How to fix iOS iMessage Effects Not Working?

 iMessage Effects Not WorkingiMessage effects are pretty noticeable when they are functioning that they are unfeasible. In order to slip when they are also changed just between iOS devices. Whether you are finding that Messages Effects are not functioning on the iPhone or iPad. So guys there is probably a pretty straightforward cause that’s why, and an equally easy fix available. Here you will learn the way to fix iOS iMessage Effects Not Working?

First, realize that iMessage Effects need iOS 10 or current, that is also able to be iOS 13, iPadOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, or later. And anything in b/w. So you therefore must contain a recent version of iOS on the iPhone or iPad in order to have iMessage results.

However, just for some quick background, simply the Messages application in iOS 10 & recently also includes whole screen visual effects, also ranging from lots of balloons, simply to fireworks, lasers, confetti, & a shooting star as well. In addition, further visual effects are also there that also apply to text and images, that make the messages attack onto the screen, visible greater, smaller, or display with an imperceptible ink feature. Though all of these visual effects are also newer to iOS 10 (& later definitely). Also, work on the iPhone and iPad as well… or they should anyway.

Why Message Effects are not able to Work in iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10

Just for the huge mass of utilizers, similarly, the cause iMessage screen effects & also the bubble message effects are not able to work just due to that they also have the Reduce Motion setting turned on. Though the Reduce Motion setting in iOS does away simply with the herring animations. Simply which also flies around the operating system. When opening and closing applications is also the just way in order to disable iMessage effects.

Whether you turned on the Reduce Motion just because you receive the motion sickness. Just like to speed up iOS 10 on the device a little. Or only favor the declining effects that you are unable to have iMessage Effects.

Furthermore, another clear reason iMessage effects probably not be working properly is whether the device. That you are not basically using iOS 10. For instance, whether you did not update to iOS 10 so far, or you also lowered afterward. So then you won’t also have the feature.

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To Fix iMessage Effects Not Working in iOS 13, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12

The straight forward solution in order to get the Messages screen effects just working is to turn off Reduce Motion setting:

  1. For this, you have to head to the “Settings” app & also head to the “Accessibility” and next to “Reduce Motion”
  2. Here you have to disable the Reduce Motion setting and then just leave the settings

Whether you head to the Messages & also send a message just with a long click on the blue arrow button. So then you should easily access the different screen effects & also bubble effects.

It is a bit disappointing for now that you can not have system-wide Reduce Motion turned off. Whilst still encountering the Message effects. Luckily a future version of iOS solves this & also provides a separate iMessage option for turning off or also turning on the Messages effect features just without influencing all further visual animations just on the iPhone or iPad.

Message Effects Still Not showing

Whether you have to Reduce Motion off & also the iMessage effects is still not working, so then you have to try the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to quit Messages. Now launch it again (double-click the home button & hit on the Messages application)
  • Now you must have to Force reboot the iPhone or iPad (simply hold down the Power & Home button till you view the  Apple logo)
  • Here you should disable the iMessage and then enable it again via Settings > Messages
  • Turn off the 3D Touch (whether applied to your iPhone) just by heading to the Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch > OFF

Similarly, some assorted reports also specify that restoring a device just from a backup able to work too whether all else fails.

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