iOS 9 Beta Public: How iOS 9 Beta Public Download & Install

iOS 9 Beta Public

So, Apple has made the first iOS 9 beta public that is available to the users. They are also interested in testing the new operating system. This is before widespread public release later in the year. The iOS 9 also run on all of the devices that will be able to run iOS 8. Then beta software is also notoriously buggy, unreliable, and finicky. Also, make the usage of public beta system software that is best to reserve for secondary iPhone and iPad devices or more advanced users.

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iOS 9 Beta Public:

In case, if you want to get your hands on iOS 9.3 ahead of its prospective spring public then launch date. So, there are two legitimate ways to do it and then having a developer license or a public beta invitation. Now, we will also outline both ways to get iOS 9.3 below. Moreover, we also include some of the instructions on downgrading. Then in case if you run this into bugs.

After that, those who sign up for a developer license and then those who test betas. However, Apple has a public beta testing program that should also use caution when installing beta software. This is also called a beta public because it is also unfinished. So, there there are often significant issues and also problems that can prevent apps. Also, the features from working most importantly in the early beta testing process.

The iOS 9.3, though relatively stable, should not be installed on the main iOS device. So, I will also use this daily. By testing, this should be done on an extra device. Now, this can easily wipe and this should get something go wrong.

To Create an Archived iTunes Backup on iOS 9 Beta Public:

So, before you install the beta software (or any update). This is also very important to make a fresh iTunes backup. Then in this case something goes wrong and then restoration is needed. Now, you don’t want to lose important data. This is even if you regularly back up using iCloud, then you will need a separate archived iTunes. Then to create a backup to restore to an earlier version of iOS. The iCloud backups don’t work for downgrading. In case, if you don’t already have an archived iTunes backup. You have to make sure to check out our Archived iTunes Backup how-to, which will walk you through the steps of making one.

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How To Get the iOS 9.3 Beta public With a Free Public Beta Account?

When a backup has been created, then the first (free) option is to sign up. You have to participate in Apple’s Beta Software Program. So, Apple has been offering OS X public betas since mid-2014 and iOS betas since March of 2015. Also, the only disadvantage of using this method is that public betas for iOS software. This is often released in a week or two after developers first receive the betas. Most of the time this can also wait and can be just a matter of days.

You have to sign up for Apple’s beta program then go to the Apple Beta Software Program website and then click on the “Sign up.” Now, You will also need to enter your Apple ID and password. This is along with a verification code if two-step authentication is enabled. When you sign up, then by getting the beta is easy.

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  • Then by creating an account you have to go to on your iOS device and tap on “Download Profile.”
  • Now, the beta profile will also download and then open within the Settings app. Then you will also prompt to install it by clicking the “Install” button.
  • When you agree to the terms of service, then the configuration profile will also install. Now, you will be prompted to restart your iOS device.
  • You have to open the Settings app, tap on the “General” tab, and then click on the “Software Update.” After that, the beta can then be installed over the air like any standard iOS update.

Now, all of the future iOS 9.3 public beta updates will be installed in the same way. However, the Software Update mechanism on iOS devices.

How To Getting this With a Paid Developer Account:

The Developers have access to iOS betas to develop apps for the new features. You have to make sure that the existing apps are not up to date. If the new software is released to the public. So, there are free developer accounts available then download the beta software. This will also require a paid developer account, priced at $99 per year.

Having Developers used to have to pay $99 for access to OS X. Then the other $99 for iOS, then the developer programs were merged in 2015. Also, $99 now allows the developers to access betas of iOS, OS X, watch OS, and tv OS. The Developer betas are designed specifically for actual app developers, hence the cost. Also, Apple does approve accounts even without an app in the App Store. This will also provide that a developer account is expensive and oriented towards iOS and Mac developers. So, most general testers will want to opt for the public beta instead of signing up for a developer account. This is for those who want to create a developer account, it’s a simple process.

iOS 9 Beta Public


  • You have to go to Apple’s main Developer Program website and then click on the “Enroll” button.
  • After that, Sign in with your Apple ID and then agree to the terms of service. Then read the terms of service carefully so there are restrictions on the sharing of information from the beta.
  • This is at the “Entity Type” menu. So, you can also select the “Individual” to enroll as an individual or “Company”. You can enroll in a multi-person organization.
  • After that, enter your legal name, phone number, and address.
  • You have to agree to Apple’s Developer Agreement and then confirm the information listed is correct.
  • To complete the purchase with a payment of $99. So, there is an optional checkbox for automatic renewal every year.

