How to Download the Gapps 6.0.1 For the Marshmallow Easily

Gapps MarshmallowWhether you have ever installed an AOSP based ROM on your Android device. So then you would know how essential is installing a Gapps package as well. So without the Gapps on your AOSP ROM, then you would not have How to Download the Gapps 6.0.1 For the Marshmallow Easily

However, the current version of Android is Marshmallow (6.0.1). That we priorly did a post for a collection for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But since Android 6.0.1 is also now present. So that here is another page with Gapps packages solely for Android 6.0.1.

FYI, whether you are installing any Marshmallow-based AOSP ROM such as CM13, OmniROM, etc. So then you are running Android 6.0.1 on your device. Although if you are on 6.0, so then also you are able to use the 6.0.1 Gapps. It won’t be any problem.

Different versions of Android 6.0.1 Gapps packages are also under-mentioned from the open gaps project.

Download Gapps 6.0.1

However, below are Marshmallow Gapps packages from baNkS and also the folks over at open apps project.

baNkS’ Dynamic Gapps for Marshmallow (279 MB):

This is a very good package. Whether you are not confirmed about that version of ARM your device related to as Bank’s script does it all for you. Plus, it is the least disarrayed and minimal package that just works for all types of Android 7.0 ROMs. However, this package adds a mixture of Google Apps. That most users require or use on their Android devices.
 Download Marshmallow Gapps by baNkS (supports all ARM, ARM64, and x86 devices)

 Stock Marshmallow Gapps (490 MB):

However, this is the proper package for most devices, comes with all Google Apps that come pre-installed on the Nexus 6P and 5X.

Links: ARM ARM64 X86  Full Marshmallow Gapps (441 MB):

Similarly, this is a bit modified Stock Gapps package however, that does not replace some of the AOSP apps such as the Browser, Camera, SMS app, etc.

Links: ARM ARM64 X86  Mini Marshmallow Gapps (228 MB):

Although this is the ideal package whether you do not like to go in with all the Apps Google offers on recent Android devices. Similarly, it just has the famous Google apps, plus some more apps that are not up for download on the Play Store.

Links: ARM ARM64 X86  Micro Marshmallow Gapps (142 MB):

This is even compacted than the Mini package, which has just the most famous apps: Gmail, Calendar, and Google Search (Now), plus some further apps. Those are not up for download on the Play Store.

Links: ARM ARM64 X86  Nano Marshmallow Gapps (91 MB):

This is another level down from the Micro package mention-above. But it still adds the extra apps that are not up for download on the Play Store.

Links: ARM ARM64 X86  Pico Marshmallow Gapps (49 MB):

This just gets you to the Play Store app, plus the framework files needed to make the Play Store work. Nothing else.

Links: ARM ARM64 X86

Download the Gapps 6.0.1 For the Marshmallow Easily

  1. Install and also transfer the Marshmallow package to your device.
  2. Boot into custom recovery (TWRP preferably).
  3. Download/Flash this package .zip file you transferred in Step 1.
  4. Now you have to restart your phone.

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Follow the above-mentioned guide in order to download the Gapps 6.0.1 For the Marshmallow Easily. Well, I hope that this post will help you and I also hope you find these Gapps 6.0.1 packages and the quick installation guide helpful.

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