How to Disable Snapchat Typing Notification

Snapchat is not the only app that has typing notifications actually. Even the old Yahoo Messenger would also show you a notification whenever someone else was writing a message. Well, some of the apps only display that notification in the private chat box and not next to a person’s name on the friends’ list. We are going to discuss How to Disable Snapchat Typing Notification.

Snapchat is a really wonderful application however, if you have a lot of contacts then you are probably annoyed by the constant ‘is typing’ notifications right. Snapchat doesn’t actually offer an inbuilt way to dismiss these notifications in spite of offering you a lot of control over the advertising notifications you receive. If you guys have been looking for a way to get rid of these notifications then you have landed at the perfect webpage for you actually.

How to Disable Snapchat Typing Notification

Filter box, a really minimalistic and simplistic notification manager for your Android smartphone. That basically offers detailed analytics and the ability in order to create custom rules for your notifications. We will use a Filter box to create a custom rule that will definitely filter out all ‘is typing’ notifications.

The filter box is an absolutely free to use application that comes along with a 90 day trial period for new users. After this period gets over you will be needed to make a one-time in-app purchase of $3.99 actually.

How Typing Notifications actually Work

Most of the typing notifications are triggered whenever a user taps on the text field. Clicking on a text field sends a notification to the receiving user. Since this happens before the message is completed and sent, users basically get notifications in “real-time” so to speak. This can obviously lead to some errors in communication as well.

Whenever someone starts to write you a message on Snapchat, the app will then display a notification. That indicates that the person is writing to you. But, if that person stops writing and doesn’t hit Send, however, rather leaves the message as is, in order to finish it later. The typing notification will linger until the message is either sent or deleted actually.

Unlike text messages on your phone or email client, Snapchat doesn’t really save unfinished messages as drafts. If it did, then that person could obviously review the message later, wrap it up, and then tap send. Since this is not how Snapchat does things, it’s not uncommon to get stuck along with a typing notification from someone. Until they’ve finished writing and sent you the message actually.

Well, the same kind of notification occurs if only a single space adds to a message. Just consider the following situation. You’re looking for someone however, you accidentally click on someone else’s name. You guys hit space or you tap a single letter and then realize that it’s the wrong person.

If you guys do not delete what you’ve added to the text box before exiting the chat to find the actual intended user. Then the person you’ve accidentally tapped will likely get stuck along with a typing notification from you.

Steps to Disable Snapchat Typing Notification

  • Download and then install Filterbox from Playstore.
  • Open the app and give it all the important permissions that would permit it to keep running in the background
  • You guys will now be at the home screen of the app. Click on the ‘Filter’ tab at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now press the ‘+’ icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • It will now present you with a rule creation tab. Now enter a name for your rule in the ‘Rule Name’ field.

snapchat typing notification

  • Let the next drop-down menu remain in the default setting that is called ‘From apps’. Now you need to type ‘Snapchat’ in the text field that is titled ‘Search apps’.
  • Then click on the app once it shows up from the search menu below the text field.
  • In the next drop-down menu, you have to choose ‘Contain text’ rather than ‘Any text
  • A text field will now appear below the drop-down menu. Enter the phrase ‘is typing’ in the text field as well
  • You guys should now be able to see ‘Add “is typing”’ at the bottom of your text field. Click on it in order to add the phrase to your rule settings.

We are now splitting the guide into two parts. For the users that want to dismiss the notification altogether, and also for users that only want to mute the notification.

Select the steps that are appropriate for you based on your requirements and needs actually.

For the users that want to mute ‘is typing’ notifications.

  • Now in the drop-down menu titled ‘Action’, you have to choose ‘Mute’.
  • Click on ‘Save’ in the bottom right corner of your screen.

snapchat typing notification

You are all set now! Notifications that mostly appear when one of your contacts starts typing on Snapchat will automatically be muted from now on. If you guys want to edit the rule in the future, you can then also find it under the ‘Filter’ tab on the home screen of the app.

For the users that want to dismiss the ‘is typing’ notification altogether.

  • Well, in the next drop-down menu titled ‘Action’ choose ‘Dismiss’. It should already be selected by default actually.
  • Click on ‘Save’ in the bottom right corner of the tab in order to save your rule.

Well, your notifications will now dismissed from your notification shade. You guys will not receive any audio feedback for the notification as well.

Note: In most of the rare cases that you still keep receiving audio notifications. Just open the Filter box app and find the created rule under the ‘Filter’ tab at the bottom of your screen actually. Click on the rule to edit it and then turn on the option at the bottom of the tab titled ‘Force mute while dismissing’. This should stop the audio notifications as well. Some of the smartphones that run manufacturer OS skins might need this setting in order to bypass their overall structure.

snapchat typing notification

Turn off the whole Snapchat Notification

Whenever you guys feel like your mobile is getting full of notifications only from Snapchat. Then use this method in order to get rid of it. What I mean to say is that you will not be notified anymore from the Snapchat app after you follow these steps mentioned down below.

Let’s start.

  • First, you have to open the Snapchat app on your mobile.
  • Head to your profile icon, which is located at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on the Settings Gear Icon from the upper right corner actually.
  • Now under the My Account section, you need to search and click on the Notification option.
  • There, click on the Enable Notifications option.
  • Now, Snapchat turns off or muted all of the notifications from its app.

This is actually one way in order to mute all notifications from Snapchat. However, inside that notification setting, you can also turn off lots of Snapchat notifications. Such as Stories from Friends, Friends’ Suggestion, Mentions, Memories, Friend’s Birthdays, Message Reminders, Creative Effects, Best Friends Message Sounds, Wake Screen, Ring as well.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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