How to Get Toolbar Back on the Top of My Screen in Chrome

Seems like most of the time things vanish on our PCs or phones for no good reason. Just like yesterday, I had to re-install Viber on my mother’s phone as it was just gone. If it’s glitches or ghosts or just human error, most of the time we lose things and we need to get them back. We are going to discuss How to Get Toolbar Back on the Top of My Screen in Chrome.

Google Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar is no exception actually. It seems like most of the time it just disappears or for some reason, you just can’t even access it. It can be extremely frustrating in order to import all of your bookmarks into Chrome only for them to vanish without a trace leaving you with empty hands actually.

Well, the most common reason for the Google Chrome Bookmarks bar disappearing is actually a bad website load. Other times it can be a mistake on your part actually, or perhaps someone you share the computer with just like a family member or coworkers. The Google Chrome Bookmarks bar can be restored along with a shortcut button in some of the versions, other versions might need a bit of extra work on your part and some of the modifications to Chrome’s default settings.

How to Get Toolbar Back on the Top of My Screen in Chrome

Well, luckily, it was a simple solution in order to bring the bookmark bar back. You just have to use these keystroke combinations:

  • Windows and Linux: Hold down the “CTRL” and “Shift” keys when pressing “B“, in order to make the bar reappear.
  • Mac: Hold down the “Command” and “Shift” keys when tapping “B“.

The bookmark toolbar should now stay in your place actually. You can also use the same keystrokes (which you may accidentally hit from time to time as well). In order to toggle it back and forth and delete the bar if you’d like to browse the web in a bigger window.

Show Bookmarks Bar via Bookmarks Bar

Well, the solution for your missing bookmarks bar is to simply turn on the option “Show bookmark bar”. You can also turn on the option from the bookmarks bar itself. You need to follow the steps given below.

  • Just open Google Chrome
  • Open a new tab so that you can see the bookmarks bar as well
  • When the bookmark bar shows, just right-click the bookmarks bar and choose Show bookmark bar

That’s all. Settings this option to true will always show your bookmarks bar actually.

Use Shortcut Keys to Show Bookmarks Bar

You can also use the shortcut keys in order to turn on or off the bookmarks bar. Simply open Google Chrome and tap on CTRL, SHIFT, and B buttons simultaneously (CTRL + SHIFT + B). This should turn on the option to always show the bookmarks bar.

how to get toolbar back on the top of my screen in chrome

Use Settings in order to Turn on Show Bookmarks Bar

You guys can also turn on the Show Bookmarks Bar option from the settings of Google Chrome. This solution is actually a bit longer so we will suggest methods 1 and 2. But, this solution will do the job for you as well. Just simply follow these simple steps given below

  • Simply, open Google Chrome
  • Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner as well
  • Choose Settings

how to get toolbar back on the top of my screen in chrome

  • Scroll down and then you should be able to view an option named Show Bookmarks Bar (it should be in the second section)
  • Toggle on the Show Bookmarks Bar option

This should solve the issue for you actually.

Update Google Chrome

If you guys still can’t see the bookmarks bar or you are seeing a yellow exclamation mark on the top right corner. Then we will suggest you update Google Chrome. Even if guys you update Google Chrome recently, we would still advise you to at least for the latest updates actually. Google Chrome gets regular updates and the issue might be caused by an outdated browser as well. Follow the steps given below in order to check for the updates.

  • Just open Google Chrome
  • Then you have to type chrome://help/ in the address bar and tap Enter
  • You guys will see a circle spinning and also a status saying Checking for updates. Just wait for it to finish checking for updates as well.
  • Your browser will then automatically updates if it was not updated to the latest version actually.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “how to get the toolbar back on the top of my screen in chrome” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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