How to Fix the Issue “left or Right AirPods Not Working”?

Apple’s AirPods normally work amazing and tension-free, but every once in a whilst you probably experience a strange problem where a single AirPod prevents functioning. Whilst the further continues to work fine. Similarly, these types of connectivity troubles are rare but are able to happen. Similarly, this tutorial will help you to walk via the way to troubleshoot and also resolve an issue where a left or right AirPod or AirPods Pro is not working as intended.AirPods Not Working

Whether you encounter this issue, so then you probably find it randomly when you are listening to music, or a podcast, or even on a phone call or video conference. Immediately, one of your AirPods just prevents working. So then this could be due to various purposes, ranging from battery drain, simply to Bluetooth being finicky with a defective connection. Fortunately, this is pretty simple to resolve in most cases.

Whether you are having this frustrating issue, don’t worry, as we’ll explain to you troubleshooting steps in order to resolve problems where only a single AirPod works whilst the other does not.

Left or Right AirPods Not Working

Let’s take a view at some of the basic steps you are also able to try when one of your AirPods stops working. You will clearly want to confirm your AirPods or AirPods Pro are paired and also functioning with your device. But whether one of them is functioning then that is likely so.

1. Examine AirPods Battery

Occasionally, one of your AirPods could drain quickly than the other. However, this problem is more widespread in an ageing pair of AirPods. So it could also be due to the reality that you are using one AirPod for voice calls. Whether you are using the noise cancellation feature on just one AirPod. Similarly, simply you have to abide by the steps below to check the battery of your AirPods.

  • Here you have to go to the iOS Control Center and then click on the icon located at the top-right corner of the Music card.AirPods Not Working
  • Now you will be able to examine your battery percentage. Whether one of the AirPods prevented working due to low battery. However, just the other AirPod’s battery percentage will be shown.AirPods Not Working

Although now you have to put both of your AirPods back in the charging case. Now confirm the case has sufficient charge left in it. Whether not, connect it to a power source for an hour and then you must try listening. Simply to music on your AirPods to see whether it’s working again.

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2. Forget Device and Re-Pair AirPods with iPhone / iPad (AirPods Not Working)

For removing the paired AirPods simply from the list of Bluetooth devices on your iPhone or iPad, abide by the steps below.

  • First of all, you have to go to the Settings -> Bluetooth on your iOS device. Click on the “i” icon right next to connected AirPods.
  • Drop down and tap on “Forget This Device”.

At a time when you’re done, so you can start to repair your AirPods. Simply you have to put both of your AirPods back in the charging case. Now head to the lid and also hold the physical button on the back of the case for a few seconds in order to enter pairing mode. now you will view your AirPods display in the list of present Bluetooth devices. now connect and view whether both the left and right AirPods work accuratly now.

3. Reset Your AirPods

Whether the above-mentioned step did not resolve the issue, so then you will need to reset your AirPods. However, forget your device like you did in the previous step and put your AirPods back in the case. Go to the lid and hold the button on the back of your case for about 15 seconds till the LED light on the case starts flashing amber. You will have to go through the initial setup method and see whether both the AirPods are functioning accurately.

4. Reset Network Settings

Similarly, in this type of case, common networking problems with your iPhone or iPad could likely be the cause so that, why you are having connectivity problems with one of your AirPods. Although, this can be simply resolved by resetting your network settings. So keep in mind that you’ll lose your saved Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi networks, and passwords at the time you reset these settings. For doing this, you have to head to the Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings on your iOS device.AirPods Not Working

5. Reboot Your iPhone / iPad

Whether none of the above-mentioned procedures worked for you. So the problem could be your iPhone or iPad and also nor the AirPods itself. Similarly, the last thing that you would like to try is simply in order to restart your iOS device. However, this can be complete by just disabling your device and powering it back on again. Whether you are using an iPhone or iPad without a physical home button. So you have to here hold the side button and the volume up button in order to access the shutdown menu. Although whether you are using an iPhone or iPad with a physical home button, so then you just have to hold the power button. You are also able to shut down your iPhone or iPad via Settings too.AirPods Not Working

You are able to also try some more nonspecific troubleshooting instructions for whether AirPods are disconnecting at random. That probably come in handy during condition like this too.

By now, you should’ve resolved the problem that you were facing with one of your AirPods.

Whether none of the above-mentioed steps worked in your instance. So then there is a pretty good chance that it is a hardware-related problem. Although, you could examine the microphone and speaker meshes on both AirPod for debris and also clear them, whether essential. Check for any signs of physical injury. Whether you dropped your AirPods in the pool or listened to music. Whilst walking in the rain currently, water damage could likely be the cause as well. For all hardware-related issues, confirm to contact Apple support for more assistance.

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AirPods Not Working-Conclusion

Well, we hope you are now able to manage in order to fix your defected AirPod. Which of these troubleshooting ways that we discussed here worked for you? So guys! Share your experience and solutions in the comments section given below. In case of queries, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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