → [Set a name if you wish] → Export → Ok.

Note: Your iPhone will automatically crop and set the ringtone duration as 30 seconds while exporting. If you like to set an endpoint somewhere before 20 seconds, you can do so after repeating steps 10 and 11 above.

Set Ringtone without iTunes

Now that you have created and stored your custom ringtone follow the instructions below to set it as your iPhone ringtone.

  • Move to Settings → Sounds & Haptics → Ringtone
  • You will find the ringtone you recently created on top of the list at the bottom of the RINGTONES. Click on it to set it as your ringtone.

That’s all about it!


So did you find these methods helpful to set a ringtone without having to use iTunes or a PC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Alternatively, there are also some amazing free ringtone apps you must try.

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