How to Fix iPad Microphone not Working

Well, each and everything is working well on your iPad except that microphone that does not hear anything that you say. You try Siri, dictation, Skype, Voice memo, and also even third-party apps that record sound actually. Nothing really works. All you guys get is static. Irritating? You guys bet. We are going to talk about How to Fix iPad Microphone not Working. Let’s begin!

Whenever your iPad’s microphone is not working, it’s mostly one of two things: a software issue. That a reset or restores fixes or a hardware issue where the microphone is blocked or gone kaput. It’s just that simple although the latter can be a costly thing in order to fix. Read on further:

How to Fix iPad Microphone not Working

It’s a Software Thing

You guys are really lucky if it is a software issue. The microphone stops working mostly after a firmware upgrade or after you guys installed an app that changed a few settings. It’s just not possible for an app to change the microphone settings without your explicit permission. However, there are stray chances that trigger such an event actually.

  • The easiest way to test and fix this is through doing a simple reset. First, just tap on the power button till the slide (to power off) appears. When the slider shows up, tap on, and hold the home button till the slider disappears. The iPad display should do blink and then things will be normal as well. You should test the microphone
  • Well, a hard reset can also work. Tap on the home and power buttons simultaneously and hold them till the iPad goes blank. Then, tap on the power button till the Apple logo comes up and the iPad powers. You have to use test the microphone
  • If these didn’t work, then head to Settings → General → Reset and reset all settings. A “settings reset” reverts back all of the values to default. This might work in order to fix the microphone issue actually.
  • As a last resort, then you can try to restore too but, before this, just follow the ‘cleaning’ step from the hardware section as well.

What if it’s a Hardware Issue?

Obviously, if steps 1, 2, and 3 did not fix your iPad’s microphone, it can also be an indication of a hardware issue actually. Did you guys drop your iPad sometime? Or did it bump into something as well? Or was the iPad exposed to a lot of dust and pollution too?

Well, these are just some of the things that could lead to a hardware issue that results in the microphone useless. One of the first things that you are going to try sounds crazy enough in order to make Apple void the warranty. However, it seems to have worked for a lot of folks. So we’re recommending it but along with enough dosage of caution actually.

Here’s what you can do: | iPad microphone not working

  • Just use a small vacuum cleaner and then run it over the microphone hole on the iPad. Test the microphone after this crazy attempt in order to restore it. If it works, it was just the dust in the hole actually

ipad microphone not working

  • That works or not? Well, it’s probably a connectivity issue. Blow into the hole and click over the microphone port. Again, this is really crazy enough even to talk about however no harm trying
  • Last resort: you should take the device to the Apple Store. If you guys have got AppleCare, chances are they’ will fix the thing for free or for a small fee. If not, Apple’s standard aloof response is just to get a new device

Troubleshoot solutions to fix microphone problem in your iPhone

1. Restart your iPhone

In most of the cases, the problem can be related to a certain application on your iPhone and it works fine for other aspects too. If this is the case on your phone, then you can remove this minor app bug thorugh restarting your iPhone. Also, have some patience and then try to restart your device two to three times if it does not work for the first time actually.

Step to restart your iPhone

  • Long press the Power button till the Power slider button shows on your screen.
  • Then toggle the power slider and power off your iPhone.
  • After you wait for at least 30 seconds again tap on the Power button and turn on your device.

Well, restarting your device can fix minor bugs that also may have affected your iPhone’s microphone.

2. Update iOS to the latest version

The microphone problem can be due to your previous update if that is the case Apple might have released an update in order to resolve this bug. If the issue is widespread, Apple brings the fixed version of the update real quick. So in order to resolve to update your iPhone along with the latest version of the update available on your device as well.

Let’s see how you can download the latest update on your iPhone

  • First, you have to check if a new update is released by iPhone. Go to setting and then go to General.
  • Click on the software update, here is where you see an available update as well. You guys will see a notification for a new iOS version and if it’s available then tap on it to initiate the update.
  • Before you guys start with the backup. You have to make sure you have backed-up all the content and set to be on the safer side.
  • When you do the backup, then just go back to the menu. And tap on the Download and Install button in order to install the latest iOS on your iPhone.

When your iPhone is installing, then make sure that you are connected to strong wi-fi. Also, plugin your iPhone with a power source, so that you do not run out of battery during the update actually.

3. Reset all of your settings on your iPhone

If you guys still haven’t fixed your microphone, then try to reset all settings on your iPhone. Resetting your iPhone can actually come in handy. If the latest iOS update has overridden your setting that is causing the microphone not to work. This method will restore all your setting to default without even any change of file and data. Even if it’s not just like factory reset and you are not going to lose any data, it is better to have a backup to be a safer side as well.

Let’s see how you can reset all the settings on your iPhone

ipad microphone not working

  • Go to the Setting app and choose General.
  • Go to the Reset menu and then select Reset All Settings.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen, type in your passcode, and confirm through clicking on Reset all settings again.

After you Reset the setting, your iPhone will then restart. Now, wait for a while till booting is done and then check if your microphones are fixed, if not, then don’t worry, and then try the next step.

Factory reset or DFU mode restore

If none of the solutions worked for you, then it’s now time to performing a factory reset. Factory Reset basically helps your device start as a new device clearing all types of files and data on your iPhone. All of your photos, account information, applications, setting each and everything will be wiped off. This method is actually capable of fixing the microphone problem if it’s caused because of a software glitch.

  • Go to setting and tap on General.
  • Scroll down to the Reset option and select in order to erase all of the content and setting.
  • Click on the Settings, then General. Scroll down until you see Reset.
  • Then type in your Apple ID and password in the dialog box as well.
  • Now wait for a while; the reset process can take a minute or two actually. Reset time rellies on your iPhone’s content. When you do that, your iPhone will then start new with all default settings.

You guys can also try the DFU mode restore that is one of the highest types of iOS restores actually. It’s something you can do if the factory Reset Does not actually work for you. This method deeply restores the system and is carried via Apple technicians in order to fix the iPhone that is caught along with complex software errors.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “iPad microphone not working” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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