How To Change & Install Language Pack In Windows 10

Do you want to change and install the language pack in Windows 10? If you live in a place where people speak different languages or work with colleagues who speak different languages. Then you can easily share a Windows 10 computer, after turning on a language interface. A language wraps will change the names of menus, labels, field boxes, throughout the user interface for users in their native language. Windows has added multi-lingual support since Windows XP. Microsoft also made it an amazing feature in Windows Vista Ultimate, then dropped this requirement using Windows 8. In this guide, we explain to you how to install a language pack, then move between them in Windows 10.

How To Install Language Pack In Windows 10

Install Language Pack

Initially, you want to ensure you have a compatible edition of Windows 10, like Pro, Home, or Enterprise. If you’re executing Windows 10 Home Single Language. Then you want to upgrade to the Pro version to add languages. The Single Language model usually comes preinstalled on the latest PC.

  1. Tap Start > Settings or hit Windows key + I then tap Time & Language.
  2. Choose the Region & Language tab then tap Add Language.
  3.  Now choose a language you would like to install. For this guide, I will choose Spanish.
  4. Make sure that there are subgroups for a specific language, choose the required language based on your dialect or region.
  5. Move back to the Region & Language tab and then choose your Language.
  6. When the download stops, restart your PC, then reopen Region and Language, choose your language then tap Options > Download again.
  7. When successfully complete, move back to the Region & Language tab then tap your Language then choose Set as default.
  8. Restart your PC, log in, you will now view menus, labels, and field boxes from your native language. I’ll notice not all words are translated so that the operating system will not be fully fluent.
  9. When you like to switch languages on the fly, tap the Language menu in the Notification Area on your Taskbar, and select your language.

Installing Mandatory Features

If you want to write or input in your native language, you can then install these functions as extra features. Head over to Regions and Language, choose your language, then tap Options. Tap Download.


You can install lots of languages you want to. Do you speak more than two languages and use Windows 10? If so, let us know below!

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