How to Fix the iPhone or iPad Error “Cannot Get Mail”

Cannot Get Mail

Even-if your mail id is personal or professional, that you usually check it in a day. Apart from its persistent attacks on messaging apps like WhatsApp and all other apps, email has never lost its glamour and importance. Similarly, for the necessary communication, people mostly favor this mail app over other apps. Thus in this post, we are going to fix the iPhone or iPad error “Cannot Get Mail”

However, it is quite acceptable that you will get anxious when something goes wrong with your mail app on your iPhone. So it is now quite normal that people have organized their email ids on the iPhone. Due to this, they are able to quickly send and receive some essential emails. But when they experience this error “Cannot Get Mail” on their iPhone and iPad, then they are the most irritating.

Well, we can say that your aggravation wouldn’t help you. Similarly, some causes are behind this error. The email server may have experienced some technical snag. Or you have to check your internet connection, which could be facing some interruptions. Further, some problems are with your email settings. In any case, you require some solution. What you need is to follow this information.

Fix “Cannot Get Mail” Error on iPhone and iPad

You Must Refresh Your Inbox

If the Wi-fi connection is releasing the worst signals, so then due to this your email app may face some break. Therefore, you get this error. The best solution is to scroll-down on the screen when you have opened the inbox. Now you are also able to shut down the Wi-fi connection and then restart it. Even if you are using your mobile data for this purpose, so you must toggle Mobile Data OFF and then ON (Settings → Mobile Data).

Leave Mail App

Whether refreshing inbox does not help, then quit the Mail app forcefully. It is quite simple by organizing app switcher and swiping up the app. So here you have to first open the Mail app again and then check emails in the inbox.

Is your internet connection functioning accurately?

Although when you are in the basement, at that time your mobile data is not able to function accurately. Once you are in open, so recheck the email app by refreshing your inbox. Similarly, if you are using a Wi-fi connection, then you have to go near to the router to check even-if you are obtaining perfect signals on your device.

Remove your mail account and then add it again

Some issues could be from the server-side; an email server may not accept the incoming and outgoing server information. So in this case, you must have to remove your email account from your iPhone and add it again. Here permit the Mail app to auto-configure settings; this will refresh your email’s inbox.

  • First, open the Settings app → then Drop down and click on Passwords & Accounts.
  • Here click on the email account that you are desiring to remove.

Simply here you will be asked to confirm your action.

  • Press on “Delete from My iPhone.”

Cannot Get Mail

Hence, your email account will be removed. Further now you are able to add a similar email account to your iPhone.

Thus follow the first two steps as mentioned above.

  • Next click on the Add Account option. To select which account you are desiring to add from the catalog of email providers.
  •  Here you have to log in with your email id and password.

therefore now check the inbox in your email account, which should now be functioning well.

Configure server, port, and authentication options manually

It has sometimes been noticed that the email server does not give you entry for two causes: your ISP is blocking some ports or the incoming and outgoing server settings are not correct.

Similarly, in this condition, you are able to fix the issue by configuring the server. Port and authentication options individually. However, follow the steps that are given below:

  • In the first step, you have to first open the Settings app on your iPhone → Dropdown. Then click on Passwords & Accounts.
  • Simply now press on the email account that contains problems → Then click on the Account option → click on SMTP which is right under the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER section → Now press on Gmail SMTP Server.
  • Now Disable to fill in the details manually.
  • Though under the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER part, you should fill in the essential details before Host Name (server address), Username (email id), Password, SSL, Authentication, and Server Port.

At the time you fill in the details for the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER. Now it is the time to fill in details of INCOMING SETTINGS.

Simply abide by the first three steps as given above.

  • Click on the Advanced option. So then you will find four major parts on the screen. So then you have to focus on the INCOMING SETTINGS part. Manage the SSL, IMAP Path Prefix, and Server Port number.

Hence, everything is now completed, just quit the Settings app from the app switcher and then open the Mail app to check the inbox, which should be functioning accurately now.

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Moreover, it is quite normal that people have organized their email ids on their iPhones. Due to this, they are able to quickly send and receive some essential emails. But when they experience this error “Cannot Get Mail” on their iPhone and iPad, then they are the most irritating. But we have explained the whole process of how to get rid of this error “Cannot Get Mail”. We hope you will like the article the most.

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