How To Send Text Message Rather Than iMessage

Do you want to send a text message instead of iMessage? iMessage is the best way to communicate or interact without blowing your message quota. But a  time comes when it stops work. You’ll then view the “Sending…” text and the blue line trying to move its way to completion but that it can’t happen. Your text doesn’t get delivered at all. These are times when you want the text would just go. At least, like SMS. How did you force a text or to be sent as SMS if it fails to deliver as iMessage? That’s what we’re wondering at.

Steps To Send Message Rather Than iMessage On iPhone

How To Send Text Message

In the Messages settings, there’s an option known as Send as SMS. When turned on, if your iPhone fails to send an iMessage, it will move to SMS and share the message as normal text.

  • Head over to Settings and click on Messages
  • Then enable the Switch located next to “Send as SMS.”

Well, that’s the big catch here which most of us don’t even realize.

The Send as SMS triggers when your iPhone can’t connect to the iMessage server (possibly because of network problems or your server issues at Apple’s end).

Only there are two reasons, iMessage can’t deliver and sends the message as SMS. If the recipient – who is usually on iMessage – has turned off iMessage or not in a range that turns on iMessage. However, the sending process hangs or stops from your end. This is due to iMessage assumes to be working well (which it is, from your side but not from the recipient’s side).

In this situation, you have the choice of force sending the text as SMS by doing this:

  • Click and hold on the text being sent.
  • From the options menu that displays, click on Send as Text Message.
  • Your iMessage now successfully sent as a text message.

But when it fails incidentally to send, it displays up as Not Delivered with a “!” sign. Clicking on that icon will also enable you to send the message as text.


Here’s all about ”. If you find it helpful then let us know below. Also, if you know any other method then share it with our readers.

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