How to Turn Off the Narrator Voice on Windows 10

Narrator VoiceAs being a user of Windows 10, you must know the feature Narrator. But whether you do not know the methods to Turn off the Narrator Voice on Windows 10 PC. So then you have to read this article because this article will ease your task. In this post, I am going to show the various methods to turn off the narrator.

However, here I would like to tell you first of all that Windows 10 is created with an advanced feature which is known as the voice narrator. Although is able to give assistance to those who are visually impaired. At times when you turn on the Narrator in your Windows 10 PC, so then it will begin reading all the keys pressed just by you along with the text that is on the screen.

How to Turn Off the Narrator Voice on Windows 10

This modern assistant feature of Windows 10 will also read the notifications and also calendar appointments on your Windows PC. However, you are also able to use this feature in case the screen of your PC is not working.

Whether you are liking to change its settings such as the narrator’s voice, simply the pitch of the voice, also speed the settlement of the narration. Next, you are also able to easily alter all of these options according to your need.

Rather than of its advanced feature, similarly, some users found it frustrating. Occasionally it becomes very frustrating and probably also affects your privacy. However, because whenever you enable your PC, Windows Narrator begins reading menus, keystrokes, and further on-screen text.

It is your choice if you just like this feature turned on your PC or even you like to turn it off. Although according to your preference, you are also able to easily disable the Narrator option by using lots of tricks.

Here you will find all the tricks one is also able to use in order to activate or deactivate the Narrator on Windows 10 PC. So, try these tricks according to your need.

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If you have fortuitously turned on the Narrator feature in Ms. Windows 10 & also hear a narrator’s voice, however, at a time when you type, start your PC or mouse over an item. You are also able to disable it just with a simple setting. Here we will tell you how you are able to perform this.

Disable the Narrator by Using the Narrator Properties

Below mention steps will help you to turn off the Narrator voice on the Windows 10 PC:

  • Tap on the Windows Start button and also then you have to type Narrator in the Search box. Choose the Narrator from the consequences.
  • Here you should right-click on the Narrator and also choose the Open file location.
  • Although once more right-click on the Narrator present in the next window, and also you should choose the Properties.Narrator Voice
  • Now at this step, you have to navigate to the Security tab. Tap on the Edit.
  • Permissions for the Narrator window will appear/display. Select the user for which you like to refuse permission. However, you should have to check the box of the Read & execute and Read permission in Deny line and tap OK.
  • Although now the Windows Security dialogue box will appear, so you have to just click Yes to continue.
  • Choose OK in the Narrator Properties window.

Turn Off the Narrator voice Shortcut key through Registry Windows

  • For turning off the narrator shortcut key through the registry windows you must first press the Windows + R key. In order to head to the Run dialog box, next you have to type Regedit in the Run box. And tap on the OK button in order to head to the Registry Editor.
  • In the Registry Editor window, you have to must navigate to the below-mention path:


  • Here you must have to double-click on the WinEnterLaunchEnabled value present in the right pane.
  • When you view the Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialog box. Next type 0 in the Value data field and tap on the OK.
  • Here you have successfully disabled the Narrator shortcut key. Check it, by pressing the Windows + Enter or Windows + Ctrl + Enter shortcut. Whether it won’t start then you have successfully turned off the Windows Narrator.

What is Narrator in Windows 10?

However, Narrator is an in corporate text to speech and also screen reader feature of the Windows 10 OS. Similarly this tool is also able to read and also speak all actions that you take on Windows. Just like the text documents, web pages, and also further files. Although the basic motive behind enhancing this tool is to make visually impaired people able to operate a PC.

How Narrator Voice is able to work on Windows 10?

Well, as the Narrator is a Windows 10 integral app, thus nothing is there jus like you need in order to download from any source. Whether the Narrator is turned on, on your PC. So then it simply read out the actions you take and texts available on the screen.

Make Windows 10 Narrator read text

Whether you like Narrator in order to read the text. So then for doing this you have to first turn on the Narrator (you are also able to try out any of the trick mentioned in this article to enable it). Then simply move your cursor and choose the text that you like Narrator to speak out.

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Whether you have fortuitously turned on the Narrator feature in Ms. Windows 10 & also hear a narrator’s voice, however, at a time when you type, start your PC or mouse over an item. You are also able to disable it just with a simple setting. So you have to just abide by the above mentioned guide.

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