How to Fix the “Message Not Sent” Notification on Android

Message not sent notification

Have you also encounter this notification on Android that Message Not Sent? Every operating system faces a problem or two from every no now and then. Whether you are an Android user, so you probably have come across a few ditches. Whilst using your smartphone or tablet. Normally there is a method to fix a bug and that is what we will try to do here. Now the bug in question here is related to Messages on Android.

However, sometimes you probably view an error that states ‘Message not sent’ in the Notification panel. Similarly, this probably is displayed to you when a text is not sent. The problem can get very frustrating because clicking on the ‘Message not sent’ notification. Does not do anything useful neither does swipe on the notification. Similarly, the alert keeps coming back every time the Messages app is organized. In this tutorial, we will help you to find a possible solution to the ‘Message not sent’ issue on Android.

Select the correct SIM (“Message Not Sent” Notification on Android)

The most common cause of a failed text message could be the reality that you use multiple SIM cards. Similarly, some Android phones have Dual SIM functionality or a working system. That permits you to make phone calls and send texts depending on which SIM you select to do it with.

However, when two SIMs install on your phone but just one is active. That fact that you are viewing the ‘Message not sent’ error display on the screen. Is most likely because your inactive SIM has set as your default SIM for sending texts.

Whether this type of case occurs, so then you are able to solve the ‘Message not sent’ error. By setting your newly active SIM as the default SIM for messaging. You are able to also perform this by opening the Settings app. And also heading to Network and internet (labeled ‘Wireless and networks’ on some phones) > SIM cards (labeled ‘SIM manager’ on some phones).

Although on this screen, you are also able to select which can execute a certain action. And you can easily launch it the way you select. Whether the SIM that you have recently chosen does not support text messaging. Or you don’t have sufficient credits to use text messaging on it. Then you are also able to set the other SIM for the same reason.

  • For doing this you have to first, click on the ‘Text messages’ option (‘Default SIM for SMS’, on some phones).
  • Choose your SIM card that you regularly send texts from.

At a time that is completed. So you can successfully send messages from your phone.

Fix error code 17

You probably can not send text messages on your phone. Rather get showed the Error Code 17. The problem is reportedly visible when a user is sending a text and it appears a minute. So after the message is displaying as ‘Sending’. When the message does not receive sent, the users get an error message that reads “Can’t send. Network issue. (Error code 17)”.

Although it is unclear what is the reason behind the error code 17. But some users in this Google support thread have professed that there is a temporary workaround in order to solve the problem. The intended text seems to receive sent when you are disconnected. From a WiFi network with its mileage varying from one network to another.

In order to solve the error code 17, you have to, first of all, unlock your phone. Also, disconnect the WiFi connection by disabling WiFi on your device. You are able to do this by turning off the WiFi toggle from Quick Settings.

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Otherwise, you are also able to heads to the Settings app, go to Network and Internet, and then turn off the toggle adjacent to ‘Wi-Fi’.

The latest software version of your device

Moreover, as for a lasting fix, your device developer should give you a permanent fix through an update. Whether the problem is widely reported. At a time the update with a fix is rolled out. You are able to easily update to the latest software version of your device. To obtain it resolved with ease and peace.

Must try these necessary Fixes 

Whether the above solution does not work for you. So then you are able to try the following fixes that will work for your ‘Message not sent’ problem on your device.

  • Determine the delivery report of the SMS: You are able to view easily whether your message has been sent from your phone. Or whether it has sent to the receiver’s phone by turning on the Delivery reports for the message. For this you have to first head to the Messages app, then go to the 3-dots icon > Settings > Advanced, and turn on ‘Get SMS delivery reports’.
  • Resend the text again: However, if a message is not being sent. Then the next simplest solution is to try and view whether you are able to send it again.
  • Check that the receiver’s phone number is correct or not: Whilst it sounds a bit silly, but you have to check. Whether the receiver’s phone number is correct or if there is a number or two missings. Now you have to also verify if their country code is different. Whether you are both in different countries, so try to add the real country code.


These tips are just for Android not for the other devices!

  • Remove the contact and add it again: You can remove the contact by heading to the Contacts app, choosing the contact, going to More > Delete. Making sure the removing process by clicking Delete again. Now you are able to add the contact again by dialing the number.
  • Verify whether you have blocked the receiver: Go to the Messages app, head to the Spam and blocked > More > Blocked contacts. Then you have to delete the blocked contact from the list.
  • Update your Messages app to the newer version: Update the Messages app from Google Play.
  • Clear cache of the Messages app: Tap and hold the Messages app and tap on the ‘I’ icon. Head to the Store & cache and click on ‘Clear cache’ to remove the cache.
  • Ensure that your carrier supports SMS/RCS messaging: Some carriers no longer offer support for text messaging. Here you have to verify your carrier website to view whether they support it.
  • Determine if you have sufficient credit balance to send messages: Even whether your carrier supports it, you probably not have sufficient credits to utilize your carrier’s text messaging service. So now verify here your current plan to view if text messaging is active on your SIM.

signal strength

  • Confirm you connect to a cellular network with a good signal: Here just verify your signal strength by opening the Settings > About phone > SIM status.
  • Turn Airplane mode ON and then OFF: Swipe down on your home screen, click on the Airplane (Flight mode) icon from Quick Settings. And then disable it after a few seconds.
  • Reboot your phone: Now press the hold the power button. Click on ‘Restart’.
  • Force-close the Messages app and open again: Tap and hold the Messages app, tap on the ‘I’ icon. Click on ‘Force close’.
  • Factory Reset your Android phone: Occasionally resetting your phone to factory setting should help solve your issue. But that probably removes all the data from your phone; so start with caution. Factory reset your phone by heading to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options. Then click on the ‘Erase all data’.

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“Message not sent notification”-Conclusion

Sometimes you probably view an error that states ‘Message not sent’ in the Notification panel. Similarly, this probably is displaying to you when a text is not sent. The problem can get very frustrating because clicking on the ‘Message not sent’ notification. But now you don’t have to worry, because we have explained all the ways to get rid of the “Message Not Sent” Notification on Android. Thus we hope that this article will help you a lot.

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