How To Fix The Issue “Gboard Not Working” On Android

Gboard Not Working" On Android

Have you ever encounter the issue that “Gboard Not Working” On Android? The most famous operating system for mobile devices, Android OS, banks on its unending customization options to pull ahead of its contenders. So from the way our devices look to the way we type, the operating system permits us to turn every aspect of it, and mostly without lasting effects.

Now the smartphones have become extraordinarily capable, pocket-sized entertainment machines. Although we still use the devices from beginning to reach. And also to interact with our beloved ones, colleagues, and even customers. Similarly, with texting being our preferred mode of communication, we can’t stress sufficient the momentousness of a decent keyboard app. A bunch of applications is present there on the market. Just like Swiftkey, Fleksy, and Touchpal, but traditionalists can not seem to view the backside of Google’s Gboard (tips).

However, the app is able to cover all the fundamentals and normally is one of the most well-founded options out there. Although like all other applications, Gboard, too, can fall prey to rogue ditched at a time in a blue moon. So in this section, we will take a look at and will try to resolve such a buggy condition. And here we will tell you the way to fix the ‘Gboard stopped working’ issue on Android.

Few processes are there to solve this issue. We will try to chalk all of them down for your convenience.

Restart the Device (Gboard not working on Android)

Gladly, we know you may have completed it already. But, in case you have not, so now there is the time to restart your device. Whether the problem takes care of itself after a soft reset, fine. Or whether not, so you have to move on to the next step.

Update the App

Gboard Not Working" On Android

Gboard was force-closing due to a rogue bug, turn out. However, after zeroing in on the issue, Google has ironed it out like an accountable company. In the form of a software update. So, whether you are experiencing random force-closes. Then you have to confirm to update your app to the new available version.

However, if you can not switch to a different keyboard. Or do not have any other options visible at that time, so then you have to try looking for Gboard on Play Store via voice search. Similarly, when found, update to the latest version. You could also try re-installing the application.

Remove Gboard data and cache

Frequently, clearing the cache and data of an app is able to solve even the most critical problems. So in order to clear the cache and data of the app,

  • Head to the Settings > Apps > Locate GBoard > Storage > Clear cache.
  • Or whether clearing the cache does not work. So then you have chosen ‘Clear data’ to remove the app’s data (similarly, this will clear all the settings of the app, BTW!).

Install the previous version of the app (Gboard not working on Android)

If none of the above tricks work, you are able to uninstall the app. And then manually install an older version of the app (for the time being until the bug in the app is fixed). By downloading its APK file and installing it yourself.

  • Download the Gboard APK file.
  • Install the APK file.

Factory Reset

Although, before heading to this option, here we would like you to think long and hard. Many alternatives are there on the market. So, the chances are you will in the end find a worthy successor to Gboard.

Whether you are not able to live without Gboard’s originality. So it probably is time to take the disquiet decision of factory resetting your device. Be warned that whether the problem lies with the app itself. Even a factory reset won’t fix it. Similarly, here you’ve to confirm exhausted all your options before doing this.

If you want to reset your device, for this you have to firstly,

  • Head to the Settings app and then search for Reset by using the search bar at the top.
  • And then choose the Reset option and continue to reset the device.

Force Stop

However, if Gboard has decided not to listen to you. So now it is the time you display to him who is the real boss. Merely closing the app won’t do the trick here.

To force-stop the Gboard app, you have to

  • Go back to Settings -> Apps -> Gboard.
  • So here, you will find the Force stop button on the upper right of your screen.
  • Then tap OK to make sure.

Whether Gboard is not working for you suddenly, then there is also a quick workaround. If you have a text-based password. And can not use Gboard to unlock your smartphone, so try a USB keyboard. Until the problem is resolved. So I would recommend either using fingerprint or pattern password.

Enable Keyboard

It is also an old trick that works efficiently and adequately. When you are installing a new keyboard application. You have to confirm to turn on the app in the settings. Navigate to settings. Select language and input. And here you have to select the current keyboard. However, here you are able to view a virtual keyboard according to your phone model. Now select ‘Choose keyboards’ in the pop-up menu. So as to look at all the keyboard applications you have installed. Similarly, it is confirmed that you will feel surprised to view apps you were not aware that had an inbuilt keyboard. Now, turn off entire keyboards even Gboard. Here you have to turn on the Gboard app only and view if it is functioning well now.

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Gboard not working on Android-Conclusion

Although like all other applications, Gboard, too, can fall prey to rogue ditched at a time in a blue moon. So in this section, we will take a look at and will try to resolve such a buggy condition. And here we have told you the way to fix the ‘Gboard stopped working’ issue on Android. So that we are hope full that this will help you a lot. In case of any queries, you can ask us in the comments below.

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