How To Fix Spotify Stops Working On iPhone Or iPad

Are you looking to fix Spotify stops working on iPhone or iPad? You open Spotify to enjoy your best tracks. Thankfully this is a temporary problem and can be addressed by following some quick solutions. If you want help, here is a complete list of the best possible fixes that are effective when Spotify stops working on your iOS devices.

How To Spotify Stops Working On iPhone Or iPad – Possible Fixes

Some issues are listed below:

Spotify Issues

  • Force Close App and Re-Open It
  • The issue in Internet Connectivity
  • Spotify Server Status issue
  • Log Out and again Log In
  • Restart Your Device
  • Update Spotify App
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify App

Force Close App & Re-Open It

Well, force closing the app and again launch it removes many temporary issues. If Spotify got stuck or not allowing you to move the list of songs or use the controls. Well, you must advise you to close and re-open it.

  1. On iPhone with Face ID, move up from under the screen and hold. On iPhone with the Home button, instantly double press it.
  2. Head over to app switcher, then drag the Spotify app card up to close it.
  3. Then relaunch Spotify after a  few minutes.

Check Your Wifi Connectivity

You can also check that your iPhone has an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

For this, head over to the Settings app and click on Wi-Fi. Then click on an available network to plug it.

Similarly, from the Settings app, click on Cellular and view to it that the toggle for Cellular Data is turned on. From this screen, make sure that the mobile data is not turned off specifically for Spotify. If you like to check this, move down the ‘CELLULAR DATA’ section and ensure that Spotify’s toggle is turned on.

After performing all the above-mentioned steps, head over to Safari and visit a webpage, in case if its loads, it means that the device is working internet connectivity.

Spotify Server Status Issue

In some situations, Spotify might not work properly, or there might be an outrage only in your region.

The simplest way to check is by moving to Spotify Status on Twitter. If you want to know about the status of Spotify in your region, head over to sites such as DownDetector. You might also search for ‘Spotify Server Status‘ on Bing, Google, or any other search engine.

Log Out & Again Log In

  1. Head over to the Spotify app and click on Home, if not already. From the top right corner, click on the Settings icon.
  2. Move down, click on LOG OUT, and confirm.
  3. Now force close the Spotify app. You can then relaunch Spotify and then log in using your credentials.

The steps mentioned above also help you if have currently upgraded to Spotify Premium. Also, it can’t reflect or stops working properly.

Restart iOS Devices

After you successfully restart your iOS devices, many small app problems and temporary software-level issues are repaired successfully.

Spotify App Updation

An app can suddenly become rogue after installing any new system update if it is not up-to-date. However, it happens from a big iOS update transition. The app might already be executing in an unsupported model as the minimum system requirements for apps could change. As a result, the app can’t run properly on the new platform. After this, the app experts roll out updates soon before or after an iOS variant is launched. If you can’t set your applications or device to install updates automatically, then try to do it manually.

With each update, Spotify tries to address existing issues, improve user experience, and introduce all the latest features or modifications.

It s best to have the new variant of the app on your iPhone. If you like to update, long hit on the App Store icon and choose Updates. Then click on UPDATE located next to Spotify, if visible.

Uninstall & Again Install Spotify App

At last, if none of the above fixes work for you, then try Spotify’s fresh install. You first uninstalling the application and then reinstalling it. Also, note that removing the app will wipe all the downloaded songs, as well.

  • Head over to the Home screen, long hit on the Spotify app icon, and click on Delete App → Delete.
  • Then long hit on the App Store icon and click on Search. Input ‘Spotify‘ and click on the download icon. After this, head over to the app, and it works fine.


Now you can understand how you can successfully resolve the issue of Spotify not working on your iOS devices.

Unfortunately, if nothing works, then ask your friend or any family member to log in to their Spotify account on your device. If it works then it means there is an issue with your account. In this situation, contact Spotify Care.

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