How To Fix It If Discord Video Not Working?

 Discord Video Not Working

In case, if your Discord Video Not Working. Then you don’t need to get worried. Here are some of the solutions that will help you to fix it. Now we are going to list five troubleshooting solutions that can help so many users to iron out this issue.

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Solution To Troubleshoot Discord Video Not Working:

To Check your camera permissions If Discord Video Not Working:

By using Windows 10 features this is of many privacy-related options. So, that it can let you control which apps can access and then use your microphone and camera. Now it is not uncommon for this microphone and then camera permission settings. In order to prevent the Discord from using your camera or mic.

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You can now check these settings out to do the following:

  • You have to go to Settings and then select the Privacy option.
  • By using the left-hand pane you have to scroll down to the App permissions and then select the Camera
  • You just have to make sure that the apps can allow using your camera.

 Discord Video Not Working

Some of the Additional camera checks:

  • In this case, if you are using an external webcam. Then this is not your computer’s built-in camera. You just have to make sure that you can connect it properly.
  • You just have to start the camera first and then launch Discord. By this, if the Discord is unable to wake the camera up. Then this is a quick workaround that should help you fix the problem.
  • Then you have to check if there is a switch or button on your camera. Now you can have certain webcam models come with a physical button that can allow users to turn the camera on or off.
  • Now test with a different webcam. In case, if the camera that you are using is not working properly. Then the Discord should also work with another camera. By using this if you may need to replace your faulty camera.

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To Update your webcam drivers Discord Video Not Working:

In this case, if your webcam drivers are outdated. Then the Discord may not be able to access and use your camera. By using the other hand if your webcam drivers that can get corrupt. Also, you need to uninstall them.

  • First of all, you have to open the Device Manager and then select your webcam driver.
  • Then Right-click on the Camera and then select the Update driver
  • You can also restart your computer and then check it. Also, if Discord can now access your camera.
  • In this case, if you try uninstalling and reinstalling the webcam driver. Then this is by selecting Uninstall device in the Device Manager.

To Disable Hardware Acceleration:

In this case, if you are using the Discord desktop app. Then try turning off the Hardware Acceleration feature.

  • Then under the App Settings, you have to click on the gear icon
  • You just have to select the Appearance
  • Now scroll down then locate the Hardware Acceleration feature and then toggle it off.

Fix issue

To Update your OS:

If you want to run the latest Discord and Windows 10 version. Then this is of utmost importance if you want everything. In order to run smoothly on your computer.

This can also outdated app and the OS versions may break certain features. Luckily, if this is the actual cause of the Discord camera issues. Then you are also experiencing, updating your OS should fix quickly fix it.

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  • By using Windows 10 then go to the Settings.
  • Then click on the Update & Security.
  • Now you have to click on the Windows Update.
  • After that check for updates.
  • Then the discord is set to update automatically. Also, this means that the users can already be running the latest app version on their machines.

To Switch to the Discord web app:

In this case, if the Discord can still access your camera. Then try using the web app instead. It is also possible that you maybe get that you will be able to use the camera using the web app.

In the end, you can also uninstall and then reinstall the Discord. By this, the issue was caused by corrupted or missing Discord files or processes. Then you can install it a fresh copy of the app should fix it.

So, this is all about the discord video not working.

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You have to apply the above solutions. If you want to get the discord video not working issue resolves. So, you have to follow the above guideline.

Did you like it? After reading this article did your issue resolved or not? Let us know in the comment section.


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