Now, Before the developer account can be created. Then there is a short waiting period while Apple approves and activates the account. Now, this process can also take up to 24 hours. When a developer account is available, betas can be downloaded right away.

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To Install iOS 9 beta public a developer beta via iTunes:

  • You have to Go to the iOS section of the Apple Developer Center.
  • Then Click on “Download.”
  • Then Find your device and then select the appropriate software from the list. Now, For the newer devices that are just like the iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, and iPhone 6/6s, a model number is not required. You Just have to select the device.
  • So, this is for the older iPhones and iPad, then the model number can also found in the small print on the back of the device. After that, the number that you want to starts with an A followed by four numbers.
  • To Install the beta by connecting an iOS device to iTunes.  Now, at the device menu, you have to hold down the option key (shift key on a PC) and then click on “Check for Update.
  • Now, Select the file that will also download from the Developer Center. After that, the iOS beta will be installed as a traditional update. This is without wiping all of the content from an iPhone or iPad.
  • After that, you can install a fresh copy of the iOS beta. Then follow the same steps, but click on “Restore iPhone” instead.
  • The Subsequent betas can be installed over the air. So, this is through the Software Update option in the Settings app.

To Install a developer beta over the air:

This is in January 2016, the developer betas can also install over the air like public betas using a configuration profile. So, Before that date and then install the very first developer beta required iTunes.

  • You have to navigate to the iOS section of the Apple Developer Center. This is on an iOS device.
  • Now, scroll down to the “Configuration Profile” option and then click on “Download.”

iOS 9 Beta Public

  • If the iOS Beta Software Profile pops up then click on “Install.” Then after agreeing to the terms of service you have to click on the profile that can install and the iPhone or iPad will also need to restart.
  • Now, open to the Settings app, then tap on “General” and then “Software Update.” So, the beta can then be installed over the air like any standard iOS update.

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How To Avoid Sketchy Beta Download Offers:

So, Apple also offers public beta access in its major iOS updates. Then there is little reason to use sites that advertise ways for non-developers. You have to install developer betas using beta files. Then the tools also use to be popular when iOS betas were also restricting to developer accounts. So, this is a legitimate way to get early software access. You can also attempt to install a developer beta. This is without a developer account that is not worth the trouble.

Now, We don’t recommend installing the iOS 9.3 beta using unofficial methods like this. The Public betas are often a week or two behind developer betas. So, that can also tempt some people into the place using alternate means to get access to developer betas. Then the earliest beta content can also restrict because it can be rife with bugs, glitches, and other serious issues. You can also install an unofficial version of the developer beta can result in activation errors. Then the other problems can also resolve and we recommend sticking to official channels.

The Downgrading From a Beta

In case, if you have installed an iOS beta but want to reinstall the standard non-beta version of iOS, you can downgrade. Then Downgrading without losing the data that require an iTunes backup. This is also having another reason why it’s important to make a backup before installing beta software. Now, the steps are on downgrading from an iOS beta to the current public release version of iOS can also found that we dedicate how-to.

Also, Apple’s iOS 9.3 operating system update won’t see a public release. This will until get the spring, so that means we have several weeks of betas. You have to go through this we get to the final version of the software. In case, if you have a spare iOS device, then signing up for beta access is a great way to try out new features. This is without having to wait for months.

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Now, we will also outline both ways to get iOS 9.3 below. Moreover, we also include some of the instructions on downgrading. Then in case if you run this into bugs. After that, those who sign up for a developer license and then those who test betas. However, Apple has a public beta testing program that should also use caution when installing beta software. This can also call as a beta public because it is also unfinish. So, there there are often significant issues and also problems that can prevent apps.

In the end, you have to remember that the beta users can also downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8 if desired. This is typically backup from a new version of iOS that will not restore to prior versions. Also, it means that you would also want to manually back up things. This is just like the address book, photos, and important data. So, the other reason that why running beta software is best on secondary devices.

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