How To Turn Off Startup Programs In Windows

Do you want to turn off startup programs in Windows? The more software you install on your PC, the longer it might look to take to start up Windows. Lots of programs add themselves to the programs started list whenever you boot your PC, and that list can get long. This is probably due to lots of apps these days hook into your Windows Startup process and load up automatically whenever you start your PC. For some apps, that’s the best thing (Anti-Virus, Firewall, etc.) and I’m OK with that.

Startup Program:

A windows user knows that fter booting up, some software automatically starts loading without your concern. If you have any anti-virus installed on your computer, then you notice that after booting up your computer, the programs start automatically.

Reason To Disable Startup Programs

It is irritating if the PC takes too time to boot up and then ready to use after booting up. It is due to lots of software automatically adds themselves to the windows startup program list. The software on the list begins automatically after Windows boot up.

So, it is good to turn off the unwanted programs to get begin on the startup unless you want them to be started on the windows startup.

How To Turn Off Startup Programs In Windows

 Disable Startup Programs

Turn Of Startup Programs In Windows 7, Vista, or XP

For many programs, you have to start with Windows, like firewall or anti-virus software. However, for some programs, initiating them at boot-up just extends startup time or wastes resources. There is a tool that is installed with Windows, known as MSConfig, that enables you to instantly and easily view what’s executing at startup and turn off the programs you prefer to run on our own after startup as required. This tool is available and can be used to turn off startup programs in Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

NOTE: You can use MSConfig to configure many things rather than just startup programs. So you must be careful. If you’re not sure about using it, then follow the instructions given below:

  • If you like to run MSConfig, head over to the Start menu and input “msconfig.exe” (without the quotes) in the Search box. After you type, the result show on your screen. When you view “msconfig.exe,” tap on it also hit Enter.

NOTE: If you are using Windows XP, head over to the Run dialog box from the Start menu. Then input “msconfig.exe” in the Open edit box. Also, tap OK.

  • Tap the Startup tab on the System Configuration main window. However, a list of all the startup programs shown with a check box located next to each one. If you like to prevent a program from starting up with Windows. Then choose the check box located next to the required program so there is NO checkmark in the box. Also, tap OK after you have made your choices.
  • A dialog box appears saying you that you might want to restart your PC for the modification to take effect. Tap to Restart to restart your PC immediately. If are not ready to restart your PC, then tap Exit without restart.

Disable Startup Programs When The Update Of Windows 10’s April 2018

If you’re executing the new variant of Windows 10, there’s a new Startup Apps management panel that makes it quite easy to turn off startup programs. All you need to do is to open the Settings panel. You can then look for “Startup”. Also, open up the Startup Apps panel. If you don’t view this, you don’t have the new version yet. In this situation, you should use Task Manager to manage your startup apps.

After you successfully do the Startup Apps panel, you can just toggle the stuff you don’t like to execute at startup.

Windows 10/8/8.1:

Windows 10 or 8, 8.1 make it quite simple to turn off startup apps. Just open up Task Manager after right-tapping on the Taskbar. You can also use the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC shortcut key, tapping “More Details,” moving to the Startup tab, and then using the Disable button.

It’s really very easy or simple. If you aren’t viewing these options, remember to tap “More Details,” which is in the same place.

Startup Programs In CCleaner:

The free CCleaner is the PC-cleaning utility that enables you to turn off startup programs. In CCleaner, tap the Tools button located on the left side of the dialog box. Also, tap Startup to check the list of startup programs. The Enabled column shows whether each program is set to start with Windows. If you want to turn off a program that is enabled. Then choose the program in the list and tap Disable. You can also turn on the programs that have been turned off.

NOTE: CCleaner can’t prompt you to restart your PC, so make sure you must do it yourself.

Remember that some apps want to configure to stop launching themselves when the PC boots. Also, they will just include themselves in the list of startup programs again. In this situation, there is a setting in a program to protect it from starting with Windows.


I hope you understand it very well. But still, if you want to ask any queries and questions the let us know below!

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