How To Fix No Data Received Error In Chrome

People often encounter No Data Received or ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error while opening webpages. When the servers are not working properly or down, and the webpages stop loading, you will encounter No Data Received or ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE problem. Or else, if the website you are working is not responding, so you face this problem.

In many cases, Content writers using WordPress also face No Data Received or ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE problem. Also, many popular sites like YouTube, Google can display No Data Received or ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error. Certainly, the sites can’t open because of the cache present. It is mainly caused due to the corruption in the server or the website.

Resolve No Data Received Error:

There are 4 ways to resolve ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE or No data received a problem.

Fix 1: Fix Error Reset Winsock

Reset Winsock

Winsock becomes the reason for the error because of corruption in Winsock, the No Data Received error occurs. You can resolve this simply by resetting Winsock or reinstalling it.

If you want to reset the Winsock follow these steps:

Step 1:

Hit the Windows key. Input the command prompt, now right-tap on command prompt, and execute as administrator.

Step 2:

Once you open the Command prompt input netsh Winsock reset and hit Enter.

Step 3:

Now restart your PC and check if this fixes the issue.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, proceed to the other option.

Fix 2: Reset Network Stack

After resetting Network settings can also fix the issue. You can also reset the network settings in two methods:

Step 1:

Head over to the Command Prompt first. Now execute the cmd as administrator.

Step 2:

Now type/input these in command prompt and press enter one after another.

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
Step 3:

Now reboot your PC and check if this fixes the issue.

Step 4:

Head over to the Chrome Browser, now open settings. Choose Show Advanced Settings and then choose Reset.

Step 5:

Now Reset your Google Chrome with the help of the reset button present.

Check if this fixes the issue. OR else proceed to the other option.

Fix 3: Turn Off Antivirus, VPNs, and Firewalls

Turn off Antivirus

The Antivirus, VPNs, or Firewalls can also occur due to this error. The Antivirus might block the site or might interrupt in its working. However, the Firewall may also do the same thing. The VPNs modify the location of your Wifi connection. Certainly, the VPN of that region might not allow that site to work there.

So its good to turn off your Firewall, Antivirus, or VPNs. It is an authentic way. But if this doesn’t fix the issue, move to the other option.

Fix 4: Contact Hosting Provider

The hosting provider can also cause this error. Certainly, because of the updates from the Server, the site display ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error. All you need is to inform the hosting provider if you have some modifications to your site. Also, if any of the plugins have an update, it becomes the reason for the error. If you want to confirm any of the changes from the hosting provider.


I hope this guide is helpful to you. All the ways are authentic and will definitely work. At least one of them will fix your issue. It is not quite complicated to fix the ‘No Data Received’ error and doesn’t needs the help of an expert.

If you want to share any other method to fix the error then let us know in the comment section below!

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