How to Batch Resize Multiple images at Once: Guide

 Resize Multiple images Almost all of us these days have hundreds whether not thousands of digital photos saved on our phones, tablets & also PCs. But not all of these pictures probably be the size we also have for printing or sharing causes. However, resizing that many snaps one at once could take you a whole day… or maybe few days, even! Fortunately, different options are also there for batch resize multiple images at a time! You are also able to use Windows, macOS, or any of a number of free online photo editors. In this guide, you will learn the way to Batch Resize Multiple images at Once.

Here in this post, I am going to display to you the way to batch resize just by using both Windows & Mac too. As two separate free online photo editing programs. Let’s get to it!

Resize Multiple Images at Once in Windows

However, the best part of performing this is just that not only will the real size of your photos be converted, but the file size will also be decreased. Though this also saves space on whatever medium that you have them saved on.

Well, doing this is too simplest whether you guys have all of the photos that you want to resize in one folder. You should right-click on your desktop (or in your Documents or Photos folders). And also select ”New Folder” & provide it a name.

Now go into your photos & select all of the ones that you desire to resize. Whether you are not confirmed, the way to choose various photos at a time never gets afraid of it! Tap the first photo, so then hold down your ”CTRL” key & continue single-tapping on each photo that you like to resize. At a time when you have selected them all within a particular folder, let go of the CTRL button. Right-click on any of the photos and select ”Copy”.

Well, guys now you should head back to your desktop & double-tap in order to head to the folder that you guys made. At a time it is open, so right-click anywhere & select ”Paste”. So that the photos that you only copied instantly display there!

Whether you guys also have photos in further folders that you guys like to resize in this batch. So guys you should abide by the steps above until everything you will be required in your new folder. Now…

Mail Recipient

Just with your recent folder open, tap on ONE of the photos. Next, hold down the ”CTRL” button & also press the ”A” key. However, this will choose all of the photos quickly just for you. Here you must right click on one photo, select ”Send To”. And then ”Mail Recipient”. Well, guys, you Do not have to worry –because we are not basically emailing these!

A bit window in order to attach files will display now. Select the size you want to turn the photos to here.

However, the window will now display you the quick progress. And then a box will also likely appear there just stating that there is no program associated in order to use. That’s OK. So we do not need one! Whether you do use Outlook or Thunderbird or another email program, ignore it when it opens.

Now you guys must head to your search box in Windows & also type the %temp%. You will view an option in order to open up your Temporary folder. Simply have to go ahead & tap it & voila! Your resized photos are also right there!

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Resize Multiple Images at Once by Using Mac

  1. You have to choose all of the photos that you have to resize.
  2. Then you should Right-click them & select “Open with Preview”.
  3. Simply when you are in Preview, tap on “Edit” and then choose “Select All”.
  4. Though after all the pictures are chosen, you have to head up to “Tools” & choose “Adjust Size”.
  5. Choose the “Scale Proportionally” box. So that your images are not all wonky looking.
  6. Just enter the dimensions that you guys like to use for your snaps.
  7. Here now hit “Save” and then just close it all out & you are complete.

Resize Multiple Images at Once Using PicResize

Well, PicResize is able to make changing the dimensions of enormous photos in a simple way! For this, you have to head over to the site & tap on either ”Batch Resize” at the top of the page or ”Multiple Photos” on the right.

Tap on ”Add Multiple Pictures”.

Now choose all of the photos that you require & click ”Add”. Now you will next view the following box… that you guys will like to tap on ”Upload Files”.

Just after they have all uploaded (so then the time that this takes relays on the number of images you are uploading too just like your Internet speed). However, you will just have to select the size that you like to reduce them to as well as the format of the completed product (like . JPG or . PNG). As soon as you guys have created your choices, tap on that pretty blue ”I’m Done! Resize My Photos!” button.

Though you will now view the progress of the resizing going on. You guys must remember that on this page, simply right under the progress meter. You will view where it expresses that all of your pictures will be instantly removed, just along with a link to the privacy policy. However, you guys do not have to worry about the website that is having your images floating around the interwebs for others in order to view & also use.


The last step will also be a window that is able to open just telling you that all the snaps also have been successfully resized. So then you are now also able to download to your PC in a zipped file. Re-edit what you only did (to turn the file type or size), make a completely new batch & then remove instantly from servers.

You are all completed now!

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By Using Bulk Resize

Well, Guys! This is another free website that is able to permit you to quickly resize a large number of images. And also the last method that I will show you today. Therefore this one is my personal favorite in order to use just because it is pretty straightforward & fast. And does not even upload your images to a website or server. Thus the images are changed right on your PC!

However, you must have to head over to Bulk Resize. And then you will instantly tap the green ”Choose Images” button.

Well guys your image folder will open, also permitting you to choose everything that you need to. So then you will be at that time taken to the following page:

You are able to also select between multiple options here. Though the first is ”Scale”. That allows you simply reduce the photos simply by whatever percentage you guys select. Next up is ”File Size”. Then this option is honestly just used whether you are tensed about saving some space on your PC or device. Similarly, the third option is ”Exact Dimensions”. So guys you have to remember that these dimensions are in pixels, not inches! You guys can also use one of the last three options whether you are too at ease with manipulating images. Though I highly recommend using either the first or third option here. Well, as soon as you tap the go button, so then your photos are also resized & a box will pop up asking you where on your PC in order to save the completed product, which will be just in a zipped folder.

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However, resizing that many snaps one at once could take you a whole day… or maybe few days, even! Fortunately, different options are also there for batch resizing various photos at a time! You are also able to use Windows, macOS, or any of a number of free online photo editors.

So Guys! What is your favorite way to resize photos? We hope that you like the guide if you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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