How To Use Google Home App For Windows

Do you want to use Google Home App for Windows? Did you know the control center of all Google devices? The Google Home app is the main control center for all of Google devices. You can also use it to cast a Google Home hub, a Chromecast device, or also to control other compatible smart devices on your Wi-Fi network.

Unfortunately, the Google Home app is available only for iPhone or Android. Anyone who likes to use this amazing “control center” on their desktop is out of luck.

You Can Cast Anywhere From Google Chrome Browser

Cast From Google Chrome

If you want to cast either your desktop or a video in your Chrome browser to any device on your network, you can then use the Chrome browser for that.

There are two best methods to do this. If you want to cast a browser tab, all you need is to open your Chrome browser and choose the three-dot menu located at the upper right.

When you choose the Cast, Chrome will automatically open a new menu displaying all of the devices on your network that is available for casting.

The alternative is casting from within music services or online videos that can support Chromecast. If they can support it, you’ll then view the cast icon within the music or video player.

Choosing the cast icon will open a similar device-selection window.

If you would prefer to have all of the non-casting controls that are offered by the Google Home app (like organizing your devices and Google Home). Then you have got many hacks that’ll work. Continue reading.

Use Google Home App For Windows Via Android Emulator

Use Google Home App via bluestack

There might not be a Google Home for desktop PC app available, but you can also customize your own through the Android Emulator for PC. Here’s how you can sue or set that up.

There are many Android Emulators to select from. For this instance, we’re going to stick with the popular one: BlueStacks.

BlueStacks contains ads, but they are not obnoxious. What’s best about this app is that it’s very simple to use and it executes the Google Home app easily. Install and download BlueStacks on your PC. When the installation is successfully completed, simply launch BlueStacks.

When it launches, a prompt appears to log in to Google Play (with your Google account) so you can install apps. Do it.

After you successfully log into your Google account, the app will show you typical instructions you’d go through when you use or set up a new phone. This includes enabling Google Services for that device. Remember to disable Back up to Google Drive, since this is not a real mobile and you won’t need backups.

Choose More and Accept once you’re done.

At last, you’ll then view Google Play launch on your virtual Android. Look for Google Play for Google Home, and choose Install.

Once you successfully install the app, you’re ready to use your latest Google Home for the computer!

Use Google Home App For Windows On BlueStack

When the installation is completed, you can also choose the Home tab in BlueStack to move to the Home screen.

Double-tap the Home app to open Google Home. When the app successfully launches, the screen will modify to profile view. Choose ‘Get Started’, select your Google account, and choose OK.

Then you’ll be on the Location access screen. Choose Next to continue. Choose Allow to enable the app to get your location.

When this is done, the app will automatically connect to your Google Home account. It shows all devices and apps you earlier added to your Google Home using your android app.

You can now select any device and pick the Settings icon that is located at the top right to view and edit the device Google Home settings.

Also, you can control all Smart Devices you have used or set up on Google Home when the action is without casting.

Note: Android Emulators work similarly to a virtual machine, through a VM network that’s isolated from your Wi-Fi network.  This secures any broadcast or multicast functionality, which is what Chromecast uses. However, many other internet-based Google Home functionality works in the Android emulator. However, you can also set up or use the casting functionality.

Using Google Home on Chromebook


The best option that provides you all Google Home app functionality is executing the Google Home app on your Chromebook (if you have one).

This is best because when you execute Android apps on your Chromebook, it uses the similar network your Chromebook is attached to.

If you want to use or set this up, all you need is to open your Chromebook settings, choose Apps, and in the Google Play Store section choose the Turn on button.

When this is turned on, you can then open Google Play on your Chromebook and install or download the Google Home app. When installed, you can then launch the Google Home app and it’ll work fine as it works on mobile devices.


Well, there is not an official Google Home app for the desktop PC. There are many methods to get around it. The choice you select depends on what device you are using, and what Google Home app features you like to use.

For any queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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