iPhone Unsent Messages: View/Re-Send Messages On iOS

iPhone Unsent Messages

Most of the user’s complaint about the iPhone Unsent Messages problem by using the mail app. If you are also facing this issue. Then here are some of the fixes. So, Do you ever launch the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad? Do you have to discover an “Unsent Message” indicator that is available at the bottom of the screen? Then An email usually goes unsent if you lose internet access. Also, if you are trying to send the message then this is a fairly common occurrence for those who also live in areas.

This is with poor cellular reception or that have flaky internet access in general. Now, the iOS will usually successfully send the message on its own once a signal has been found again. Then it does not always work which is why you may need to trigger a resend yourself. Also, to move it along as intended.

So, We will also cover how to see what email message got stuck without sending. Especially, how to re-send that unsent message so that it goes to the recipient as intended? Now You will obviously need an “Unsent Message” message within Mail on an iPhone or iPad. Then this has to work as described here and otherwise you will just end up in an empty outbox within the Mail app of iOS.

Ways to Resend an “ iPhone Unsent Message” in Mail on iPhone and iPad:

  • You have to Double-check on the iPhone / iPad / iPod. This has an active internet connection.
  • Now, from the Mail app, you have to tap on the “Mailboxes” text that is available at the top of the Mail window.
  • So, the Mailboxes panel also chooses the “Outbox”. You can also see the unsent messages.

iPhone Unsent Messages

  1. Have To re-send the unsent message: To use the pull-to-refresh option just by pulling down at the Outbox screen. Then until the spinning indicator also shows up.
  2. How To delete the unsent message: Then tap on to the “Edit” option and tap on the message. Now, choose the Trash icon.

iPhone Unsent Messages


You can also Assume to choose to resend the message. Then “Sending # of #” indicator will also appear at the bottom of the Outbox with a blue progress bar. If the message has finished sending then it will also disappear from the Outbox to show a “No Mail” screen.

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Some of the Quick Fixes Your Email Problems:

In case, if an email also gets and stuck in your iOS outbox. Then it can also get a bit frustrating. Now, especially this is true if you have never encountered this problem previously and are not sure what to do.

You don’t need to worry. So, Let me be the little tech angel on your shoulder. This will also help guide you through getting that stuck message pushed through and your email back to functioning appropriately.

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iPhone Unsent Messages then Reboot Your iPhone:

So, both of the easiest and also usually the most reliable method. You have to unstick the stuck email that is to reboot your iPhone. Now, this is actually true for any other iOS device. This is for which you may also have an email issue. So, what you do is to:

  • Concurrently, you can also hold down the Power Button and also the Home Button. Now, until this is also familiar from the Apple logo appears on your screen.
  • You have to ensure that you are having the data connection. So, this is still active, or else an available wi-fi connection before the next step.
  • Then Power on your iOS device and then re-open your Mail application.

Now, the message should also be sent automatically. In case, if your email is also still stuck. Then the next logical step is to attempt a re-send of your email message.

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iPhone Unsent Messages: To Attempt a Re-Send

In case, if you are at this step then it is likely the forced reboot did not work. Now, need to worry, we are also going to attempt to jostle then the email also lose by giving it a little nudge. So, What you should do is:

  • This is inside the Mail app, Now, head to “Mailboxes” and then choose “Outbox”.
  • Click on the stuck email this will also mark up by a red exclamation point. Then it could also be a spinning status indicator. So, this also depends on your iOS version.

Now, this should also bump your email that is along with sending it hurdling towards its intended recipient. In case, if not then I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

To Delete the Stuck Message:

Now, this is definitely a last resort so you have to make sure that you have exhausted it. Then all the possible options from above before proceeding. Now, this would also be in your best interest to copy the email message before deleting it. You can also paste it into the body of a separate message so you won’t lose it.

How To delete the message:

  • This is in the Mail app, you have to head to the “Mailboxes” and then select the “Outbox”.
  • Click on the Edit button that it can also locate in the top-right corner. Now, you can also just use the swipe-left feature if it is easier for you.
  • Having the options that are provided and then select the Trash. So, this will also delete and then you have a stuck email message.

This is from the email consisting of the newly pasted original message. Then you can also now go ahead and send it out.

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An Airplane Mode:

So, this is one of the best options that is for one of those rare occurrences. Then if you find that not only is the email stuck but you are unable to delete it from your outbox. Now, you are not able to swipe left, and then Edit the button that is grayed out. If this happens:

  • So, your phone is on, and then head to the Settings. You can also toggle on your phone into Airplane Mode.
  • When this is in Airplane Mode, then turn your phone off normally by holding down the on/off button until the slider pops up.
  • You can also slide to turn off the phone and then wait approximately 15 seconds before turning the phone back on.
  • When the phone is on, you have to launch the Mail app. Then move ahead to the outbox that is causing issues. In case, if you are no longer see an “Outbox” option. Then this also means that your email has already been sent successfully.
  • In case, if you can enter “Outbox”. Then you should also notice that the Edit button. This is is no longer grayed out which means you can now and use it or the swipe left method. You have to delete the email message.

When the email has been deleted then you can also take the iPhone off of Airplane Mode.

The Email Settings & Provider:

Now, you have made it to this point and then your email is still stuck or you can’t seem to send it out. So, these issues could also lie within your email settings. This is even in your email provider. In case, if anyone else has access to your phone. Then you can recently change your email password from a PC. Now, you may need to check the email settings. You have to do this.

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  • Move over to the Settings on your iPhone and then open the Accounts & Passwords. This is for older iOS versions then you may need to go through Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Now, select the appropriate account that corresponds to the email with the problem.
  • After that, click on the Account that shows email address. Then you have to go through the information shown to ensure it is correct. In case, if you are also uncertain than what should you display. Now, check out the recommended email account settings in the Mail Settings lookup. You have to enter the email address into the box. This will also pull up the information that will relate to your email account. You have to match up what it is on the screen with that in your iPhone.
  • In case, if things match up then log in to your email that is from a PC or alternate device.
  • Also, if it is able to log in then use the same password. Then this was just use for your email account, in your iPhone.

So, this is also mentioned before that the unsent messages are almost get in a result of internet connectivity difficulties. In case, if you continue to have trouble with a cellular network. Then try joining a wi-fi network, or resetting network settings. Also, if the message continues to appear in the Mail app. Then you may also want to check the outbound Mail server settings. Now, simply remove the Mail account and then re-add the same account again this will usually resolve the problem.

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So, this is all about iPhone Unsent Messages.


An email usually goes unsent if you lose internet access. Also, if you are trying to send the message then this is a fairly common occurrence for those who also live in areas. This is with poor cellular reception or that have flaky internet access in general. Now, the iOS will usually successfully send the message on its own once a signal has been found again. Then it does not always work which is why you may need to trigger a resend yourself.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve the iPhone Unsent Messages issue. If you have any problem then let us know in the comments below.

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