iPhone Games: MMORPG iOS Games in 2020


The MMORPG iOS games provide you the facility to add immense Multiplayer. It is basically the Online Role-Playing Games that you can play. This game is beautifully mixed with a fun and role-playing game. Its companionship & skill set of multiplayer games with the fantasy and adventurous elements. They also wonder the genre is so popular. So, you can avail of a wide variety of such games on iPhone devices. In this article, you will learn about the best MMORPG iOS games.

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The RAID is an action-based RPG game. The Raid game takes you to the fantasy world of Teleria. In this game, the Mysterious Arbiter has resurrected you to fight the Dark Lord Siroth and his evil machinations.

RAID game offers single-player PvE Campaigns. But its companionship is with the online multiplayer tournaments in the game. In the arenas, though the single-player mode, takes precedence in terms of skill development & features.

So, this game is beautifully-rendered 3D gameplay. The Raid offers a mobile MMORPG experience that looks and feels like a console. This game is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. Its free version is available. You can easily download the RAID game from the app store.

2. The Star Wars Game Galaxy of Heroes:


From this game, you can enter into the very fantastical world of Start Wars. You can also fight alongside the iconic heroes of the franchise. It is also a great thing that you are free to choose the dark or light side. You can collect iconic starships so you can construct your war fleets. Due to this, you can engage in epic ship battles. By using this game you can easily create customizable Guilds and war against bosses like the Rancor and AAT Tank.

You have to make the Strategy so that you can equip your heroes with cool gear. The employee’s signature moves like Luke Skywalker’s Destined Strike or Young Han Solo’s Trick Shot. It is compatible with iOS devices. And its free version is also available but if you purchase it then you have to pay $1.99. You can download it from the App store.

3. The Modern Combat 5 in MMORPG iOS :


Modern Combat 5 game is one of the most popular games. In this game, the First-person in Shooter games create a team and wrestle through epic Squad. Then that Squad matches to make your team win. After that select a class and a playstyle that suits you. They can also level up your skills by earning and spending Skill Points. Now you can choose to be the silent observer so that with a handy Spectator mode.

In this game, it’s strength lies in the ever-budding community and a wide variety of playing options. This game is compatible with the iPhone 5S and other iPad, iPod. This game is also available as free.

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4. MMORPG iOS GAME: The MARVEL Strike Force Squad RPG


In the Marvel Universe, the Super-Heroes and Super-Villains can assemble the battle against interdimensional Kree warlord Ultimus. In the game, they Recruit the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Loki, Captain America, and Doctor Strange. They can build your ultimate squad. Also, they can Strategically pair them for combo moves that effortlessly takes out enemies.

If the groundbreaking gameplay cinematics then the game manages to pull off. It is amazingly sharp details, fluid animations, and distinct life-like characters. They are compatible with iPhone devices. Also, the free version is available.

5. MMORPG iOS GAME: ShadowGun Legends FPS PvP


In the shadow legend, humanity is under attack from a deadly alien invader. The last line of defense is you are young ShadowGun. They can recruit with powers and the potential to turn the tide. If you are using the game sports then are having the unique multiplayer game modes. So that you can diverse PvP arenas with over 600 unique weapons. In the plasma beams to good old-fashioned lead bullets.

The other significant aspect of the game is the community & social features. In case, if the players can interact with others visit vendors, accept missions. So that they get rewarded with a unique fame system. This game is compatible with the iOS mobiles and Apple TV as well.

6. The State of Survival: Zombie War


This Zombie war is infected are everywhere so that the resources are scarce so what will you do. You just have to make friends with other survivors or fight with them. The other people are not quite as friendly anymore. You can also build a safe haven & rescue survivors to swell your numbers. With this, you can increase your strength. If you can research the rapidly mutating zombie disease. And you have to be ready for their next attack.

In this case, there are special powers involved in this MMORPG iOS mobile game. Then you have to hunt them to increase your chances of survival. You can download it and enjoy playing this game easily.

7. In the Game of Thrones: Conquest


You can win the Iron Throne in this game, Just by Live out your GoT fantasies and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Then you can easily win the Iron throne! All you have to do is to build your city, raise dragons, explore Westeros, craft powerful gear, and strengthen your army. You just have to make a strategy with your best friend and win against your foes in PVP events.

The game of thrones has an innovative alliance structure. So that you can also recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise in a war. So, this is one of the best GOT themed MMORPG iOS game out there. It is compatible with all types of iOS devices.

8. MMORPG iOS game: Rise of Kingdoms


You will see the Rise of Kingdom mixes so that the fun of building your empire. And then the challenge of protecting with all your might. Then you can choose one of 11 historical civilizations & turn it into a great power.

Now you can easily experience real-time battles that are not pre-calculated or pre-planned. If anyone can join or leave the batter at any time. Then you have to make things unpredictable, fun, and challenging. Although if you can also call upon dozens of historical figures from Julius Caesar. Then the Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige to serve as your commanders.

9. The Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars 9


In the lords mobile game, the Emperor has fallen and then the kingdom’s responsibility is on your shoulders. They can recruit heroes from various backgrounds, dwarves, mermaids, dark elves, and other robots. You just have to assemble your army then you can build your own kingdom. Now, you can strategize troop formations. After that, you can create a team of powerful heroes. Then join a guild and forge alliances & ride into war together to conquer various exciting events.

If you are playing this game then you can also clash with millions of global players online. They can defeat the seize their throne to expand your kingdom.

10. MMORPG iOS game: Old School RuneScape


The old school RuneScape is one of the world’s largest and highly popular MMORPG mobile game. This game is quite unique so this game incorporates changes and upgrades as voted by the fans.

