How to use Kast

You love watching Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube and also desire to share whatever you watch with your friends? Recently, you might have heard a story going around about Rabbit. This has more bright features, easy to use, and stable.

You will get many chances to do many things with your friends like constantly sharing videos, video-chatting during the show or simply texting with each other in a “chat room” of some sort. We are going to learn how to use kast.

Presently, you can use Kast in three different ways to watch together. The web-based version gives you permission to share whatever you are watching.

The desktop version which is needed to be download allows you to experience many things like video chatting or sharing, exploring watch party rooms to join, and many more.

The Android version allows you to use it in the same way as things as desktop iteration until you are using Chrome on your device. The iOS version has been promised by the company to be launched soon.

This article will help you to use the full desktop version and brief you on how it uses.

The Way to use Rabbit/Kast to Share Videos With Friends:

Go to the Kast homepage and tap download and save the desktop version where you want to.

How to use Kast

As the desktop version is downloaded, double-click to open the installer. After a few moments, the app itself automatically opens, where the original account is suggested to be created.

The six digits activation code will be given in the email provided by you and then enter that code.

How to use Kast

Enter the code and it will take you to the kast page! Firstly, I will click on the blank profile which is located at the top-right corner of the screen. A box will pop-up where you can set a custom profile photo and banner.

How to use Kast

There are three ways mentioned above to sign up for their own free Kast account to allow particular friends to join your watch party. On the right of the home screen, tap “Search People” to enter the username they chose and add them as friends. Sooner, you can send the link to your friends via Chrome to start the watch party.

Now, you can easily view movies or funny videos after simply you have hover over to the party at the Chrome browser.

Starting of a Watch Party in Kast:

Hover your mouse over the box that says “Your name Watch Party” on the left side of the Kast home screen.

How to use Kast

In order to stream or watch videos and text or voice chat, you can do it by choosing the “Kast” button. You can watch others’ streams, listen in, and text chat by choosing the “Watch” button. Firstly, select your input and output devices. Select microphone and speaker/headphones whichever you plan to use to talk and listen and choose “Save”.

Next is to click the gear icon at the top-left corner of the screen. Here, you can easily change the name of the party, also you can add a description of the things that you want to watch.

Making your party private:

You can also make your party private (invite-only or friends) or the public. You can change your room banner just like you can change your profile.

How to use Kast

Next is to stream something! It appears that I opened my current favorite songs on Youtube. In order to start Kasting, tap the little video camera icon located at bottom of the screen to turn on video.

A window will be going to ask to choose what to stream after opening it.

After opening the window in chrome, you wish to share it on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu. So for that just click on the “Application Window”. Tap your video and then tap the “Stream” button. This will instantly take you to the video you selected.

At the bottom-left corner of the screen, you’ll see the Kast party. Now copy the link to invite others to view your stream.

Tap the click gear icon which is in the middle of the screen if you want to change the microphone or sound setting.

To the right of the Kast screen, click the red arrow to stop the Kasting.
Now it is time to guess how we can watch others’ streams!

The Way to Join a Public Watch Party on Kast

You will be able to see a section titled “Live Parties” on the main Kast screen. You will get the party name. Also, you will also be able to see the number of viewers and the banner images of the party.

Tap “More” for the additional information which also allows you to see who is life in the party current after jumping your mouse over any Party boxes.

You can watch whatever the person is streaming, listen in to their voice chatter, and text along with them by tapping the “Watch” button.

On the right-hand side, you can watch the movie along with the streamer and chat with anyone in the room.

This is the summary of how to use Kat (previously known as Rabbit) via a downloaded desktop version. Thus now you can easily open the link in Chrome. Moreover, fully enjoy yourself to watch the party from there or from an Android device.

I hope this article was a help to you. But if you still have queries left you can ask us in the comment section below. Thank you.

At last, enjoy Kasting!

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