How To Fix iPhone Or iPad Apps Not Updating In iOS 14

Is your iPhone or iPad apps not updating in iOS 14? Installing app updates are necessary as they bring all the new features, resolve issues, make apps support the latest iOS versions, etc. However, if you can’t update apps on your iOS 14 devices, here are all possible fixes. These will hopefully resolve your issue.

How To Fix iPhone Or iPad Apps Not Updating In iOS 14

iOS 14

Follow the methods to update apps:

  • Reboot your device
  • Pause and Resume the App Update
  • Check Total Storage on iPhone
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Set Time or Date Automatically
  • Remove the App and Reinstall It
  • Disable and On Automatic Updates
  • Restrictions are Off
  • Sign Out your Apple ID and Again Sign In
  • Update iOS
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Visit Apple Support

Reboot Your Device

Restarting an iPhone for that resolve many small and temporary problems. To reboot your iPhone 8 or later, hit and release the volume up button simultaneously. Then hit and release the volume down button, hit and hold the side button.

Now you can successfully reboot your iPhone 7/7 Plus, by hitting and holding the Volume down button and Power button together.

If you want to reboot your iPhone 6s/iPhone SE hit and hold the home button and Power button together until Apple Logo appears on the display screen.

Another method to shut down the iPhone is to open the Setting app, click General, click Shut Down from the end of the list. After a few minutes, turn it back on.

Pause & Resume App Update

  1. From the iPhone home screen, firmly hit the app icon that is trying to update
  2. Then click Pause Download.
  3. After a few minutes, click Prioritize Download. Check if the app begins to update or not

Check Total Storage On iPhone

iOS and apps updates can’t happen if enough free space is not available on your device. If you want to check storage in iOS 13 then here’s how to:

  • Head over to the Settings app → click General.
  • Click iPhone Storage and view storage.

Connect to the Internet

App installs and updates are possible over cellular data. However, if you are unable to do so, connect to the WiFi network and again try to update the app.

Set Time & Date Automatically

Not just app updates, but many features such as FaceTime want the exact time and date. The simplest way to always ensure that your mobile has the exact time is to set it to update automatically.

  • Head over to the Settings app → click General.
  • Click Date & Time → Turn on Set Automatically.

Remove App & Reinstall It

With this, you will lose all your important data inside the app. So try to backup your data before doing this. For instance, if you don’t have an up to date backup for WhatsApp, and you uninstall it and again install it, then you’ll lose all your chats and media in it. One fix for this might be to offload the app. This only removes the app but keeps the data.

Disable & On Automatic Updates

  • Head over to the Settings app → Click on iTunes & App Store.
  • Disable App Updates and enable it after 30 seconds.

Restrictions Off

Also, restrictions in iOS 13 can secure app uninstalls or installs. Let us check below.

  1. Head over to the Settings app
  2. Then click on Screen Time.
  3. Click Content & Privacy Restrictions
  4. Now, click iTunes & App Store Purchases.
  5. Keep in mind sure Installing Apps is set to Allow.

Sign Out Your Apple ID & Again Sign In

  • Head over to the Settings app → click iTunes & App Stores.
  • Click on your Apple ID from the top → then click on Sign Out.
  • After a few minutes, again sign in and open the App Store to update it.

Update iOS

Always make sure that your devices are the most recent model of iOS. However, if you want to update your device:

  1. Head over to the Settings app → click on General
  2. Click Software Update → click Download and Install if you view any pending update.

Reset Network Settings

One last option is to reset settings on your iOS device. This will not remove any confidential data. But VPN configurations, Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth devices, etc. will be removed. Make sure you have to back up if something goes wrong.

  • Head over to the Settings app →  click on General.
  • Click Reset → click Reset Network Settings.
  • Input your iPhone Passcode then confirm the action.
  • When the process successfully completes, connect to the internet or Cellular data and try updating the app

Visit Apple Support

At last, if nothing works well, try to contact Apple Support.

That’s all about it…!


I hope these fixes helped you, and now your apps are updating successfully as they should. If you still face any issue then feel free to let us know below!

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