How to Perform Samsung Galaxy S9 Hard Reset

In case if your Samsung Galaxy S9 commences experiencing issues, then do not need to stress! Before you guys start looking for deep glitches located in the Android operating system, then you can also try to do a Soft and Hard Reset of your Samsung Galaxy S9 as well. This adjustment can be normally simple and will mostly solve issues that may also affect your Samsung Galaxy S9. We will discuss How to Perform Samsung Galaxy S9 Hard Reset.

Well, a soft or hard reset can actually solve malware issues or also fix corrupted data on your device. In order to get your S9 functioning like new again, you have to follow the steps below.

How to Perform Samsung Galaxy S9 Hard Reset

How to soft reset a Galaxy S9

Well, a soft reset is basically designed in order to cut off power to the phone, briefly. Like if the battery was taken out and then put back in (that is useful since you can’t really take the battery out of a Galaxy S9). The soft reset is a handy way in order to give your S9 a metaphorical kick whenever it freezes, malfunctions, or stops responding in other ways as well. Above all, this basic approach won’t remove any of your data, so whenever you restart your phone then you should still have access to all of your info.

  • Tap and hold the “Volume Down” + “Power” buttons for almost 10 seconds. The device should now restart.

How can you hard reset (factory reset) a Galaxy S9

A hard reset will actually boot your S9 back to factory settings — the state that the phone was in whenever you first got it. We rarely need Hard resets, however, they can serve many purposes. Some hard resets are a last resort for a phone that has severe malware issues or data corruption actually. The process is also used to prepare the phone for resale as well, or if you want to give it away to someone. We are going to show you how you can do this even if you can’t get your phone in order to respond at all.

galaxy s9 hard reset

A hard reset will basically set the device to factory default settings. All of your data will clear from the device whenever performing a factory reset.

Method 1

  • Along with the Galaxy S9 powered off, tap and hold the “Volume Up” and “Bixby” buttons.
  • Continue to hold both buttons, then tap and release the “Power” button in order to power the device on.
  • Then release all buttons whenever the Samsung logo appears. The “Installing system update” and “No command” screens will then appear, which is followed by the Android Recovery menu.
  • Use the volume buttons in order to toggle the selection to “Wipe data or factory reset“. Tap on “Power” to select the highlighted selection.

Method 2

First, open “Settings” > “General management” > “Reset” > “Factory data reset” > “Reset” > “Delete all


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