How to Turn iPhone Off Without Lock Button

Smartphones are now becoming more complex each and every year, and you guys may have also noticed a developing trend. On today’s phones, there are always at least two ways in order to do the same thing, usually more than that. For instance, there are also a couple of ways that you can delete apps or cached data, a few ways in order to reset your phone, and so on. We are going to discuss How to Turn iPhone Off Without Lock Button. Let’s start!

This is since the complexity of smartphones that actually makes them prone to hardware and software glitches. These can also make it really impossible in order to complete simple tasks. For situations like these, iPhones and many other smartphones released in the past few years provide you different paths you can take in order to reach the same destination.

How do you guys turn off your phone if you can’t really work the power button anymore? Fortunately, it’s not really difficult to work around a damaged power button in order to shut off and power on your iPhone.

How to Turn iPhone Off Without Lock Button

For most of the fixes and how-tos, we recommend you restart your iPhone. The most common way is to use the power button or combination of the side button along with the volume button. However, if these switches do not actually work on your phone or they are damaged and broken, then? Well, here are some of the really easy ways in order to switch off and switch on your iPhone without using physical buttons. Have a look.

Turn iPhone off Without Power Button (Side Button) and Volume Button

On iPhone along with Face ID, you have to press together the side and either volume buttons actually. On iPhone with the Touch ID, you guys only have the right-side power button in order to turn it off. Whatever the model you guys have, the below steps will definitely help switch off your device without even using any button as well.

  • First, you have to open the Settings app
  • Click on General.

how to turn iphone off without lock button

  • Now scroll to the end and click on Shut Down.
  • Then drag the slider to the right.

Turn on your iPhone Without Power Button (Side Button)

Well, if physical buttons are damaged or not working, then you can follow the above steps in order to shut down your device. However, what do you guys do when you have to switch on the iPhone? It is easier than you guys actually think.

In order to turn on the iPhone without even using the power button or side button, just simply plug it into a charging socket. The device will then switch on automatically. You guys can use the adapter and cable that basically came in the box or use a reputable third-party charger. You guys can also plug in your iPhone to a Mac or PC, and it will then power on.

Note: Keep in mind that If the iPhone battery is extremely discharged or if you are plugging the device after a long time, it will then take a few minutes to power on.

How to Restart iPhone Without Power Button

Well, in simple words, restarting is merely turning off your device and then turning it back on after just a few seconds. You can also follow both the methods above for this.

But there is another easy method in order to restart without the power button. You have to turn on Assistive Touch and then click on Restart. The iPhone will then turn off and turn on automatically (Such as restart on Mac or PC). You do not have to drag the slider or then plug it into charging. It is a really neat, handy trick as well.

Turn Off with Assistive Touch Menu

Now that you guys activated the feature, how do you really use it?

You have to look for the app icon along with a white circle. It may be on top of other apps at the bottom of your screen, or it can also be blurred out or transparent. The icon relies on the iPhone model.

how to turn iphone off without lock button

After you click on the circle, you will open up a new menu actually. You can also use this for many things, that includes:

Lock Screen

Press the Device option and then click on Lock Screen. You can use the Home button in order to wake your iPhone afterward.

Power Off

Well, from the same Device menu, you guys want to tap and hold on the Lock Screen icon until the Power Off slider appears. Slide-in order to initiate the shutdown.

Use the Menu

Another pretty easy way to turn off your iPhone is just going through the settings options:

  • You have to head to settings
  • Then tap General
  • Now choose Shut Down
  • Slide the slider when it pops up on the screen

Keep in mind that this only works on some iPhones. If you guys have an iOS version older than 11.0. It won’t work without even updating the OS first.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “how to turn iPhone off without lock button” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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