How To Install Nougat OTA On Nexus Devices

Do you want to install Nougat OTA on Nexus devices? If yes then you are in the right place. Many rumors spread that, Android Nougat is now launched for real today on August 22. Now officially Google has confirmed the OTA rollout for today for LG Nexus 5X, Huawei Nexus 6P, Motorola Nexus 6, HTC Nexus 9, Pixel C, Nexus Player, and General Mobile 4G (Android One).

In this guide, you’ll check the OTA links of the Nougat update on this page. Also, you have a choice of installing the full factory image, but with the OTA, your data remains flawless. But if you used factory image installation then all your device’s data is removed.

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Steps To Install Nougat OTA On Nexus Devices:

Nougat OTA On Nexus

Well, installing or downloading the Android 7.0 update, dubbed as Nougat, on mobile devices is very simple or easy. Using proper drivers installed and working, it just a matter of installing the OTA file, and then issuing the one command to install or download it.

  • At first, download or install the OTA file for your device from the below links:
  • Then take a proper backup before proceeding with the other step. This is done to secure the loss of confidential data in case if something went wrong.
  • Then install ADB drivers. Keep in mind that you have proper manufacturer drivers installed too.
  • Then turn on USB debugging.
  • Head over to the folder where you have the OTA file then open the command window. All you need to do is to move to the folder where you have the OTA file. You can then use shift + right-tap to get a pop-up, from which you have to select the option ‘Open command windows here’.
  • Then reboot your mobile device into recovery mode. For this, head over to the command window, execute the following command.
    adb reboot recovery


  • Now, when you view the Android logo with an exclamation mark. Then hold the Power button and then hit Volume Up, to continue to the recovery screen, which will have 3e recovery located at the top. But if you already installed TWRP recovery, then don’t fret. You can also install updates with it.
  • Now select the option ‘apply update from ADB‘. Then use volume buttons to browse between options and power to choose it. Well, if you have TWRP, select Advanced > ADB sideload. Then mark the two boxes located at the top known as ‘wipe cache’ and ‘wipe Dalvik cache’. You can then swipe to turn on ADB sideload.
  • Now, execute the command to install the Nougat OTA update.
adb sideload
  • Then replace the from the above command using the accurate file name of the OTA file. For instance, for the Nexus 6P, the file is, so the command will be adb sideload to install the update.
  • When the above process is successfully done, then move back to recovery’s main screen. You can disconnect the cable now. Then restart the device via the ‘reboot system now’ option.

That’s all.


Now you’ve successfully installed Android Nougat on your Nexus device. If you still face any problem during its installation then let us know below!

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