How to Fix the issue “YouTube Not Working”?

Guys! Have you guys ever tried watching YouTube videos just to find that the loading icon just keeps circling, or the video is completely blank? What are the purposes for YouTube not working? In this article, we will explore over 15 things you are also able to try when you guys find that YouTube just is not working right. Although at least one of these instructions should resolve your issue."YouTube Not Working"?

Is YouTube Down?

Whether you are unable to even get to the YouTube website. So there could be a potential issue with the site itself.

This is constantly the first thing that you guys should check. Just because whether there is an issue with YouTube. It is probably impacting lots of thousands of users across the globe. Similarly, the perfect two sites in order to check for this is Downdetector or Outage. Report.

On Downdetector, you will also view a graph displaying the number of users who have had YouTube issues in the last 24 hours. There is also an I have a problem with the Youtube button you guys are also able to use to report your problem.

Outage.Report shows a map of the world just with a heat map displaying which regions of the world are having the most issues with the site.

Is YouTube Having Technical Problems?

Well, Guys! The next thing to check is, even you are also able to access YouTube, is the site also having internal technical problems? This occurs more often than people think.

Similarly, some issues that can also represent internal technical problems:

  • Specific/Particular buttons not working.
  • Menus behaving unknowingly.
  • Video control buttons not working right.
  • White or black video when guys press the play button.

However, the Youtube Help page is the place to head to search for the particular issue you are seeing.

You probably find that other utilizers have had the same problems in the past. You can also learn from the remedies within the community.

Therefore, you could also discover that the problem is an internal YouTube technical glitch/snag. And all you must have to do is wait.

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Are YouTube Ads Causing The Problem?

Another most common problem that can happen when you guys trying to play YouTube videos is that the video won’t play. Or it will play after enormous attempts & then stop playing again.

Though before you guys attempt all of the resolves below. It is a good idea in order to confirm the ads on the video are not causing the issue. In order to check whether this is the case, choose the link to the channel page that also has the complete playlist of videos, including the one you guys are unable to play.

Well, this issue can also happen when a setting in your Google account is blocking videos with YouTube ads. Though in order to test whether this is the case, make a new test Google account and view whether it plays the video fine. Whether it does, this is probably the case.

In order o fix this issue with YouTube not working:

  1. First of all, head to in your browser. Confirm that you are signed into the exact Google account you are using on YouTube.
  2. Choose the Google profile icon at the upper right & choose to Manage your Google Account.
  3. Now choose Data & personalization from the left menu.
  4. Here drop down to Ad personalization and choose Go to ad settings.
  5. Finally, confirm that the toggle for Ad personalization is ON is enabled.

Whether this is disabled, it could potentially influence if or not so you guys are also able to play some YouTube videos with ads. Turning it On could fix this problem.

Is It a Private Video?

Whether you are trying just to see a private video, you guys will just have to confirm that you have been invited to see the video before you guys can also play it.

Confirm the person who created the private video knows the way to change the video privacy settings.

However, to be able to see private videos you have been invited to view:

  1. First of all, you guys need to have your own YouTube account & be signed into it.
  2. Whether you have enormous YouTube accounts, confirm you are signed into the one the video was shared with.
  3. You should now need a direct link to the private video at a time when it’s been shared with you.

Update YouTube App On Mobile Devices to Fix the issue “YouTube Not Working”?

Whether YouTube videos are not working on your mobile phone. You probably must have to update the YouTube app. This is just because some updates probably break precious versions of YouTube on mobile devices where the application has not been updated so far.

Updating the app is able to also resolve those issues.

For doing this on Android:

  1. Head to the Google Play Store app.
  2. Click the menu icon and choose My apps & games.
  3. Click Update to the right of the YouTube app.

In order to update the YouTube application on iOS devices:

  1. Here go to the App Store app on your phone.
  2. Now at the bottom of the screen, choose Updates.
  3. And then next to the YouTube logo in the list, choose Update to update the app.

At a time when the YouTube application is updated, reboot your mobile device. Next, you have to reopen the application & try viewing the YouTube video again.

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Confirm The Browser Isn’t Causing Issues

Whether you guys are using Chrome simply to view YouTube videos. A number of Chrome settings are also there that could also cause YouTube to prevent working.

So try all of the following resolves on the Chrome browser to resolve the issue.

Clear Cookies & Cache

Well, Guys! Removing all cookies & cache in Chrome often resolves numerous YouTube issues.

In order to do this:

  1. Choose the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser simply to head to the menu.
  2. Choose More tools from the menu.
  3. Now choose Clear browsing data.
  4. Simply in the Clear browsing data window, confirm Cookies & other site data, and Cached images and files are both chosen, and choose Clear data.

Update Chrome

Occasionally, new Chrome updates can lead to previous versions of Chrome having problems playing YouTube videos. You are also able to fix this by updating your version of Chrome simply to the most current version.

For doing this:

  1. Choose the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser in order to head to the menu.
  2. Choose Help and choose About Google Chrome.
  3. Simply on the About Chrome page, though Google will check that you guys have the current version. Whether you do not, the update will take place automatically.

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Check Proxy Settings

Occasionally malicious applications or browser extensions probably update your proxy settings & also cause some issues with using YouTube.

However, in order to set your Chrome proxy settings back to default:

  1. Here you must have to type chrome://settings/system in the browser URL field.
  2. Here you should choose to Open your computer’s proxy settings.
  3. In the proxy settings window, confirm Use a proxy server just underneath the Manual proxy setup is set to Off. And that Automatically detects settings under the Automatic proxy setup is set to On.

