Is Netflix Party Safe to Watch? Things You Should Know

Well, social distancing has made many folks miss all of the group activities we’re used to. Such as watching movies with friends, however, there is a way to do it online. Netflix Party, a Chrome extension, also lets you watch videos with your friends and also chat together at the same time. We are going to discuss Is Netflix Party Safe to Watch? Things You Should Know.

Let’s see how it works: you and your friends log in to your separate Netflix accounts. Pick a movie or then show to watch, and Netflix Party will then sync the playback across your accounts. So you’re all now watching the same thing at the same time from your individual accounts actually. Netflix Party also includes a text chat function on the side of the screen (that is much like YouTube does during a live stream). So that you and your friends can react and chat in real-time too.

In order to host a Netflix Party:

  • First, you have to download the extension
  • Then pen up Netflix, and play a video
  • The Netflix Party extension icon that is next to your address bar should have changed from gray to red. Then tap on it.
  • A window will then pop up instructing you in order to “Create a Netflix Party.” You just have the option to either give yourself total control over the playback or leave it open to everyone else. Press “Start the party.”
  • Another window will pop up along with a link. Now tap on “Copy URL” and then share it with your friends. If you need to, then you can find this link again through clicking on the Netflix Party extension icon.
  • Netflix Party will automatically provide you an icon. Through tapping on the icon, you can also change it (there are a few alternatives) as well as your nickname too.

Join an existing Netflix Party:

  • Tap on the link
  • Then tap on the Netflix Party icon

Netflix Party is not the only way to host a virtual watch party actually. If you guys want to see and hear your friends through your webcams when watching Netflix, then you can install Scener. If you’d instead watch a video on YouTube or Hulu, you can then use Meta stream. That has a text chat feature such as Netflix Party, or you can try TwoSeven. That permits you to watch YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Now while video chatting with your friends actually. We will now walk you through all of the options in an upcoming article.

Is Netflix Party Safe to Watch? Things You Should Know

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is actually a free Google Chrome extension that basically lets you simultaneously watch Netflix along with your friends. Netflix Party synchronizes the program or movie for everyone, so if one person presses pause, then everyone’s screen pauses. You can also chat with each other whenever watching a program using the written messaging feature as well.

How does Netflix Party work?

After you guys install the extension, a little ‘NP’ icon will now appear in your Google Chrome browser. Whenever you start to watch a Netflix video, you can then also click on the icon and create a link. You can also share this link with anyone you wish to watch Netflix along with (so long as they also have the Netflix Party extension). Remind your child not to share this link with anyone they don’t know and also make sure they are supervised whenever using the extension.

Netflix Party only works along with Google Chrome, so won’t work on other web browsers, such as Safari or Firefox. And it’s only available on desktop or laptop computers, that means you can’t use it on mobile phones or tablets. It’s not an actual official Netflix product.

What’s the minimum age to Use? | is netflix party safe

Well, according to Netflix Party’s Privacy Policy, the service is basically for users aged 13+. And Netflix’s Terms of Use also say that anyone under the age of 18 must only use the service whenever being supervised by an adult.

is netflix party safe

Netflix Party isn’t officially related to Netflix

Netflix Party is not officially a Netflix product, that means Netflix is neither the creator nor does it endorse the use of Netflix Party actually. The service can be only used through Google Chrome and the fact that it is a third-party add-on to Netflix makes it less reliable. Furthermore, Chrome extensions are known to be a major means in order to employ malicious code on systems. And if you do want to use Netflix Party, then you are doing it at your own risk.

Make sure that your Netflix Party link stays within your friends’ circle

Whenever you create a Netflix Party, you can then get a shareable link. That others can use to join the party and watch shows and also movies on Netflix together. Because anyone with your Netflix Party link can join, it is really important that the shareable link stays within your friends’ circle and does not reach the hands of strangers or potential cybercriminals as well.

Netflix Party does not really abide by to Do Not Track feature

Well, modern web browsers come with a “Do not track” feature that avoids sharing browsing data and disables trackers whenever a user is on the internet. Netflix Party says that because there’s “no accepted standard for responding to Do Not Track signals” actually. It does not to a browser’s DNT feature, which means it still employs trackers that scan your browsing habits and serve you along with targeted ads that will be relevant to you.

is netflix party safe

Netflix Party can access and use your info and location as it considers necessary

Netflix Party’s latest privacy policy still acknowledges that the service basically collects information regarding the “use of the Service”. This information can also include your location, “unique identifiers”, as well as automatically generated information such as your preferences and usage statistics. This basically means Netflix Party will be able to recognize the features that you accessed. That can also include the titles that you watched and the place you watched it from as well.

Although we’re used to sharing information along with major organizations such as Google. Would you guys also want this third-party service to do that as well? We do not think so actually.

Netflix Party might share your information with vendors, service providers, and law enforcement

Another detail that we noticed from the service’s privacy policy is that Netflix Party will not only really use your info and location. However, also share them with vendors and service providers. That includes their payment processors and auditors as well.

The service has also mentioned that they may disclose user data to law enforcement if they comply with requests such as court orders or subpoenas. It is not necessarily bad because many services are needed to do this, however, you may want to keep that in mind.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “Is Netflix party safe” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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