How To Recall Sent Email In Gmail

Do you want to recall your sent email in Gmail? With the ability to un-send an email is one of the best advancements in the digital mailing. And like many other email clients, Gmail offers this through its recall feature.

Message recall enables you to retrieve texts you’ve already sent from the recipients’ mailbox if they can’t already open the email yet. It’s good when you’ve mistakenly spelled someone’s name incorrectly or forgot to attach your attachment.

Or maybe you’ve made a small mistake, like adding an incorrect link, attaching the incorrect document, or forgetting to modify the copy to BCC. But small mistakes can cause huge issues.

Unfortunately, it is not user-friendly. If you want to recall an email in Gmail, both the sender and the recipient must have Gmail client users on an Exchange server, with many other limitations.

Hopefully, there’s an efficient way to recall an email in Gmail.

Let’s dive down to the details, so you don’t need to stress over your email mistakes. Come let’s check how to:

  • Recall sent email in Gmail
  • Recall sent email in Gmail for iOS or Android
  • Mistakenly Share An Email- How To Avoid It?

Recall Sent Email In Gmail:

Recall Sent Email

Step 1: Head over to Gmail settings

Here’s the best good news for everyone: the “Undo” button will appear automatically in Gmail when you share an email. Hurrah!

However, you can also adjust the undo settings to provide yourself more time to recall your Gmail email.

Initially, you want to log into your Gmail account on your PC. After this, tap on the little gear icon located on the upper right-hand corner. Then a menu will open—from that menu, choose “Settings”:

Step 2: Personalize your share cancellation period

In Gmail, then the “Undo” button immediately displays up whenever you send an email.

By default, this button will be available for a few seconds whenever you send an email. That’s not a lot of time to realize a mistake and resolve it.

Hopefully, Gmail also provides you the choice to extend that time. When you enter in the settings, move down to the option saying “Undo Send.”

You can select to display the “Undo” button for a few seconds whenever your email is sent.

So, how much time did you want to recall the email before it’s etched permanently into your recipient’s inbox? It’s all depends on you.

Step 3: Move down and tap “Save Changes”

Whenever you’ve personalized the undo time for your Gmail account, then scroll to the end of the page and save the changes that you’ve made earlier:

This is the necessary step because it’s very easy to tap away without saving your modifications (in which case, the settings move back to default).

Step 4: Check your email recall skills

Now once you’ve updated your settings in Gmail, you can then test those recall reflexes. Move ahead and then send a test email to yourself.

When the email is sent, you’ll then view this pop up under the left-hand corner:

Now, it depends on the settings that you have chosen, you have between 5 and 30 seconds to recall the email in Gmail.

Whenever you press the “Undo” button, you’ll then get the confirmation that the email has been recalled.

Recall Sent Email For iOS & Android

Recall Sent Email For iOS

After using Gmail on an Android device, the process is quite similar. Although you want to use your PC to adjust the settings for the “Undo” button. However, the button will still display up whenever you use an Android device to share emails.

Head over to the Gmail mobile app, you’ll then view the “Undo” button under your screen.

That’s all! After a few simple steps, you can then recall an email in Gmail, and then remove those mistakes from your life.

Don’t forget: The email might arrive in the recipient’s inbox before you recall it. So, you have a few seconds to recall the email. But when your recipient has already begun to read what you sent, recalling the email might not make a big difference.

The only drawback of this feature is that after 30 seconds you can’t view an option to recall the message. When your time ends, that’s it.

Mistakenly Share An Email- How To Avoid It?

Use Grammarly:

Grammarly is the best companion while creating emails in Gmail.

In fact, Grammarly provides an extension for Firefox or Chrome. It means that you can use its expert proofreading technology to resolve your emails while writing them in Gmail.

In the free version, you can check grammatical mistakes, punctuation, errors as well as sentences with ordinary words.

If you buy the premium version, Grammarly can then explain to you if you’re being impolite, overusing some words, being insensitive, or if you not using clear sentences.

Whether you’re writing an email to your boss or sales email, or any kind of email, Grammarly is the best option.

Open attachments and links you added

Have you ever sent a broken or unwanted link to a prospect? What about sending the incorrect attachment to a client?

To avoid this kind of mistake, take a few seconds before you share your email to open any attachments or links that you have added. That way, you’ll avoid sharing the incorrect thing to the wrong person.

Make your habit before sharing your attachments. After doing this, you’ll be more likely to realize when you’ve forgotten to attach a file.

Get your friend’s opinion.

Certainly, you really want to get another opinion.

That’s when it’s time to depends on your teammates to help you.

When it comes to important emails to your clients or customers, you might want to get some help to check if the email comes off as too sharp or if the tone is appropriate.

Of course, not every email wants a sign-off from a teammate. But when you’re confused about sharing an email, especially when you deal with a sensitive or important subject, you must trust your colleagues to have your back.

Wait before sharing emotionally emails

Sent Email

However, when you’re feeling angry or very emotional for any reason then don’t press the send button.

So, make it a rule: whenever you’re feeling sad and you write any email, then save it in drafts. After a few hours, come back and check your email, and notice if it still looks reasonable to you.

In the end, emotional emails never have good outcomes. If the situation needs a response, never share that response emotionally.

Turn On the “Confirm before sending” setting in Gmail.

When you attempt to press the send button, then think carefully or your heart voice comes saying, “Are you sure?”

But when you’re upset or overtired, that voice seems to go silent. Thankfully, Gmail provides an option that asks you, “Are you sure?” before sending your email.

You can turn on this option in Gmail’s mobile app settings.

Step 1:

Initially, tap on the three lines located at the top left of the app just to open the menu. Then, move down to Settings.

Step 2:

Then, at the bottom of General settings, move down to the option “Confirm before sending”.

Step 3:

After you’ve turned on this option, Gmail will ask you before you send that email.

Using this option, you’ll have another chance to rethink before sending an email.

Recheck your emails before you press the send button

It doesn’t matter which type of email you’re going to send, you want to remember that you can do it right. Being emotional or insensitive should never be a good choice in a business setting, especially when you send emails to any client or customer.

Every email is necessary, even if you’re just checking in. These are the best tricks to maintain your relationships with your enterprise and with its customers or clients. Your words can either strengthen or encourage those relationships.


You must try to avoid making future mistakes simply by reviewing your emails before you press send. In fact, there are some basic methods to check your emails properly before you feel ashamed in front of others. So keep in mind whenever you send an email with serious mistakes, then recall your email in Gmail. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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