HyperTerminal: 4 HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows

However, the HyperTerminal was an exceedingly advantageous pre-installed Windows tool just included before Windows 7. A darling of power utilizers with hundreds of uses, these days it’s miserably gone. Though it’s no longer part of Microsoft’s vision for their OS.

The issue is just that the plenty of guides, resolves & advice you guys would find on the internet probably still need the HyperTerminal to work. Similarly, the good news is just that there are lots of best HyperTerminal alternatives for Windows 10. That is only a tap away. So we have rounded up some of the best ones you guys are also able to try right away. Best of all, they are all completely free. HyperTerminal

What Was HyperTerminal?

Well, a terminal program is a sort of app that uses a text-based interface to permits the users to access all types of services. Although a terminal is created just as a way to send commands to another PC system. However, the command line program in Windows, a terminal is not exclusively created to control your own local computer.

Just by using a terminal program, you guys can also send low-level commands just via a serial port or via a network connection. Services just like the Telnet were popular use of terminal software. It is also possible to handle the definite devices to the serial port by using the terminal.

Whether You Only Need SSH, Read This First

However, one of the basic causes is that the people who used HyperTerminal in the past also have been to make use of the Secure Shell (SSH) function. This is just a protocol used to safely send commands over a network in text form & is the usual power user requirement.

Though the Microsoft cushioned the blow of clearing the Hyperterminal by building a secure shell command just into the command line program that comes with Windows. Whether all you must need is safe shell functionality then there is not cause to look for HyperTerminal alternatives. The Windows command line already contains the Windows remote shell working.

Therefore just with that small public service proclamation out of the way. Here are some of the perfect HyperTerminal alternatives for Windows 10.

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Tera Term _ HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows

Well, Guys! The TeraTerm is totally free & it is also an Open Source (FOSS) terminal emulator that simply comes in at too small size. It is not just a generic terminal. But able to also emulate particular models of physical terminals, just making it easy for people who know those terminals to keep going.

About we can tell, Tera Term is a feature-complete terminal emulator & even also has some very fine “luxury” features. However, the menu system makes it straightforward to configure it exactly the way you desire

Furthermore, just like an Open Source package, you guys are also able to be too pretty sure that the community has done perfect quality of life work & that there is no malware or privacy-infringing code in there. Otherwise, there is no company or support department to support you whether something goes incorrect. So whether you guys need a terminal emulator for mission-critical business reasons, though you should clearly opt for a commercial solution despite.

PuTTy _ HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows

Like with the Tera Term, PuTTy is also an Open Source terminal program. This means it also has the exact general warnings of any such program that does not have paid support. This is also, literally speaking, a beta program offers that the new version number is 0.73. However, that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to Open Source apps.

If you did not know, PuTTy is basically the most popular HyperTerminal alternative in the world. At the minimum, it is whether we go by download count.

As you probably expect, the program itself is pretty good. It is strong enough just without being entirely inaccessible to newbies. It is been in enhancement since 1998, which means there are decades of lessons learned built into the app.

A one specifically powerful feature of PuTTy is its wide support for different encryption standards. This simply adds the public encryption keys & SFTP, making protect communications & file transfers a doddle.

KiTTY _ HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows

However, Guys! Not everybody thinks that PuTTy is the bee’s knees, which is why the project forked into KiTTy. Simply based on the exact source code as PuTTy, the folk just behind KiTTy also have taken the software in various directions. Over time, each terminal emulator also has cultivated its own fans, so there is no objective route to say that one is better than the other. How is KiTTy different? Glad you asked!

Firstly, it just looks like that the KiTTy is getting more development attention than PuTTy. But just as with all open-source projects though that could also have altered by the time you read this.

KiTTy exists just because of user aspect requests that just were not being put into PuTTy. For instance, KiTTy has a portable application version, which just means you guys are also able to just take it along on a flash drive, simply moving from one PC to the next. It helps with automatic login scripts, supports background pictures or a transparent terminal window. And it can also run locally stored scripts. That’s only a small sample of the long feature list KiTTy also has included to please disgruntled PuTTy fans.

The down back is simply that KiTTy is not as lightweight & streamlined as PuTTy. However, which is why it still has a number of fans. In the end, the choice is down to which aspects you can or can’t live without.


Well, let’s say you do wish for an SSH solution. But you guys are a heavy user of this aspect & need something more strong and user-friendly than the Windows 10 native SSH interface. That is where SmarTTY just comes into play.

This is not an open-source app, but it is totally free to use. Just keep in mind that closed source apps might have privacy problems that we do not know about. Because no one but the developer knows what is in the source code.

Whether that does not annoy you, then SmarTTY provides a very cool multi-tab, graphical SSH tool & it is also perfectly able of serial port functions & Telnet.

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Are You Out There?

Aside from how advantageous a terminal emulator program can also be. Though there is something beautifully nostalgic just about staring at the boundless blackness of a terminal, just with its single blinking cursor. Whilst it’s on no account possible to head back in time. We are also able to at least pretend that those heady early days of computing are still with us. Just like the hacker elite, we imagine we are.

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