How To Make Gmail Show Only Unread Email

Do you want to make Gmail show only unread email? After getting lots of emails every day you might not have time to read every single one. You can only sort out the most important ones and then read them, especially now that Google launches a new Priority Inbox feature.  Before you know that the weekend comes and your inbox is full of unread email. Then don’t fret. We are here for you!

With 380+ unread emails and that are combined or mixed in with those that you have read already. As it can save lots of your time auto-sorting them. You don’t need to mention that some unread emails are archived by filters however others scatter away under their own label. Thankfully, Gmail provides a secret label that can bring all of these to one box.

How To Make Gmail Show Only Unread Email

Unread Email

Follow the steps to make Gmail show only unread emails:

Step 1 – Feature Secret “Unread” Label

Head over to the search box and Type:

label: unread

Then tap Search Mail.

All your unread email messages should now be shown below, also the ones that are not in your inbox.  For instance, I filter my Facebook messages to move directly to archives, but when they are unread they automatically pulled up anyway with the search.

Step 2 – Add Additional Label

You can also add an additional label to your search and closer things to just your inbox, or any other extra label that exists in your Gmail.  If you want to do this just put another label: labelname after your initial label: unread. Now you Gmail shows just the unread emails from the selected label.

Step 3 – Mandatory: Add A Quick Link

Quick-links are similar mini-bookmarks in Gmail that you can use to instantly repeat actions or check your favorite emails.

Step 1:

Initially, just head over to Gmail Labs and turn on Quick Links.

Step 2:

Now repeat the above steps so your mailbox shows only Unread mail.  Now from the left-pane below chat, you’ll then view Quick Links. Just tap Add Quick Link and then name it Unread Mail or something suits those lines.

How To Make Your Search Refine

You can also add extra search operators to check unread emails between some dates, from some people, or other parameters.

Point 1-> In this example, Gmail can only display unread emails between December 25, 2017, and January 5, 2018.​

is:unread before:2018/01/05after:2017/12/25

Point 2-> It shows how to view the unread text from the email address only.

is:unread from:[email protected]

Point 3-> In this example you’ll learn all the unread emails that came from any particular address.

is:unread from:*

Point 4->Another common example is to check Gmail for unread messages by name rather than an email address.

is:unread from:Sam

At last, you can combine or merge a few elements for a super-specific search. A quick search for unread emails from any sender at Bank of Pakistan before June 16, 2017, would look like this.

is:unread before:2017/06/15 from:*


That’s all about it! I hope this article is really helpful to you but still if you want any help then drop a comment without any hesitation!

Waiting for your valuable feedback!

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