How to Fix the Issue: “iPhone X Screen not Working”

"iPhone X Screen Scarcely the possessors of an iPhone X probably discover their screen is not working apparently at random. However, where swipes & also clicks on the screen are either not registered at all. Or they also have an acute lag and also a notable delay is there just before the touch interaction finishes. Similarly, the swipes and also gestures immediately there has a huge lag. Also taps on the screen either take a while to perform anything, or are ignored entirely.

Occasionally the iPhone X screen also freezes/stops thoroughly, becoming completely not answering to any engagement with the device at all.

So these are rare problems but when and whether they do occur to a user. So then it’s understandably frustrating. Luckily there is a simple solution present, so whether you discover that your iPhone X is fortuitously unresponsive. And also the screen does not visible to be working, you are also able to fix the issue fairly quickly.

However, just before anything else, you have to confirm that your iPhone X also display is clean. There is not any poorly fitting screen protector. Or case on the device that could stop the screen from being touch responsive. Imagining the iPhone X screen is also clear. So there is not any difficulty, so you are in the domain of the unresponsive show troubleshooting that we will cover here.

So, what’s a better way to resolve an unresponsive iPhone X with a frozen display? However, the best old fashioned hard restart! Yeah indeed, forcibly rebooting iPhone X will cause the iPhone. In order to restart and at a time it has booted back up again. The device’s display and also touch interactions should answer to all input as expected.

Fix iPhone X Screen not answering

Guys! Here is the way in which you are able to quickly fix an unresponsive iPhone X. Although by forcibly restarting the device, make confirm you follow the sequence exactly to may initiate the forced reboot:

  1. In order to do that you have to first of all press down the Volume Up button and release
  2. Also here press down the Volume Down button and then release
  3. Now hold down the side Power / Lock button until you view the Apple logo that appears on the screen. So simply this can take about 10 seconds or so
  4. However, at a time when you view the Apple logo on the display. Now release the Power button and the device will boot up as usual

At a time when the iPhone X boots back up, simply the screen should immediately work as you would expect it to. Although all touch should be instinctively recognized. And touch gestures and also swipes should be recognized fluidly as normal.

Honestly, force restarting a device is not the most elegant solution. But after all, it works (and after all, there is also no known further solution). And it does not take too long, it’s probably the best option present at the moment.

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Next: Update iOS on the iPhone X

However, after you have enforced your iPhone X in order to restart. So then you should take a moment to update iOS to the current version. However, or at least be sure your device is on the current version available.

  1. Similarly, then back up the iPhone X, backing up to iCloud is simple. Or you are also able to backup to iTunes
  2. Head to the “Settings” app and go to “General”. And then to “Software Update”
  3. Whether an iOS software update is also present, download and also install it as normal.

However, installing the new version of iOS to iPhone X is necessary. Because each and every software update release tends to add bug fixes. Simply some of that probable recipe the unresponsive screen problem.

Why does the iPhone X screen freeze or not answering?

Similarly, guys, it is not completely clear why the iPhone screen is also able to become unresponsive to touch, swipes, gestures, and other touch input apparently at random. Likely the unresponsive screen problem is software related, though.

Some time ago the Apple also had revealed an update simply to iOS for iPhone X versioned as iOS 11.1.2. Simply specifically explained in the release notes the following:

“Fixes an issue where the iPhone X screen becomes temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid temperature drop”

A number of reports are also there online that the iPhone X screen is also able to become unresponsive. Simply frozen when the device is in a cold environment. So just in these circumstances, downloading the iOS updates may resolve the issue.


However, but skepticism of temperature being the only cause of an unresponsive screen is warranted, because I also personally encountered the unresponsive screen problem on my own iPhone X in an indoors temperature handled environment. At a pleasant 72 degrees, and whilst running iOS 11.2.6.

It’s just likely that the iPhone X screen sometimes freezes. Or becomes unresponsive due to some specific software problem. If it’s a bug in a specific application, or iOS itself. If some daemon is managing in the background and suddenly consuming excessive resources leading the device. In order to become so slow that it visible unresponsive of frozen. So just because the screen becomes responsive again after a hard restart, this also makes sense.

At last, it is worth explaining which because the iPhone X is clearly new. So the device is covered under the regular Apple Warranty. So whether you are also encountering constant freezing or unresponsive screen problems and also the above tips of updating iOS and also forced restarting are not resolving the issue for you. Similarly,  you might like in order to consider reaching out directly to an official Apple Support channel. However, unresponsive screens are also not usual. But they are also not entirely rare. A similar problem occurred with iPhone 6s models a whilst back. As well as sometimes on iPhone 7 and other iPhones too, often also needing a hard restart, software update, or also even a system restore.

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Well, I hope that you will like this guide. Here we have explained the way to solve the issue”iPhone X Screen not Working”. So if you guys have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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