How To Unlock Android Pie Easter Egg

Do you want to unlock Android Pie Easter Egg? If you are a newbie or a regular user of Android then you should know that Google always scoffs away a fun Easter egg in each variant of its mobile OS. In fact, the company currently added a text adventure game to Google Chrome. Now, some secrets are very interesting than others, but it’s always good to know what they are and how to easily access them. Using Android Pie (variant 9.0) the enterprise has added yet another amazing hidden gem and here is a brief look at how to access it.

Unlock Android Pie Easter Egg

Unlock Android Pie Easter Egg

To uncover the amazing “P” animation Easter egg:

  1. Move to Settings > About Phone > Android Version, and on the display screen that appears, fast click repeatedly on “Android Version”.
  2. After about a few taps, you will then view a hypnotic style P animation appear. You can also zoom or pinch the logo. Then it will modify the color of the animation will change after turning the mobile to landscape and back.

After doing this on a Google Pixel, it will provide an additional doodling drawing app, which is missing from the OnePlus 6T. If you like to get the drawing app, click on the P logo various times.

Well, I am using the OnePlus 6T for this guide, while there isn’t an additional drawing app. Also, note that OnePlus has its own Easter egg for its devices. It’s the instant trick where you input in: 1+= and as a result, you’ll get the enterprise “Never Settle” logo.

With every new model of Android, the enterprise adds an amazing Easter egg. We have shown you how to get to in the past. Although the previous ones with games look a bit more fun. Besides you have a Pixel executing Pie, then you also get the drawing application. Still, whether it’s on your mobile or PC, unlocking tech-based Easter eggs that your colleagues and friends are not aware of is always fun.

Notable Features:

Easter Egg

These hidden features are still available on the first launch of Android 9.0 Pie. However, Google plans to erase them in later updates, but we expect these features to remain. Let’s have a look:

Feature Flags

The latest in Android 9.0 Pie is a secret menu option known as “Feature Flags.” It is quite identical to Chrome’s secret options. However, Feature Flags allows you to tweak particular design options back to their Android Oreo variant.

System UI Tuner

System UI Tuner also a secret menu in Android since 6.0 Marshmallow. However, lots of functionality moves to other locations. But still, it is one of the only methods you can change the status bar without rooting your mobile device. However, besides the earlier model of Android, System UI Tuner in Android Pie needs a different technique to unlock.

Flappy Bird Game

Android becomes a house of easter egg with each operating system update. Typically, it needs many touches of the version number on the About Phone page. As it will uncover some animation or game related to the dessert the OS version is named after.

Well, Android Pie’s easter egg has a boring “P” symbol. However, the most popular old easter egg is still added: The Flappy Bird clone named Flappy Droid is now hidden elsewhere. The game was first launched in 5.0 Lollipop. Also, it added quite different environments from the popular game with giant lollipops as the obstacles you are trying to ignore. Using Android 6.0 Marshmallow, after the game updation it reflects the latest dessert with giant marshmallows rather than lollipops.

Clock App

A clean hidden feature in Android 9.0 Pie is the best way to get to the Clock app instantly. While in the Quick Settings menu if you click the time in the top-left. You can then launch the Clock app. Even better, if you have many clock apps installed on your mobile, you can choose which one you like to launch.

Battery Information

Quite identical to the last hidden feature, Pie also launched a new way to get into the Battery menu from any display screen quickly. Using the Quick Setting revealed by choosing the battery icon located in the top-right, you can also directly move to the battery menu.

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