IOTransfer 2 Tool: iPhone Management Tool for Windows


IOTransfer 2 Tool is the Management Tool. This tool manages iPhone and iPad devices. Also, this app is only available for the windows. That app always appreciated iTunes for being a premium media player and the media library. Due to this, it has never impressed me as a mobile device management application. Fortunately, there are some a few well-designed iTunes alternatives that include the IOTransfer 2 for Windows to pass that hurdle.

IOTransfer 2 tools have a neat User interface that provides a more streamlined user experience. Then even if you aren’t quite tech-savvy then you won’t have to spend a lot of time to master it or manage your iPhone device.

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How IOTransfer 2 iPhone and iPad Management Software works for Windows:

The main three things that stand out IOTransfer 2 tools for iPhone and iPad management tool for Windows

  • The Smooth-sailing media management
  • Having an Excellent video downloader
  • Also, the Highly effective cleaning tool for iOS device

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How you can Manage Your Photos and Videos With the Desired Efficiency

In this software, you can come with an efficient photo manager that allows you to manage your photos. This is also possible in all of them across your iOS device and PC ideally. Now you can easily transfer your photos from your iPhone to the computer device. But you do not need to worry about the quality of your photos. Because the quality of the photos remains the same and moves them fast and with needed security.


The other notable feature of this tool is the ability to let you delete multiple photos in a large size. So, you can quickly select the photos you no longer want to keep on your iPhone devices. Then clean them up with ease.


Just like that, the iPhone device manager lets you take complete control of your videos and manage them. It includes that it can be done without breaking any sweat. In the support of the most mainstream video formats that include.mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mkv, and many other formats. Now you can comfortably deal with a large number of files.

These tools also have a built-in contact manager so that it can make it incredibly simple to manage your contacts. Then you can easily back up all of your contacts to your computer devices and then you can restore them at any time you want. After that, you will also be able to sync all contacts from one iPhone to the other.

This app also enables you to handle your complete music library and keep it in an organized manner. Many users have a ton of songs on the iPhone. If you are one of them then you would want to have this ease to keep your tracks fully streamlined.

In this process the iTunes alternative allows you to access and manage podcasts. It also includes the eBooks, and voice memos conveniently. In case, if you use Apple’s iOS device management tool to control iPhone’s data then you will find it more practical.

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Way to Clean Up Your iOS Device Without Any Hassle in IOTransfer 2 tool:

  • IOTransfer 2 tool features are very light so it is a very effective tool. They also let you eliminate the duplicate files on your iPhone. Then if you ever find your device running a little bit too slow or just wish to remove the junk files. Then your device can prevent it from being cluttered. So that it can be immensely handy in living up to your task.

  • These apps scan your device to find out unnecessary files. After that, it shows the number of unnecessary files and the amount of storage they have consumed. In the next steps, you can get rid of the entire duplicate data with just a click.
  • You can keep the useless data at bay then you can keep your device. It is not just uncluttered but also retains its smooth functionality.

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How to Download Online Videos from Over 100 Well-Known Sites:

If I navigate my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed then I often come across trending videos. Those videos I like to share with friends. But sadly these social apps do not allow you to download videos۔

But there are some sites that let you save videos from popular sites. This process is not so straightforward. That’s why many people are not able to save their favorite videos for offline viewing.

But the IOTransfer 2 tools have the support of over 100 video sites including Twitter, Facebook, and many other apps. By using this iPhone manager you can now download your favorite videos effortlessly. This process is also easy and takes just a click to get your work done.

If you have saved the videos on your computer device then you can transfer them to your iOS device. Then you can watch and share it with your friends.

IOTransfer price and availability:

IOTransfer 2 iPhone management tool is powerful at $69.89 tool. Also,  you can currently get it at a whopping 60% discount on %27.95. It is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Now on your iPhone and iPad, it must be running iOS 8 or later to work with it. You can also download this tool from here: Download

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The IOTransfer 2 tool is just simply an amazing tool. It’s software functions are reliable by letting you manage your iOS device. In the device manager, it is an enormously user-friendly online video downloader app. It also includes the support of over 100 video sites speaks volume of its quality. IOTransfer 2 tools have a neat User interface that provides a more streamlined user experience. Then even if you aren’t quite tech-savvy then you won’t have to spend a lot of time to master it or manage your iPhone device.

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