How To Fix YouTube Low Sound Quality

Do you want to fix low sound quality on YouTube? If yes, then you are in the right place. YouTube is the best platform where real content creators can upload their videos and share their work with all over the audience. However, some YouTube App users have raised concerns that the volume is still low even when the sound is 100%. There are different methods to fix the low volume problems on the YouTube App. Here are some of the methods to fix the problem:

How To Fix YouTube Low Sound Quality:

Certainly, you might find that the volume is not loud even when the speakers are set to maximum volume. So if you want to adjust the volume from the YouTube App then here in an instant and easy way to enhance YouTube volume. You can also increase the volume by:

  • Clicking on the video you like to watch.
  • Under the video window, you’ll then view the volume icon, simply drag the slider to the right to enhance the volume, and get a louder sound.

Adjust Volume Via Settings

YouTube Low sound

You might need to do this if your volume rocker is misbehaving. Some people think that ringtone volume is quite similar as media volume and at last having a low volume problem while watching YouTube videos. Keep in mind that there’s a difference between the two.

Step 1:

If you want to enhance the volume on your device, head over to the settings>sound>vibrations.

Step 2:

Then tap on volume.

Step 3:

Simply drag the volume of media slider to the right to increase volume.

Step 4:

Head over to the YouTube App and make sure that the volume is turned up. After that, your device’s total volume will increase, and you can’ easily watch movies, videos, or listen songs.

Use Volume Booster App To Increase Volume

Volume Booster App

If you think that adjusting volume doesn’t work for you, the here another solution for you. You can use volume booster app. These are the applications that increase the device sound past their default max.They’re different options available on the app store for users to install.

After you install the app, don’t forget to turn on background use to enable the app to execute in the background when it’s enabled. Then move to the YouTube app and tap on the video or movie you like to watch. You’ll then notice that with the volume booster app enabled successfully. Also, the sound coming from your device’s is louder than the default sound.

Keep in mind that you must find the exact volume booster app as some apps can actually damage your mobiles hardware. I suggested volume booster apps having highest ratings and +ve reviews. For iOS users, they try to download or install the YouTube volume booster app via app store.

Equalizer App to fix YouTube Low Sound Quality

Equalizer App

Some users thinks that volume boosters app is quite irritating as they increase sound higher than the system defaults. So, besides this, you must try equalizer app to fix the low volume problem on the YouTube app. An equalizer is a software program that helps you to improves or adjusts the sound quality or loudness of particular frequencies. Default equalizers on some devices are not comprehensive and certainly work within specific apps.

If you want to fix the low volume problem on the YouTube App. Then you need to install an equalizer app through app store. Always choose the app with the high rating or +ve reviews of downloads. After you install the app, then do some simple adjustments on the equalizer app. You don’t want to be a pro to do this. So, make sure you can always adjust the equalizer to default settings if you don’t get your desire or required sound quality.

Also, remember that there’s background music to balance the bass or treble to get the right volume. After you adjust your sound quality, head over to settings, and turn on background access for the equalizer app. At last, move to the YouTube App then watch your YouTube videos with increased volume.

Increase Volume Via Accessories

Increase Volume Via Accessories

The reality is, some devices speakers, especially mobiles, can’t offer you the good sound quality you want. This is where accessories like Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and portable Bluetooth speakers can help. These accessories can capable of delivering good sound quality as compared to the built-in speakers on your mobile or tablet. This is the last choice if all the above options still can’t resolve the low volume problem on the YouTube App. Don’t forget to buy an accessory that suits you best.


That’s all about it! I hope you can now fix your volume issues after following the methods given above. If you want to share anything else to increase your sound quality then let us know below!

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