Whether you are using a browser on a company network that also utilizes manual proxy settings, reach out to your IT department in order to find out what those are. Also, get help setting them back to the right settings.

Enable Javascript

However, YouTube needs Javascript enabled in your Chrome browser to work accurately.

For doing this:

  1. Choose the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser & choose Settings.
  2. Now drop down to the Privacy & Security section and choose Site Settings.
  3. Now you should drop down to JavaScript.
  4. Whether the status isn’t recently “Allowed”, select it & enable the toggle to the right of Allowed.

Disable/Turn Off the AdBlocker & Use Different Browser

Ad blockers normally do not cause any issues in YouTube. But relying on what adblocker you guys are also using & what settings you guys have enabled in your ad blocker. It is worth trying to turn off to confirm that is not causing the issue.

Additionally to ad blockers, other plugins just like Disconnect, Privacy Badger, ScriptSafe, etc. can also block definite elements on YouTube that probably stop the videos from playing.

Lastly, whether you are using a browser just like Brave, it also has some very strict default privacy features. Similarly, that could be causing problems with YouTube. So try a different browser & see whether that resolves the issue. Whether it does, try disabling all add-ons and any browser privacy features.

Check Your Internet Connection to Fix the issue “YouTube Not Working”?

It seems clear, but many people do not realize that YouTube is not working. Just because that they have lost their internet connection.

  1. Guys in Windows or Mac, you guys are also able to head to a command prompt (Windows) or terminal (Mac). Must type ping & press enter. Whether you guys see a reply with an IP address & time in ms, your internet connection is well.
  2. Try to head to the browser & visiting the various websites just like or Whether you guys can also load the web page fine & tap through links, your internet connection is okay.

Whether your internet connection is worse, you will just need to troubleshoot the internet connection before you guys can also test YouTube again.

Therefore, a couple of quick resolves that can also get your internet working accurately again is to flush your DNS settings, & reset your network settings.

Update Graphics Driver

Whether you guys are viewing a black, white, or green screen when trying to play YouTube videos. Though the issue could be your graphics driver.

Although a quick resolve for this is confirming that you guys also have the new driver for your graphics card.

  1. Choose the Start menu, type run, & choose the Run app.
  2. Now type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  3. Here in the Device Manager, expand Display Adapters.
  4. Now right-click your graphics card & select Update driver.
  5. Choose Search automatically… & Windows will search the internet for the current driver software & install it automatically.

Reboot your computer at a time when the drivers are updated.

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Turn off the Hardware Acceleration

Alright for the better quality video whilst watching YouTube, turning on the hardware acceleration is a perfect option. Though just, on ancient computers it can cause performance issues.

In order to see whether this is the issue, so try turning off the hardware acceleration.

  1. Type chrome://settings/system in the browser URL field.
  2. Turn off the toggle to the right of Use hardware acceleration when available.
  3. Here choose Relaunch to relaunch Chrome.

Sync Time, Date, And Region

Well, simply one odd behavior not lots of people think about is what occurs when your time zone is to set in a correct way on your computer. This can simply lead to YouTube videos not working accurately, & probably just show the loading sign all the time.

You are also able to quickly check this setting just to confirm that it is not causing the problem.

  1. Here you have to right-click the time & date in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Choose to Adjust the date/time.
  3. On the Date and time window, set the toggle for Set time automatically to On.
  4. Also, you should set the toggle for Set time zone automatically to On.

On a Mac:

  1. First of all, head to the System Preferences
  2. Choose Date & time
  3. Now underneath the Time Zone, choose Set time zone automatically using the current location

Reboot your system for your time & timezone to get updated automatically by your system.

Remove the Conflicting Apps to Fix the issue “YouTube Not Working”?

Occassioanlly the malicious applications you recently installed are able to also cause issues with playing YouTube videos. Removing those apps will often resolve the problem with YouTube not working.

You are also able to check for applications you have recently installed & uninstall them.

  1. Now choose the Start menu, type run, and choose the Run app.
  2. Here you should type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.
  3. Simply select the Installed On header to sort apps in order of the ones most currently installed.
  4. Choose any apps you have installed that probably be causing an issue. Choose Uninstall at the top to uninstall that app.

Also have Chrome search for & clear up any harmful software on your system.

For doing this:

  1. First of all, you have to head to Chrome, type chrome://settings/cleanup in the browser URL field, & press Enter.
  2. Now in this window, choose the Find button to have Chrome scan for harmful applications & remove them.

Furthermore, the scan just takes a few minutes. But guys it is worth doing to confirm that there is not any advantageous software on your system that could also be causing conflicts with playing YouTube videos.

Other Resolves When YouTube Is Not Working

Whether all else fails, the YouTube video you are trying to view probably be restricted in your region.

However, a good workaround for this is to try using a VPN service. In order to access the YouTube video, you guys want to watch. Similarly, this “tricks” YouTube into thinking you are connecting from a different country, which probably permits you to view the video.

Another remedy that has worked for various people is confirming you have the current Windows updates installed on your system. It is a good idea to turn on the automatic updates. However, this does not cause an issue with viewing the YouTube videos.

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Alright! Guys! One of these remedies has resolved the issue you are having with YouTube videos not working. Share which fixes worked for you. Whether you guys are still having problems, in the comments below.

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