How to Fix: “iPhone Touch Screen Not Working”?

iPhone Touch Screen Well, Guys! Hardly ever an iPhone touch screen stops responding/working or it becomes unresponsive to touch. However, it is clear that when this type of situation happens, at that time you will touch the screen & nothing happens. Similarly, swipes will be disregard, clicks do not do anything. And touch on the screen is unable to register any action. It is definitely frustrating whether the iPhone screen is no longer working & not working at any touch, & it is not fine.

Whether your iPhone touch screen is unable to work, so then you have to read the article for helpful series of troubleshooting steps that probably help to fix the issue. The non-working touch screen problem could be caused by various things, that occasionally it’s software related, some muck on the screen, broken to the iPhone touch screen or iPhone itself, or probably some other problems as well. Well, go through the whole guide to learn more.

Troubleshooting an Unresponsive iPhone Touch Screen

Alright, guys! We have got lots of steps in order to troubleshoot an unresponsive touch screen on an iPhone. Whether your iPhone is not answering well to touch & the screen seemingly is not functioning as well. So it should with touch input, follow along & you should solve the issue. I just encountered this problem myself & so this is the set of steps I used for troubleshooting the problem, just for my specific condition the iPhone just required to be hard restarted & also some storage freed up for the touch screen in order to work as expected again.

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Make Clean Your Screen, And also Your Fingers

The thing that you will just have to do first is to clean off your iPhone screen, as well as your fingers (or further input addition or device). Whether you have a case or you are having a thick third party screen protector on the iPhone. So then you will also want to remove those as you troubleshoot this too.

Here you have to give your iPhone screen a better look in bright direct lighting & you should tilt it around a little to release any obvious gunk, oil, residues, liquids, moistures, dried crust or food, or furthermore that probably be interfering in the screen. However, on a sunny day, sunscreen is another common thing that is also able to get on a screen and also able to make the iPhone touch screen not answering or erroneously responsive.

You will then have to make sure the iPhone screen is thoroughly clean and clear of anything that is able to also make interference with the capability in order to detect touch accurately. Also wiping it down with just a soft piece of cotton cloth is often enough to remove anything from the iPhone’s screen. But you probably have to use a slightly damp. (And I mean that slightly, never sufficient moisture to drip) cloth for wiping the screen-free.


Though as for your fingers, a stylus, or further input appendages, only confirm that they’re clean and dry. You have to wash your hands or your fingers whether in doubt and whether you have a too gunk on them. Well, guys unusually dry skin or callouses generally do not matter & should not cause any problem with the touch screen. However, whether your hands are wet may cause problems.

Just make sure the screen is clean, and that your hands are clean and dry.

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2: Do a Hard Restart

Sometimes simply rebooting the iPhone will fix the not working touch screen. But a hard restart is often simpler even whether it’s a bit more forceful.

Hard restarting is easy, but it hangs on which iPhone model you have:

  • In order to force reboot iPhone 7 and newer without tapping the Home button: you have to hold down the VOLUME DOWN button just along with the POWER BUTTON until you guys view the  Apple logo
  • In order to force reboot iPhone 6s and prior simply with a clickable Home button: Here hold the Home Button & also the Power Button too until you view the  Apple logo on the screen

However, when the iPhone starts back up, so then the touch screen should work well once more. Whether it is a simple software problem like a snag or a software freeze with iOS or an application.

Similarly, guys just from the personal anecdotal experience, though my iPhone 7 Plus screen can occasionally become entirely unresponsive to touch for a whilst, & a hard restart always fixes it.

3: Remove and Update / Reinstall the Problematic Application

Alright, guys! Occasionally the touch screen of the iPhone is unresponsive in just one specific app. Whether this is the case, the issue is likely that application and not the iPhone touch screen. But after all the application is open at the time when the application stops responding as it “freezes”. Though a frozen app will often not answer to any touch screen input. But pressing the Home button will often depart the app and move back to the Home Screen in these types of situations.

Whether the touch screen is not responding in a given application. So then you will want to update it first. You should head to the App Store & check to see whether updates are present for the app in question, whether an update is available install it.

Whether guys still a problem is there with the touch screen not responding in a particular app. After you have updated that application, so then you are able to also remove the app. Then reinstall the problematic application. Reorganize it again to see whether it works as expected. Whether it still fails, the application could have a snag that has to be addressed. Whether the touch screen works with further app except for the problematic one. So then that specific app is likely the issue & it is probably nothing to perfrom with the screen or iPhone at all.

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4: Clear out iOS Storage

Well, whenever an iPhone has zero storage, so then the things tend to go haywire in general. And that is able to also include encountering an unresponsive touch screen.

Confirm your iPhone has storage present on the device. Also you are able to check this in Settings > General > Storage & Usage > Manage Storage. Just you have to aim to have at least a few hundred MB available whether not a few GB. Simply as iOS really boots underdoing with the least space available.

Removing the unused apps is a simple way to retrieve some storage space.

I also have noticed that this is specifically true with newer versions of iOS. When an iPhone is totally full & it also has 0 bytes of storage remaining. In that case, many applications become unresponsive as performing the touch screen. Occasionally even the Home button accompanying the touch screen probably be unresponsive and not work at all for a whilst on a totally full iPhone, till whatever software cache clearing mechanisms done.

This is often simply reproducible as well; just complete an iPhone so that it also has zero bytes remaining. And then you should start trying to use applications that hang on a lot of caching like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, etc, at a time when those app caches increase you will likely notice the touch screen also becomes unresponsive for a short period of time as iOS fight to deal with zero storage available. In this type of case, just clear out some space, then restart the iPhone, so then it should work again.

5: Is the iPhone Touch Screen broken? Is the iPhone Touch Screen injured? Was the iPhone damaged or dropped?

Though this is clear from the get-go, whether the iPhone touch screen is damaged it is able to then become unresponsive. Partially unresponsive, or not work totally. Just like whether the iPhone is damaged, sp then it may not work at all, or the touch screen probably not work properly.

Water damage is also able to ruin the screen of the iPhone, or the whole phone as well.

Whether an iPhone also has been dropped, so it is also possible that internal parts came loose. That probably cause the touch screen to be unresponding.

Whether the iPhone has a clear visible injury. And the iPhone touch screen is not responding, so then the damage is likely to just cause. In such a condition, you have to take the iPhone to an approved Apple repair center or an Apple store & also have them give it a look.

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6: iPhone touch screen still not responding? Time for more serious measures

Whether the iPhone touch screen is still unresponsive. So then you probably want to try backing up the device. Then restoring it just through iTunes. Confirm to backup the iPhone to iCloud and/or iTunes beforehand. Whether you contact an official support channel so then they will likely have you restore your device as a section of their troubleshooting method anyway.

Whether the iPhone is not answering so just because it is stuck on an Apple logo screen. However, that is a different issue and it is not related to the touch screen at all. You are also able to usually solve it with a restore or DFU restore.

Is the iPhone touch screen STILL unresponsive? Contact Professional Help

Well, guys! Whether all of the above troubleshooting processes have failed. So now it is the time to contact Apple support, head to an Apple Store, or visit an Apple-approved repair center. Then must-have them check the iPhone touch screen for figuring out that what is wrong with it, it probably needs a repair. It probably be a hardware issue that is unseen. Or it could be some further problem that you overlooked.


Alright! Did these troubleshooting instructions fix your iPhone touch screen problem? Do you have any instructions for resolving issues with an unresponsive touch screen on iPhone? So guys must let us know in the comments section below.

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