How to Know if you’ve been Blocked on iPhone Text

Blocked on iPhone TextWell, guys! Have you ever liked to know whether someone blocked your number from calling them or sending them messages? You probably are familiar with the method of blocking calls, messages, & contacts on the iPhone. But have you guys ever wondered whether you have been blocked by someone? Whilst Apple is able to also makes the blocking feature for texts & calls clearly subtle, & blocked calls are able to even still leave voicemails. Few ways are also there that you can also try to determine whether someone has blocked your number on your iPhone. So guys read on the guide in order to learn furthermore! Here you will learn the way to Know if you’ve been Blocked on iPhone Text.

Know if you’ve been Blocked on iPhone Text

Few ways are also there that you are also able to potentially determine whether your phone number also has been blocked just by an iPhone user. We will display you a few ways in order to help figure it out.

Remember that you guys also have blocked by the recipient’s iPhone. That recipient iPhone will not ring or will not make any notification or sound that you have called. Also nor sent them any message, or nor left a voicemail. However, just from the end that does the blocking, well, guys their iPhone remains silent & untroubled by an inbound blocked call.

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Way 1: Check for Call Block by Calling the iPhone

Well, whether guys you’ve also blocked by someone with an iPhone. So then calling the iPhone results just in one ring, or guys there may be no ring at all.  Before hearing a generic message expressing that the person is not present/available.

Here I would say that whether the recipient’s iPhone has voicemail set up. So then the call is direct to voicemail. (yes, blocked callers are able to still leave voicemails. And you are also able to examine voicemails just from blocked callers on iPhone as well just with these tips).

And whether you hear enormous rings & eventually get to the voicemail, though most likely your call & number also has not been blocked.

Important Note:

However, Getting forward to voicemail does not all the time mean that you are blocked!

Here you have to remember that quickly getting redirect to voicemail. Similarly when you guys call somebody doesn’t essentially mean that your number or iPhone also has blocked. So it is also able to mean a number of further things, adding:

  • The recipient/donee is laboriously on another phone call. However, that is connecting or on the other hand, the line is busy
  • Or the reason may be that the recipient is in an area where there is low cell service coverage or no cell service coverage
  • The recipient’s phone switches off. Or is the method of restarting
  • The recipient’s iPhone doesn’t have cellular service. Or further issues with the network are also there.
  • A cellular network outage is there or something exact
  • The Recipients probably have their iPhone on Do Not Disturb mode (calling twice in a row occasionally gets via Do Not Disturb. So you are also able to try that as well, specifically whether Emergency Bypass is turn on)
  • They may have restricted inbound calls only to Favorites. Just Contacts or a contacts group, however, which is occasionally used to prevent junk calls & unknown/strange calls
  • Your call was also mailed to voicemail standardly on their iPhone

There are other reasons you may get mail to voicemail quickly too. Don’t assume getting someone’s voicemail is because you have been blocked by the person.

Way 2: Sending text or iMessage to the iPhone Number for Checking for Block

You are also able to try to check whether your number also has been blocked simply by sending the person a text.

And whether the iMessage nor shows a “Delivered” or “Read” message. And it is still blue, so then you probably also have blocked – but not all the time.Blocked on iPhone Text

Whether the iMessage goes via & displays a “Read” receipt. So then you also have clearly not blocked. Note that Read Receipts can turn off entirely, or turn on broadly, or turn on, on a per-contact basis. But no way is there for determining that, which is the case unless you have especially discussed it with the recipient. Or examine the settings on their iPhone (or iPad).

Whether the iMessage goes via & shows a “Delivered” message. So then you guys have probably not blocked.

However, if the iMessage fails in order to send & after again attempts at sending the message. Whether the message converts into green in spite of blue. The person probably has no cellular service, also has no data connection, has an issue with their cell service, has an issue with their iPhone, has iMessage disabled, uses an Android phone (or further platform), or possibly has their iPhone disabled or is in the process of restarting. Many reasons are also there so that’s why someones iMessages probably not be working. And it is no indicator of just block by the person.

Note that when texts are redirecting as green rather than blue. So guys that’s means the phone is trying to send a traditional SMS text message rather than an iMessage.

How I am able to find out precisely what happens whether I’ve been Blocked by Someone on iPhone Text

No best solution or guaranteed way is there available in order to find out. Whether someone has blocked your iPhone basically without viewing their blocked contact list. But another best thing is to set up a test for yourself.

However, a quick test is straightforward as long as you have a friend or family member simply with another iPhone. Solely block the number of your iPhone from their device, next call it & also send it a text message or iMessage. So then you will discover that you are either mail to voicemail or the messages just visible to go nowhere. Make confirm that you unblock the number when you complete the test. So that you are able to get via to the person that you tested this out with later.

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Do you know of another process to determine whether you or another number also has been blocked? Or do you guys also know any other special trick to determine whether your calls are blocked? Or whether your messages are blocked by a user of iPhone? Sp guys share with us in the comments below! Well, now we hope that this: “Know if you’ve been Blocked on iPhone Text” guide will help you a lot in your case.

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