How to Turn ON or Off Pop Up Blocker Mac

No one really likes being bombarded via pop-up ads, however, every once in a while you do need them actually. Some of the sites still need that you add information to a pop-up window actually. Or maybe you can’t really see a video or page as it is being blocked via Safari’s pop-up blocker. No matter what the reason actually is, Let’s see how to allow pop-ups on Safari. We are going to discuss How to Turn ON or Off Pop Up Blocker Mac

The modern web is basically a distraction disaster. Each and every website that you visit wants you to buy something. Subscribe to its newsletter, or simply overload you along with in-your-face ads. And most of these call to actions are done through pop-ups as well— the most invasive kind of notifications actually.

So it actually no wonders that there has recently been a spike in user demand for how you guys can remove pop up blockers. Most of the browsers have responded accordingly and now all of them such as Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, have features that stop pop-ups in their tracks. Some, for example, Safari pop up blocker, even go as far as in order to enable its protection by default actually.

How to Turn ON or Off Pop Up Blocker Mac

If you guys ask yourself, “How do I allow pop-ups on Mac?” You then have come to exactly the right place. In this guide, we will actually cover how you can allow pop-ups in every major browser as well as some of the tips/. That will help you conquer the true evil the never-ending wave of distractions as well. Let’s now get to it.

Safari 12 for macOS

Disable or Enable All Websites by Default

  • Choose “Safari” > “Preferences“, and then select “Websites” at the top of the window.
  • Now choose “Pop-up Windows” on the left side.
  • You have to use the “When visiting other websites” drop-down menu to one of the following:
    • Block and Notify
    • Block
    • Allow

Disable or Enable Single Website

  • You have to visit the website that you would like to block or allow.
  • Choose “Safari” > “Preferences“.
  • Then you have to tap on “Websites” at the top of the window.
  • Choose “Pop-up Windows” on the left side as well.
  • The website should be listed where you guys can choose a setting in the drop-down menu.
    • Block and Notify
    • Block
    • Allow

Whenever Safari is set to “Block and Notify”, then you can allow pop-up windows right after they have been blocked through choosing the two boxes in the address bar actually.

Safari 11 and 10 for macOS

Option 1

  • First, choose “Safari” > “Preferences“.
  • Then tap on “Security” at the top of the window.
  • Now you have to check the box “Block pop-up windows” to turn on this feature. Uncheck it to turn it off.

pop up blocker mac

Option 2

  • From “Utilities“, you have to open the “Terminal” app.
  • If you want to disable popup blocker, then type:
defaults write -bool true
  • To enable popup blocker, then just type:
defaults write -bool false
  • Tap on “Enter“, and the command sets to popup blocker setting as you want.

For iPhone and iPad Version

  • First, from the Home screen, just tap on“Settings“.
  • Then select “Safari
  • Now slide the “Block Pop-ups” to “On” (green) in order to block pop-ups, or slide it to “Off” (white) to never block pop-ups actually.

pop up blocker mac

How to Turn on pop-ups in Firefox

If you guys are via Firefox as your main browser, the answer to how you can enable popups on Mac is actually a bit trickier to find:

  • Well, in Firefox, tap on the burger menu and then choose preferences (⌘ +, shortcut works as well)
  • Tap on Privacy & Security in the sidebar and then just scroll down to Permissions
  • You have to check or uncheck the “Block pop-up windows” box
  • Now open the Exceptions dialog box if you want some websites in order to ignore the standard settings

As you guys can see, Firefox allows for actually a bit more customization than Safari whenever it comes to knowing.  That how you can unblock pop-ups that are not all that bad.

How can you get rid of all distractions?

Whenever you know how you can allow pop-ups on Mac, then you can confidently block them all to feel free. In addition, getting HazeOver in order to help you with concentration will definitely provide you a powerful boost towards being more productive as well. However, if that’s not enough, then you need Focus actually.

Focus, just like the name might suggest, is actually a complete solution to eliminate distractions. This lightweight utility basically lets you block any websites or apps that stand between you and your goals as well. Rather, you’ll be shown a motivational quote to inspire you to continue in order to fight the good fight.

Well, blocking with Focus can be bundled or targeted, ad hoc or scheduled you are in control. And you can even track your progress week to week along with the app’s built-in analytics and graphs as well.


pop up blocker mac

In order to sum up, being able to balance the need to focus along with the knowledge of how you can remove pop up blockers whenever you need to is crucial. And all it takes is just a few apps actually.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “pop up blocker mac” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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