How To Execute Old Software On Windows 10 Compatibility Mode

Do you want to execute old software on Windows 10 compatibility mode? Last year Microsoft launched Windows 10, and it’s a much improved and powerful OS. However, Microsoft is looking toward a bright future with this model, but you probably face some older program that you still want to use, but it doesn’t work perfectly.

Some likely you’ll face the problem if you upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. Hopefully, Compatibility mode is still the best alternative in Windows 10 for those older applications that don’t execute correctly.

What is the Compatibility Mode?

Compatibility mode is an amazing feature in the Windows family that handles the execution of older programs. Also, we use this amazing feature in Windows 10 to execute older programs with compatibility mode.
Compatibility mode is a technique that helps older programs to execute on the latest models of the OS. For some older programs or applications that can’t work well with the latest models of the Windows OS, users can also find and resolve any issues by modifying their compatibility mode settings.
When we want to execute older programs in the newest model of the Windows OS, we have different options for executing them, like Troubleshooting, Program Compatibility, and Compatibility Mode.

Execute Old Software On Windows 10 Compatibility Mode

Windows 10 Compatibility

Compatibility mode isn’t anything unique, but it’s worth revisiting since there are lots of old programs out there that might not execute perfectly on Windows 10.

Step 1:

Right-tap on your program’s shortcut or the EXE file and then choose Properties.

Step 2:

When the Properties screen pops up, select the Compatibility tab then select which model of Windows you like to use. Of course, make sure to tap OK so it will always open in the mode that you set.

If you’re still facing issues getting it to execute, you can initiate the Compatibility Troubleshooter and work your way using the wizard. However, I have never ever gotten that to work. Usually, either a program or process works fine, or it doesn’t.

As technology continues to design, some older programs become fatalities of innovation. We’ve received that complaint from many readers who use MS Money (Sunset). The problem here is that MS can’t support it, and that holds true for many older programs. Manufacturers stop claiming old programs, and they fall off the radar.

Well, I have a program for my Hauppauge video capture card from ArcSoft that not just compatible, but you can’t download or install it anymore. The enterprise stopped supporting or maintaining it. I have to install or download it from the CD it came on.

Another option you have (depending on your situation) is to install or download a VM with a model of Windows that enables the program to work.


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