How To Stop Autoplay Videos In Google Chrome

Do you want to stop Autoplay videos in Google Chrome? We all know that the internet provides almost anything you want these days, from entertainment to games, or from movies to dramas, to online shipping, or also scientific research. You got all sorts of stuff at your fingertips.

When we talk about the internet, one of its more noticeable cons is the annoying ads. And while lots of us can go about their day avoiding the banners or occasional pop-up messages. However, there’s another type of ad that’s hard to overlook.

Suppose a scenario when you are browsing the internet, and suddenly a loud screeching greets appears when you open any website. This is too much irritating or even scare someone. However, it’s not the website’s issue, at least not entirely.

This is an annoying ad that automatically plays whenever you open the page it’s placed on. You might not be aware of these pages contain them, but hopefully, you can easily stop them! In this guide, we’ll discuss how to stop autoplay videos in the Chrome browser on both desktop or mobile.

How To Stop Autoplay Videos In Google Chrome:

These are the two methods to stops autoplay videos on-sites in Chrome:

  1. Erase Autoplay Videos In GoogleChrome On Android
  2. Stop Automatically Play Videos On Desktop PC

Erase Autoplay Videos In GoogleChrome On Android

Stop Autoplay Videos in android

Users can freely turn on or off the autoplay feature in Google Chrome on their mobile. They could just move to the site settings. Choose the media tab, and then make their preferences. But after some adjustments on the chrome part, the feature was erased. As it left the users to depend on the set of rules on Google Chrome’s part, as it determines which videos you like to play and which you want to be muted.

This was a big step back, inconveniencing the users after taking away some protection or customization and they used to have.

A time comes when Chrome’s built-in protection and your required privacy settings are all that manage the automatically play videos. As it can put some people on that edge. Suppose listening to your most favorite song, casually viewing some websites on your mobile phone, and your mood is spoiled by foreign sounds.

However, you don’t want to switch mobiles or give up fully. With AdLock, you can also get a new layer of security that stops autoplay or video ads in their tracks. All you need to do is to download the browse or app without any worry. However, procedures or AdLock’s algorithms can block the unnecessary content before you’re even aware of it. Also, it frees you to do what you like when you want.

Stop Automatically Play Videos On Desktop PC

Stop Automatically Play Videos On Desktop PC

Let’s leave the world of android behind and head over to the desktop app. To start, we try to mention that Google Chrome used to have an option to turn off autoplay features in their flags section (chrome://flags). However, the feature has reportedly been erased. Rather than, Chrome depends on particular settings on whether or not to allow the autoplay videos.

As it might look great, you should remember that Google Chrome keeps the right to enable the autoplay feature after you have interacted with the website at all (like tapping, browsing, and so on). So, if there’s any site you want and you frequently visit, should it get the same feature or video ad, you will have it on when you next visit it.

Also, there’s a choice to mute the website, if you prefer. However, the mute feature can affect the whole website, like all the elements that are sound-based.


The best thing is to install an app that blocks unwanted elements. It includes disabling autoplay features some videos or ads or annoying pop-ups. Moreover, you get all-in-one protection, fully packaged for your ease. However, the ad-block applications given above are just the ticket: just execute the program and let it do its job.

Google Chrome offers good customization when it came to what you want to view on your display (both mobile and desktop one).

Programs that block pop-ups or ads are a form of defense. It is just because they offer universal protection. Any and all unnecessary elements on your display screen can be easily blocked, leaving your browsing secure or safe.

So, if you are searching for something additional, ad blockers such as AdLock might be the best solution.


I hope you find it helpful? Is it helpful? What are your views about it? If you want to share any other method regarding this article then let us know below!

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