How To Pin Discord Message

Do you want to pin Discord message? Discord provides lots of essential features that it provides its users to make navigating the software smoothly. It can add bots that moderate your server, or can easily organize your server to look how you would like. There are infinite possibilities. Also, in a simple or easy text channel users can easily able to remove unwanted texts, alter permissions to who can view the channel, and, as we’ll also explain in this guide.

The pinning feature is very amazing. This feature enables you to add some text messages to a list of choose pinned messages. However, it means that whenever you like to view that text again you don’t want to move back up in the main text channel. You just want to do is to access the list of pinned text messages and move through the much shorter list. Through this guide, I will explain to you the act of pinning messages, what exactly it means, and how to check the list of pinned text messages.

Pin Message On Discord-Why?

There are lots of reasons why the text message pinning feature can optimize your discord use. Not just can you pin text messages within private conversations, but also you can pin texts in your server channels. The feature is always here to help you keep records of important messages. Say someone shares you an email address you wish to remember. You can also pin that message, and move back to it at a later date.

Pin Message

You can also keep records of confidential information you might want users of your server to know about. Let’s say you have a channel. There might be some rules or regulations you like people to be aware of. However, you might also want to use this channel to welcome newbies to your server. If you want to make sure that people can easily get to the rules in this channel, you want to do is to pin the message listing the rules. Then, the user can check or access the pinned texts and update themselves on the server rules.

With that in mind, come let’s check how to avail this feature to better organize or manage your chats or server channels.

How To Pin Discord Message

If you want to start off, let’s say someone wants to share a cute picture of a cat you like to save:

All you need to do is to hover over the message and then locate the 3 dots located in the upper right corner of the message. Once you’ve added the three dots, you’ll like to tap on it. Tapping on that icon should make a drop-down window appear. After this, using the pin message option appearing at the very top.

Check Pinned Messages

Now that you have successfully pinned a message, you can be able to access that message. There’s an icon you can choose that displays you a list of all the pinned messages in your chat. This icon will seem the same in both your servers or private chats and will be added in virtually the same place. Now, look at the top right corner of the chat window. Here, you’ll check a push-pin looking icon. Tap on that.

When tapped, a drop-down menu appears with all of the text you have pinned. If there are different pinned messages, you have the ability to move down and check the messages. You can also move to the place in the chat where this message was sent.


I hope that this guide helps you better understand Discord and the pinning feature. When used perfectly, pinning messages is very essential while using Discord and it’s the chat feature. Also, it helps you better organize or manage the chat purpose and helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to each channel. However, Pinning messages can also offer many essential benefits when using discord. Now head off and enjoy then fun of pinning discord messages but don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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