By using the 23 skills to master the hundreds of quests, and dozens of raids & bosses to defeat. After that, there is a  challenge for everyone. Then they also offer cross-platform gameplay then both your iPhone & desktop games will be in-sync. The Old School RuneScape mixes the snap of the modern MMORPG iOS game. So, the nostalgic point-and-click from early role-playing games.

11. The Dawn of Titans: Strategy Game


The  Dawn of Titans is a strategy game so that you can either go big or you go home. By using the console-quality graphics, the 3D fantasy kingdom, the fights, all look stunningly realistic and beautiful. Now you have to capture enemy lands, grow your army, and then participate in epic PvP battles. If you are using the thousands of troops then it is all under your direct control.

You have to Forge an unstoppable alliance. So, to participate in daily quests, unique campaigns, rise the world ranks, and some others to build the ultimate kingdom.

12. Evony Game:


The Evony is the MMORPG game that encourages you to build your empire. In the train of troops, it becomes the king of 7 kingdoms.

The Evony features vibrant and amazing graphics & set features. Then you will have to play many roles, a diplomat, warlord, governor & the monarch. So, you can recruit famous generals of history from Abraham Lincoln, King Arthur to Yi Sun-sin. Its free version is available but if you purchase it you have to pay $4.99.

13. The Lineage 2: Revolution


Developers call the lineage the next-gen MMORPG iOS game. So, we agree the Lineage 2 is packed with colors. So that’s why it is not it rolls around an EDM festival after all.

Then you can party up with strangers or form clans with friends for raids. You can also beat boss monsters. Now you can experience a large scale than the open-world combat with up to 200 players battling at one time. Also, they can be powered by Unreal Engine 4, Lineage 2 pushes the boundaries. They can also bring never-before-seen graphics to your mobile screen. You can purchase it for $0.99.

14. In the King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

The Dragons and diplomacy in the kingdom of Avalon. After King Arthur’s death, it has left an empty throne. So, tell us that can you brace yourself to be the king everybody needs?

In this game, each and every player gets a unique dragon so that they can raise with strategy. So that they can special customized abilities. Now you can Befriend or make mortal enemies with players all over the world on the global server. Using the alliances with other players to defend and attack together for the Excalibur. If you become the rightful ruler of their kingdom.

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15. MMORPG iOS Game: The Black Desert Mobile

The Black desert mobile is a critically-acclaimed MMORPG iOS game. In the Black, Desert garners they love from players hailing over 150 countries around the world. Now you will be privy to 5 unique classes with dynamic skills, fast-paced action, and combat.

Also, this game is best known for its immersive sophistication. They can high-fidelity graphics and extreme character customization options. You can change it according to your own choice.

16. The MapleStory M: Fantasy MMORPG

The MapleStory game relives the fantasy game experience of MapleStory from the comfort of your mobile devices. It’s Don an anime-style character they can design & customize it as you see fit during the gameplay. You can also fight the monsters single-handedly or with friends in a new 2v2 battle mode. Now they can compete with other players from around the world in Level Ranking, Mu Lung Dojo, and more other.

Then you can also join a raid party with up to 10 players and battle. It is against the iconic raid boss, Zakum if you want exclusive rewards.

17. The Guns of Glory: Empires Conquer game

This game is one of the strategic, immersive MMO game. The GOG brings the world of the Three Musketeers to life. Through which it can immaculate details and excellent storytelling.

In this case, if the famous Three Musketeers can slay ferocious beasts build a magnificent castle. Also, engineer an unstoppable Airship, & rally with your friends, and destroy your enemies. You can also do a seamless chat translation feature that helps you make friends from anywhere in the world.

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18. MMORPG iOS game: Toram Online

The Toram Online game can boast over 500 billion combinations. In order to create a unique, custom character to your liking. Now you can choose any talent, sword, magical staff, bow, halberd, and train your character. After that, you can create combos and discover your battle style.

Then you can explore the vast and beautiful 3D world, unravel the mysteries. You have to go on an adventure with your virtual friends, and then beat monsters.

19. The Era of Legends – Shadow of War

If you a fan of swords, magic, and adventure. So, then the Era of Legends welcome you to a medieval world. It is the world that is packed with thousands of secrets, hundreds of class combinations. They also provide you the magic beasts, courageous battles, and intriguing graphics.

The Bombard hordes of demons riding a griffin or hack your way through them. You have to control a massive robot. In this game, there is a lot to do in the games. You definitely love this game!

20. The iOS Game AxE: Alliance vs Empire

This game is the mysterious, fantasy open-world that can bring an epic conflict between two powerful factions. So, that they can fight to control the fate of the world. You can also play with millions of players worldwide. You can also choose the single-player, co-op, and competitive modes.

And one of the best parts of this game is that the AxE is packed with diverse locations. The characters, quests, missions, and loot, all filled with rich narrative and history.

21. The Celtic Heroes 3D MMO:

Now you can easily join millions of other players from across the world. If you want in real-time to experience an unforgettable & adventurous MMORPG game. Then there are also challenging quests and battles, heroic feats, pets, mounts, new friendships, and much more.

After that, you can choose your class, join a clan, get in the global arena. You can also meet adventures like yourself, and live the experience to the fullest.

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The MMORPG iOS game is a great way to enjoy yourself. So, that you can enhance motor skills, build-up a quick reaction time, make new friends. They can also broaden your imagination, practice strategical moves. Now you can also connect with people across the globe. In case, if you are love gaming then you should surely try one or more games from this particular genre.

Hope you liked this article! if you are a game lover then you will definitely try one of this game. Share your reviews with us in the comment section.

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