How to Fix the Error on iPhone “No Sound on Calls”

iPhone No Sound on Calls

iPhone No Sound on Calls: As we all know that calling is one of the basic functions of the iPhone. Although occasionally during regular calls, you may not hear sound from the earpiece. So it is also possible that the voice breaks. Luckily, we have eight possible solutions to fix the iPhone with no sound on calls error.

How to Fix the Error on iPhone “No Sound on Calls”

  1. Set Volume Level and Audio Settings
  2. Remove the Wired Earphone
  3. Restart Your iPhone
  4. Disable the Bluetooth
  5. Clean Your Speakers and Receivers
  6. Update iPhone to the Latest Software
  7. On iPhone Reset All Settings
  8. Contact Apple Support

1. Set Volume Level and Audio Settings

I hope that you may have experience using the volume up button during a call to increase the output. Similarly, in that case, you have not, click the volume up button multiple times simply to increase the audio level of the earpiece.

Though if you are still facing difficulty in hearing the person, so you have to consider clicking on the ‘speaker’ button to switch to the iPhone’s main speaker. Similarly, you can also use a wired or Bluetooth earphone for the best encounter.

Well, a small number of users have also mentioned that they had success fixing muted or less voice by disabling noise cancellation. However, for doing this, you have to first open the Settings app → Accessibility → Audio.

Disable the toggle for Phone Noise Cancellation.

2. Remove the Wired Earphone

Occasionally, only removing the earphone and using the device earpiece fixes the audio issue.

On the other hand, once, the iPhone might get stuck in headphone mode. Thus this is a condition where your device incorrectly supposes that an earphone is connected. Similarly, as a result, you might not hear the other person at all.

However, the simplest method to solve this is by inserting a headphone to the headphone jack or lightning port and then removing it. So you have to try this a few times. Thus in case, it will not help address the error.

3. Restart Your iPhone

Although we sometimes fail to recognize how perfect a simple restart is! Simply it is a quick way to fix multiple such software errors.

Therefore to restart your iPhone, you have to use the button to power it off. Then you are also able to open the Settings app → General → Shut Down. After 60 seconds, you should enable it.

Furthermore, in case, the normal restart has no effect, so then consider force rebooting your iPhone.

4. Disable the Bluetooth (Error on iPhone No Sound on Calls)

Sometimes, the Bluetooth speakers may suddenly cause trouble as well. At that time you might hold the iPhone to your ear, but in fact, your device is connected to a Bluetooth speaker and routing the audio there.

So to address this, first, you should disconnect the wireless device. After this, you may also disable the Bluetooth completely from the Control Center or the Settings app.

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5. Clean Your Speakers and Receivers

Enemies like the dirt and small particles are responsible for poor call experience. However, they clog the earpiece, speakers, and even the headset jack or the Lightning port.

Similarly, to take care of this, you have to use a soft dry cloth or a soft brush to clean the earpiece mini holes gently.

Do you use a tough case, waterproof case, or screen protector that covers the top earpiece, or speakers? If your answer is yes, then please remove them!

6. Update iPhone to the Latest Software

It is also a helpful solution to make better the iPhone call experience is to ensure that it manages the latest version of iOS.

However, to update, first open the Settings app → General → Software Update. whether you view a pending update, click on Download and Install.

7. On iPhone Reset All the Settings

Moreover, here we can say that calling can also be affected due to some settings you may have adjusted. Thus if none of the above solutions work to fix the error, you should consider resetting all the settings.

However, your files, apps, music, photos, etc. won’t be removed by this action. Although every setting of the iPhone that you have turned will delete and restore to default. Thus this includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN configuration, Home screen layout, privacy settings, etc.

Simply take a start, open the Settings app → General → Reset.

Now you should click on Reset All Settings → then enter your iPhone passcode → press on Reset All Settings to make sure.

8. Contact Apple Support

Finally, when none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, then it is best to reach AppleSupport. Therefore there may be physical damage in the speakers that can be examined and fixed by the authorized Apple service center.

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iPhone No Sound on Calls-Conclusion

These are the solutions that help in successfully to fix the error of no sound during a phone call. When you will try them, then let us know which process worked for you. In case you have a trick of your own, kindly share that as well.

Occasionally, the quality of the call is also decreased due to low signal strength. So when you are in such a place with a poor network, then consider enabling Wi-Fi Calling.

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