How to Install OneDrive in Windows 10

Microsoft’s OneDrive online storage service is pretty solid over many years. However, as with all programs, it can occasionally hit a snag or two actually. Fortunately, there’s an instant and easy way in order to reinstall OneDrive without having to waste your bandwidth downloading the installer again actually. Windows 10 basically includes a built-in copy of the installer for OneDrive that you can open right away without waiting for a download. We are going to discuss How to Install OneDrive in Windows 10.

What Is Microsoft OneDrive?

OneDrive is actually one of the best and popular cloud storage services. That is deeply integrated along with not only Microsoft Office, however, also with Windows too. In fact, in Windows 10, OneDrive basically comes pre-installed. The good fact is that when it is compared to other cloud storage services like Google Drive, what makes OneDrive unique is its files on-demand feature actually. Along with this feature, you can also find all the files and folders in OneDrive without even downloading them. When needed, the folder or files will be self automatically downloaded for you actually. Windows 10 consists of a built-in copy of the installer for OneDrive that you guys can run right away without even waiting for a download.

How to Uninstall or install Microsoft OneDrive in Windows 10

OneDrive basically comes preinstalled along with Windows 10. If it stops working, then you can download OneDrive directly from Microsoft, however, there’s also an easier way.

Deep within the OS is actually a backup copy of the one driver installer. If you want to find it, then head to  File Explorer > This PC and then open the system drive where Windows 10 is installed (mostly C:\). Open the Windows folder and then open the WinSxS folder as well. In the search box, type one drive then you have to wait until the OneDriveSetup setup file appears.

install onedrive

When you find it, then double-tap it to begin setup and you should be on your way to reinstalling OneDrive. So, if you guys ever experience a problem along with OneDrive not working properly, then you know what to do.

Do not forget, you can actually uninstall OneDrive, too. For the users who do not want to be nagged by a feature they are not even using, you can also keep it off your system through opening Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Scroll down to Microsoft OneDrive, and then choose it then tap Uninstall.

These instructions basically apply to the desktop version of OneDrive. Well, Microsoft also has a modern version of the OneDrive app for Windows 10 that you can download from the Microsoft Store. If there is more you want to know about OneDrive.


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